Can Bad Posture Cause Lower Back Pain?

Can Bad Posture Cause Lower Back Pain?

Bad Posture and Lower Back Pain

Did you know that bad posture is the most common problem of having lower back pain? The pain in this area is one, that almost all of us get at some point in our life. As you probably already know there are a lot of different causes to this issue. The truth is that most of the time this lower back pain right side comes from bad posture. It is very important to try to change our habits and try to maintain a proper pose.

We have to realize that we live in a world where most of us have a stationary lifestyle and our this is the main cause of bad posture. We are all sick of hearing the same line, sit straight, walk straight etc. Although this might be tiresome it is also very important. By keeping a straight line we are able to separate our weight in a natural way.  Of course, it is obvious that this isn’t as easy as it sounds, but there are few things an individual could do.

First of all, it is very important to sit straight. If you spend a lot of time at home –  for example in front of your computer it would be a good investment to get a good chair. One that will be comfortable and will support your whole back. If we are already talking about investing some money into our posture, it was scientifically proven that hard mattress is a lot better for your sleep than a soft one.  So if you want to forget about lower back pain it would be a good plan to save some money and buy some equipment

Of course, we don’t spend all of our time at our house and it is obvious that we are unable to carry our “super” chair with us everywhere we go. What could you do when you find yourself sitting in a cheap chair –  for example waiting for a doctor visit.  In such situation, it is crucial to have some discipline and try to sit up straight.

Lastly, for most of us, the bad posture becomes apparent when we walk. This is the hardest activity where we have to remember to keep our back straight and our chest up.  This is so difficult because we don’t concentrate on it. We think about our destination, what will happen, what we have planned today, how tired we are, what we ate, how much money we have made etc.  The last thing on our mind is proper posture.

Conclusion to Bad Posture and Lower Back Pain

In conclusion, it is mandatory for your back to have proper stabilization and bad posture is not helping.  Although it is hard to fix your bad habits, with a little discipline and time it will become second nature. Trust me on this if bad posture is a problem for you, invest some money, change your habits and you will not only forget about the lower back pain,  in addition, you will feel a lot more confident, more rested and more successful.

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