Hip Pain After Sitting Down – Causes and Treatments

Hip Pain After Sitting Down

A common problem people often have is a hip pain after sitting for moderate for long periods of time.

The most common situations where this occur is when someone is sitting with poor posture or in an uncomfortable position for a long time like when you are driving.

You probably know if your posture is not great, and if it’s just minor discomfort this is probably the only issue, however, if you have any real pain then it might be indicative of a bigger problem.


Possible Causes of Hip Pain After Sitting

There are numerous conditions that you could have if you are experiencing Hip pain, and this section will cover the most common.  Note that there are literally hundreds of potential Hip injuries that you could have.


Hip Arthritis

This is caused by cartilage degradation in the Hip over time, usually occurring when you get older.  This needs treatment immediately as it will only continue to get worse.  Pain is often experienced during everyday activities like walking and sitting.


Hip Bursitis

More of an athletic injury, bursitis involves the inflammation of bursas, which are little jelly-filled sack around joints that cushion and protect during movement.  They are usually sensitive to touch so it’s very possible you are sitting in a position that is applying pressure to an inflamed sac.



This isn’t a very likely condition, but you may have poor blood flow causing the early stages of osteonecrosis.  When there isn’t enough blood flow to bones they can die, and the first stage is a pain.  Depending on how you’re sitting there may be a lack of blood flow to your Hip which highlights the pain.



If you have a chronic pain that is more of a dull pain or burning sensation than anything you may have sciatica.  It occurs when there is something interfering with your Sciatic nerve, which runs along the back of your leg.  It’s possible for this nerve to get pinched or for it does be placed under stress when sitting.


Hip Flexor Tendonitis

It’s not only your Hip joint that may be vulnerable.  The Hip Flexor consists of several muscles near the Hip joint along with tendons.  If these tendons become inflamed they can press against nearby structures and cause pain, which is possible while sitting.


How to Treat Hip Pain after Sitting

The first and only concrete advice I can give you is to go see a qualified doctor.  Hip pain is not something you want to be guessing about.  Have you doctor diagnose the problem with the proper equipment, this isn’t something you can be sure of over the internet due to the complexity of the Hip region.

In general, you can do these things to help manage your hip pain after sitting:

Anti-inflammatory pills to reduce inflammation; take according to label instructions

Relax: Limit activity until you have seen a doctor

Hip Pain After Sitting Down – Causes and Treatments, Last Updated: 1/1/2018

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