How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear?

People who love to swim always suffer from water in ears but it can be easily get rid of by applying a water ear remedy. When swimming, using earplugs will keep water from entering into the ears but there are instances that you will lose your earplugs while jumping into the pool and cause pain due to water in the ear. Water in the ear is painful because the water in the swimming pool contains chemicals and germs.

The symptoms of water in the ear are pain and itching in ears, heavy feeling in the ears, and lessened hearing. You might also feel a sudden sharp pain, a discharge that is milky colored, and inflammation of the ear and lymph nodes. In some instances, a buzzing sound can be heard and the skin of your ear may start looking sore and flaky.

Water Ear Remedy

Below are the various water ear remedies you can follow to stop suffering the condition.

  • Gravity and Jumping – A commonly used and proven effective water ear remedy when you have got water in your ears recently. This is mostly seen being used in swimming pools. Stand up on your right leg and slant your head to the right side. Jump for eight times. The gravity and the jumping that you do will let the water out from your ear. Do the same steps on the left side.
  • Alcohol – This one is among the best ear infection remedy that uses water for the treatment which is alcohol. Rub some alcohol inside your ear. This will promote evaporation of the water inside and also kills the germs that bring the infection.
  • Slant your head to one side and put your index finger in the ear, wiggling it. This will enable the water to come out of it. Do the same procedure to the other ear.
  • Hairdryer – Get a hairdryer and put it at the lowest temperature. Check the warmness of the air by heating on your wrist. Hold the dryer at an arm’s length and blow on the affected ear for about thirty seconds.
  • You can also buy over-the-counter ear drops for water in the ear. Understand the instructions on how to apply it written on its label. Using ear drops will reduce the infection that is caused by water in the ear after swimming.
  • Prepare a salt and water solution, one-fourth teaspoon, and one cup of water. See to it that the solution is just at body temperature. Flush out your ear with the saline solution by using a bulb syringe.
  • One also of the various water ear remedy is using heating pads. Put a heating pad in your ear but make sure that between them is a folded hand towel. Do not stay on the heating pad for long in your ear for your ear might get burned.
  • Crush a few cloves of garlic. Put the garlic in a pan and add a little amount of olive oil. Heat the mixture but do not boil it. Then, strain the mixture and let it cool down. Put a few drops to your ear. Garlic has antibiotic property and olive oil has a healing ability. This will get rid of the infection in the ear.

Remove Water from Ear

Knowing how to remove water from the ear is very important especially when water is stuck in your ear. When this happens, you will experience difficulty in hearing and this might even lead to loss of hearing. Removing water from the ear is definitely helpful and useful. Here are some tips on how you can remove water from the ear.

Ways How to Remove Water from Ear

You can remove water from the ear by simply performing the jumping bean method. You can do this by tilting your ear downward and hitting your head to let the water flow down the ear. If the water is still stuck inside, you should jump endlessly until the water is totally removed from the ear. This is one of the classic procedures on how to remove water from the ear.

Get rid of water from the ear by putting drops of water into the ear! Well, this might sound wrong but this one really works. Get an eyedropper and fill it with clean water. Tilt the affected ear upward and put drops of water into the ear. Let it stay for five seconds then quickly flip your head down so that the affected ear is facing down. Let the water drip out of the ear. Repeat the said procedure until the water removed out of the ear.

A mixture of alcohol and vinegar can definitely remove water from the ear. Use an eyedropper to put three to five drops of alcohol and vinegar mixture into the affected ear. Wait until the mixture will dry up the water inside your ear.

To remove water from ear, sleep with the affected ear facing the pillow. In a couple of minutes, gravity will help pull out water from your ear.

You can also use a hairdryer to remove water from the ear. This is definitely a very effective method to solve your problem. Simply turn on the hairdryer and set it in its lowest setting. Place the hair dryer near your ear to dry out water inside it. Make sure not to place the hairdryer too close to avoid ear irritation and to prevent yourself from getting burned.

There are over-the-counter antiseptic eardrops you can use to remove water from the ear. Simply tilt the affected ear upward then put three to five drops into the ear. Let it stay for three to five seconds then tilt the affected ear downward and let water drip out of the ear.

If you have cash, then of course you can go to a doctor to help remove water from the ear. Doctors are experienced in these procedures and they can help you in no time. It would also be good to visit your doctor to see if there are any ear infections. Unlike the other methods, going to a doctor isn’t free. You have to be prepared for the cost.

There you go, the different methods of how to remove water from ear fast and safe. Next time water gets stuck in your ear, you already know what to do. Make sure to keep in mind all these tips on how to remove water from the ear and keep your ear away from infection.

One thought on “How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear?

  • October 9, 2022 at 4:25 pm

    I have swimmer’s ear, a condition where my ear canal has a slight dip & it holds water. Repeated ear infections were my chilhood until I learned these methods. I have been told by my doctor these two methods:
    1. In a bath or shower, use a soapy washcloth or your hand, but get that soap up in your ear. Then rinse the heck out of it. The shower works best, but you can also use a cup to pour warm, clean water into your ear to rinse. Use tap water, not tub water, please.
    2. Using a q-tip, carefully insert about 1/2 inch and press down towards your feet. Lean over a bit so gravity helps. This should help relax to muscles and let the water flow out. Sometimes I tug on my earlobe softly and give it a gentle shake to assist. You may repeat until the ear no longer feels full. This works well for those of us over 10 who can’t jump up and down to get the water out.

    PLEASE DO NOT POKE A Q-TIP OR ANY OTHER OBJECT DEEP INTO YOUR EAR! It isn’t necessary, and it can be very harmful. Soap, water, dry towels, warm air (blow dryer), and 1 drop of rubbling alcohol if needed are the best and natural remedies. Treat your ears like the rest of your body: keep it clean & dry, keep out foriegn objects, treat any sign of infection promptly.
    If all this fails, and you get an infection, see a doc! Permanent hearing loss is only one of the horrible effects you could experience.


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