Best 6 Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Many people suffer from lower back pain due to sitting for a long time at work or in front of a computer, and they trying to get rid of these pains that cause a nuisance to them. The following exercises shouldn’t be done quickly. In order to get rid of back pain, You must do the exercises gradually.


Lift the pelvis off the ground

Lie down on your back, keep your hands along the body on the ground, bend your legs and put your feet on the ground. Exhale while lifting buttocks off the ground with the contraction of the buttocks muscles without arching the lower back. Inhale while you lowering your pelvis without touching the earth with your buttocks. Do this exercises 25 times.

Arching and hollowing your back

Put your hands and feet on the ground, arch your back upwards, letting your head drop, and hold for 10 min. Then reverse this posture: lifting your head and looking up, relax your tummy and stick your behind out, holding for 10 min.

Extension exercise

Put your hands and feet on the ground, inhale deeply, and during exhalation keep your hands slide forward to far away as possible with maintaining the vertical shape of the thigh bone. Reverse to the previous posture while you sniffle. Repeat this exercises 7 times.

Upper thigh exercise

This exercise is important to strengthen the muscles of the upper thigh extensively. Stuck on the wall while making the back straight, fold your legs in the form of a straight angle, keep your hands along with your body, tighten your belly well and keep on this posture with exhaling for 40 sec. repeat this exercises 6 times and taking a rest of 20 sec. between each of them.

Softening the rear thigh muscles

Stretch on your back, keeping the back of your neck on the ground and your buttocks as close as it can be from the wall, extend your legs, base on your heel, bend your fingertips down, keep your back of the neck on the ground, stay for 10 sec. repeat this exercise 7 times.

Abdominal exercises

Stretch on your back, fold your legs and put your feet on the ground, keep your arms stretched toward your knees, lift your trunk slightly by raising the shoulders during exhalation with keeping the bottom of the back on the ground. Inhale after you go back to the previous posture.

The Only 5 Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief, Last Updated: 7/2/2018

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