Carpal Tunnel Symptoms In Pregnancy

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms In Pregnancy

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is usually associated with adults who are involved in occupations which involve repetitive work, such as computer operators.

But in these modern times, an increasing number of young people are using computers for social communication and the playing of video games. Very often these youngsters will sit in bad body postures with the monitor, mouse, and keyboard incorrectly positioned for their usage. This is increasing their chances of suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms In Pregnancy

Five to ten percent of women experience carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms during pregnancy. Carpal tunnel pregnancy symptoms can develop as the baby develops and starts to retain more water. This is why the mother’s body tissues can swell and cause the median nerve, which passes through the wrist and the tendons surrounding to be compressed resulting in pain and numbness in the wrist, hand, and fingers.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms.

CTS is a group of symptoms which include.

  • Wrist pain, wrist muscle pain.
  • Weakness and tingling of the fingers (pins and needles).
  • Tightness and pain in the forearm, wrist, and hand.
  • Numbness in the palm of the hand and fingers.


Here are some easy techniques you can do at home to reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by pregnancy.

Squeeze a ball. Get a rubber ball or a tennis ball and squeeze it while you raise your arm above your shoulder height. Do this ten times with each hand and repeat the action for three sets.

Massage your arm. This is a technique from a massage modality called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). Raise one arm in front of you and with the other hand lightly massage from the wrist up to the armpit and repeat the action several times.

Hydrotherapy. Fill two sinks one with hot water and one with cold. Immerse your arm in the cold water for 30 seconds and then in the hot water for 3 minutes, repeat this three times and end with cold. This will help to pump the fluids away from your wrist and back through your circulatory system effectively reducing the swelling and the pressure on the median nerve.

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  • December 24, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    I am so troubled …as it happens to my left hand but I’m right-handed. been suffering for four days now. #18w of pregnancy


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