Kidney Pain in the Morning: Causes, Treatment, and Remedies

If there is some problem with your kidneys, their work may be disturbed and you can feel pain in your kidney area. You may feel it only in the morning or in other parts of the day too. However, because of the kidney’s location, the pain is often mistaken for backache.

Read on and find out how to tell the difference between your back pain and kidney pain. Learn what the most common causes of kidney pain in the morning are and how you can get rid of it with the use of simple, home remedies, and when it is necessary to visit a doctor.


Kidney Pain vs. Back Pain – How to Tell the Difference

The location of back pain and kidney pain is very similar as you usually feel it in the area of your buttocks and lower back. However, the pain is caused by completely different factors as back pain is usually caused by an injury, fracture, or disc herniation while kidney pain is usually caused by a kidney infection, kidney stones, or some other kidney disease.

The location of the kidney pain and back pain is very similar and because of that, you need to have a closer look at the accompanying symptoms if you want to know if this is your kidney or back that hurts. In case of the back pain, it often radiates to your hips or even knees, it may be followed by a recent back injury. The pain is usually more persistent or it occurs when you perform certain movements. You may also experience numbness in your anus, buttock, or genitals area, or you may have incidents of urinary or fecal incontinence.

Kidney pain, on the other hand, is often accompanied by such symptoms as fever, frequent and painful urination, you may vomit, or have nausea. You may also experience diarrhea or constipation, notice blood in your urine, you can feel dizzy, have chills, fatigue, or rash. Depending on the cause of the kidney pain, it is sometimes very strong, it may also radiate to your upper back.

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Kidney Pain in the Morning – Most Common Causes

Kidney pain cannot be ignored as it may be the symptom of a more serious condition. In most cases, kidney disorders are the consequence of an untreated infection of the urinary tract. Have a look at the most common causes of kidney pain in the morning and other parts of the day.

1.     Kidney Infection

When some bacteria enter your urinary tract, a condition known as pyelonephritis develops. In most cases, it is the result of a urinary tract infection, which was ignored or left untreated for too long. However, other symptoms, such as nerve problems, kidney stones, or diabetes, may also end up with a kidney infection.

The most common symptoms of a kidney infection include urination difficulties, often with the presence of blood, flank pain in your lower back and buttocks, vomiting, nausea, and shaking chills.

2.     Kidney Stones

Other terms for kidney stones are nephrolithiasis or renal lithalsas. Kidney stones may be described as hard deposits, which are made up of salts and minerals which accumulate in your renal system. The stones may form in any part of your urinary tract system, from kidneys to the bladder. The best treatment for kidney stones is passing them. However, it is not always so easy as everything depends on the size of your kidneys. If they are small, simply drinking a lot of water may help you get rid of them. However, when the kidney stones are bigger, shockwave therapy might be necessary to break the stones down so that they are easier to pass.

Pain that results from kidney stones is extremely severe, it affects your lower back area, but it often spreads to other body parts too. Other symptoms include frequent urge to urinate with passing little or no urine, presence of blood in your urine, fever, chills, and fatigue. Kidney stones always require a medical consultation as if they are left untreated for too long, they may be potentially life-threatening.

3.     Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections are very common and they may affect any part of your urinary system. The most common are infections of the bladder and urethra. Females develop a urinary tract infection much more frequently than males. The reason for that is that women have a shorter urethra, which makes it easier for bacteria to reach urinary structures.

The main symptoms of a urinary tract infection include the feeling of burning while urinating, the presence of blood in the urine, and flank pain in the lower abdomen or in the lower part of the back. A urinary tract infection should never be left untreated as it may lead to serious complications then.

4.     Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is actually one of the most common kinds of cancer around the world. It is a serious disease, which is potentially life-threatening if not diagnosed at an early stage. Kidney cancer usually develops in two parts of this organ, which are the renal pelvis and renal tube. As in the case of any other type of cancer, it is caused by the uncontrolled growth and multiplication of cells that are cancerous.

Additionally, as in the case of any other cancer, the success of the treatment depends on the stage in which the disease was diagnosed. The earlier it is detected, the higher the chance of successful treatment.

Treatment to Kidney Pain in the Morning

In the next section, you will read about the best home remedies for kidney problems. However, it must be clear for you that you can follow them only if your doctor ruled out any serious kidney problems. Home remedies may also be a wonderful supplementation of medical treatment too. Nevertheless, you need to contact a doctor if you suffer from any pain in your kidney area.

The problem with kidney diseases is that they often do not cause any alarming symptoms for a long time and that is why it is extremely important to consult every abnormality with a doctor and to go to regular check-ups even if you do not experience any worrying symptoms. Simple blood and urine tests are done once or twice a year may prevent very serious health problems.

The infections of the urinary tract often require medical therapy with antibiotics or with other prescribed medications. If kidney pain is caused by a more serious disease, such as kidney cancer, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy might be the solutions.

Kidney Pain in the Morning – Best Home Remedies

If you suffer from kidney pain in the morning, you should consult a doctor. However, if he ruled out any serious medical disorders, you can try simple, yet effective home remedies to urinary tract issues. Also, if your doctor prescribed you any medicines, ask him if you can combine medical therapy with home solutions for a faster recovery and better effects.

1.     Plenty of Water

It is probably the easiest and the most effective natural treatment you can follow. If you want your urinary tract to function well, you need to drink a lot of water on a daily basis. This way you will flush all the harmful toxins and bacteria from your body. What’s more, it also prevents kidney stones formation.

The recommended amount of water is about eight glasses a day. However, you need to treat the matter individually as for some people five or six glasses of water are enough to stay well-hydrated. You drink enough mineral water if you urinate frequently and your urine has a pale yellow color. Therefore, always keep a small bottle of water close to you and drink it throughout the day.

2.     Fresh Lemon Juice

The acid which you can find in lemons and other citrus fruit can fantastically detoxify your body and dissolve the kidney stones. Therefore, a great idea is to start your day with a glass of mineral water mixed with juice freshly squeezed from a lemon.

This simple method will generally improve the functioning of your urine system and digestive system. You can also continue to drink the mixture throughout your day. Thanks to this remedy you will get rid of any urinary tract infection more quickly.

3.     Prepare a Mustard Plaster

This method you can use externally as you apply a mustard plaster directly on the painful area. You need to gather some mustard powder, some flour, some water or an egg white, and Vaseline. First, mix the water with flour and then add the water or egg whites so that all the ingredients form a thin paste, but make sure it is not watery.

Now, start with spreading Vaseline over the painful body area and then apply on it the mustard paste. Leave it for a maximum of thirty minutes, but if you feel burning or irritation wash it off earlier. The mustard powder applied to the painful body area will warm you up and reduce the pain. You can use this method in case of kidney pain or back pain.

4.     Drink Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is a natural diuretic and because of that, it is highly recommended to people who often deal with urinary tract infections. It can also be useful if you suffer from kidney pain in the morning. Dandelion tea will make you urinate more frequently so you will release more toxins and bacteria from your urinary tract.

Additionally, dandelion tea improves the circulation of blood, which may also help you keep your kidneys healthy. Drink freshly brewed dandelion tea three times a day for the best results.

5.     Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage leaves are believed to remove the toxins out from your organism and therefore it is recommended to apply them directly to the painful body area. If you want the cabbage leaves to be the most effective, you should prepare a warm compress. In order to that, you need to gather cabbage leaves, some water, bran, onions, and gauze.

Chop the onions and place them in a pot with all the other ingredients. Boil the mixture until the water evaporates completely, which should take you about twenty minutes. Place the mixture on the prepared gauze and when it is still very warm apply it to the painful kidneys. You can keep it for a few hours or you can even leave it overnight.

6.     Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is extremely healthy as it is packed with all the important minerals and vitamins. Various scientific studies have shown that it can also help get rid of various infections and reduce pain. Of course, the most nutritious tomato juice will be the one which you will prepare at home.

Use organic tomatoes from a reliable source to prepare the juice. Peel the tomatoes and blend them. If it is too thick, you may add some water to it. Do not add any sugar, though, but if it is too plain for you, add to it a pinch of salt. Drink two glasses of the juice a day.

7.     Use Parsley

Parsley is another natural diuretic, which will make you pee more frequently and eliminate the toxins out of your urine tract. Moreover, parsley is packed with all the important vitamins and minerals. For example, it is a great source of vitamin C, which is necessary if you want to fight the infection more quickly.

You can use parsley in various ways to treat kidney pain in the morning. For instance, you can drink parsley juice or prepare parsley tea. You can also prepare a paste out of parsley leaves and apply them directly to the painful body area.

8.     Watermelon Seed Tea

Watermelon seed tea is also a wonderful and natural diuretic, which will help you detoxify your organism. By drinking the tea you will eliminate all the harmful bacteria and toxins out of your urinary tract. Watermelon seed tea will generally improve the functioning of your kidneys so it is worth drinking it even three times a day.

9.     Kidney Beans

Consuming kidney beans is reported to be an effective home remedy for kidney pain in the morning. In order to use this method, you need to boil some beans on a low flame until they get soft. Strain the liquid and wait until it cools down. Drink the liquid throughout your day to eliminate a kidney infection and pain more easily.

10.  Celery Juice

Celery juice is another wonderful home remedy to kidney pain in the morning. It is a powerful solution due to the antiseptic qualities of celery. It can help you treat a kidney infection by eliminating the toxins from your urinary tract. What’s more, celery juice may also break down kidney stones.

How to Prevent Kidney Pain in the Future

In most cases, kidney pain is caused by some urinary tract infections. Some individuals, mainly women, develop a urinary tract infection frequently. If this is also your case, there are some preventive measures which you should follow.

The key rule for you is to stay well-hydrated as it is the most natural and the easiest way to make your urine more frequently, which flushes the toxins and bacteria out of your organism. Thus, you should drink about eight glasses of water a day. Apart from the water you can also drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices or tea, but it is important that they are unsweetened. Still, however, mineral water should be your number one.

Secondly, if you have a tendency to developing a urinary tract infection, you need to have good hygiene routines. For example, if you feel that you need to pee, do not hold it, but just stop what you are doing and go to the toilet. Holding your urine can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, which are responsible for urinary tract infections.

Additionally, remember to wipe front to back after a bowel movement. It is especially important for women to remember that. When you wipe back to front, you spread the bacteria from your rectum into your urethra. Also, when you wash our vagina and anus area, be gentle, do not scrub, and do not use any harsh soap. Water itself will be enough to keep these areas clean. Optionally, you can choose mild soap created for your intimate areas only.

If you often get a urinary tract infection, you should rather take showers than baths as spending some time in hot water can make your urinary tract more vulnerable to infections. Also, do not use all these scented hygiene products or scented deodorants near your genitals. Do not forget about emptying your bladder after sexual intercourse too.

Your diet matters too when it comes to eliminating and preventing kidney problems. Therefore, reduce the consumption of red meat and make sure your diet is low in cholesterol. Fatty, salty, and over-processed foods have a bad influence on your kidneys and they can disturb their proper functioning. Generally, fresh vegetables and fruits should always be the foundation of your diet.

Do not eat meat every day, but consume vegetarian dishes a few times a week too. Fish is a great option as well because they contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. Food rich in fiber is crucial too as it guarantees you proper functioning of your digestive system. At the same time avoid unhealthy foods, such as fizzy drinks and sweets.

Alcohol is a very bad idea when you deal with urinary tract problems as it increases inflammation and the accumulation of bacteria and toxins. Therefore, limit drinking alcohol to special occasions only. Another bad habit is smoking cigarettes as nicotine has a very bad influence on your whole organism. Nowadays, there are various ways of quitting smoking, just ask your doctor about them.

Interestingly, physical exercises are important too, and can be helpful when it comes to preventing kidney problems. If you do some sporting activity regularly, you improve your blood circulation and your brain gets more oxygen. As a result, the whole of your organism functions better. Choose an activity that you like the most and be persistent.

Various studies have shown that it is better to exercise every day for thirty minutes than work out once or twice a day for even two hours. You may combine different sporting activities so that not to get bored too quickly. For example, you may go jogging, go for a swim, ride a bike, or work out at the gym. If you have not done any sporting activity before, start with simple things, such as going for a walk or using stairs instead of an elevator.

In the case of chronic or frequent urination problems, apart from the home remedies described in the previous section, you should also go for natural supplements. The most common and effective one will be consuming cranberries. They improve the functioning of the urinary system and are often recommended by doctors. You can either choose cranberry juice, fresh or dried cranberries, or supplements with cranberry extract. If you want to consume the juice or dried cranberries, make sure that you buy the ones which do not contain sugar or other additives.

As you can see there are plenty of methods that you can try at home to eliminate or prevent kidney pain in the morning or other urinary tract issues. You need to remember, though, that no home remedy will replace a visit at a doctor’s. Only if he recommends you such home solutions, you can safely use them. As kidneys disorders often do not cause any clear symptoms, it is extremely important to check every abnormality which worries you. It is the only way to prevent more serious kidney diseases or complications in the future.

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