8 Wrist Pain Remedies You Need To Try at Home

Wrist Pain Remedies

Are you suffering from wrist pain problems? You may not need medical treatment to address your problem. You can address the tingling sensation or numbness in your wrist by applying simple wrist pain home remedies.

Make sure that you take breaks from work. Repetitive tasks that involve the constant use of your hands often cause wrist pain. If you type, play the guitar, use a hand drill, or do any similar task requiring similar hand motions, make sure that you take regular breaks.

Take time out to stretch your hands, wiggle your fingers, and move your wrists in circular motions. This will loosen the muscles and improve blood circulation.

The medical community will tell you that there is one way to get rid of the pain and that is surgery. The problem with surgery is that while it is effective for relieving the pain initially, the problem will usually reappear because scar tissue builds up in the gap that was created by the surgery. This can make the symptoms worse and may require more surgeries.

There are other treatments that your doctor will not necessarily tell you about because they are cheap and can’t make him money.


Wrist Pain Remedies at Home

Use a wrist brace or splint.

A wrist brace or splint helps to keep your wrists straight and eases the pressure on the carpal tunnel area. Wrist pain usually occurs at night. Wearing a splint early in the evening may alleviate the symptoms or even prevent them. If you work from home and have wrist problems while working, you may find wearing foam or gel wrist supports helpful.


Lighten up and relax.

Be mindful of how you do your work. Do you habitually write, use the cash register, or type with unnecessary energy or force? Try to lighten up. Tap the keys lightly. Use a pen with a soft grip. Relaxing your grip or easing the force that you use will help relieve the tension.


Take a look at your workstation.

Again, if you work from home and you have a desk job, make sure that you maintain a neutral position for your hands. Keep your finger aligned with your forearms. This position will help minimize the risk of wrist pain. Adjust the height of your desktop computer. Avoid overextending your wrists when you work. Consider getting an ergonomic keyboard.


Do hand exercises.

You can do tendon gliding routines which require you to extend your tendons to their utmost limit. This will help reduce the inflammation in the median nerve region. While you sit at your desk in the office or wait for your turn at the grocery line, you can exercise your hands. Form a fist with your hands. Slowly slide out the fingers and slowly straighten them out. Repeat for 5 to 10 times. The exercise helps to alleviate the tension on your wrists.


Use an ice pack.

You can ease the pain by using an ice pack. Hold the pack against your palm for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that you use the pack for a reasonable period of time. Do not wait for your palm to become red or irritated.


Keep your hands warm.

Some people experience wrist pain when the weather gets cold. Stop your hands from becoming painful or stiff by taking the steps to keep them warm. You can use hand warmers every now and then. You can also wear fingerless mittens or gloves to keep your hands comfortably warm at work or at home. Before going to bed at night, you can immerse your hands in a bowl of warm to hot water for 10 to 15 minutes to help relax the muscles.


Keep your hands and wrist elevated.

Do you have a fracture? Are you pregnant? Do you have fluid retention issues? These conditions put you at risk for wrist pain. You can reduce the pain by keeping your hands and wrist elevated whenever possible.


Take over-the-counter medications.

Pain relievers help to decrease swelling around the nerve and ease the pain. Consider taking medications like ibuprofen or aspirin. If these remedies do not help to reduce wrist pain, make sure that you consult a doctor for other treatments to address the condition.

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8 Wrist Pain Remedies You Need To Try at Home, Last Updated: 20/11/2017

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