Causes Of Left Arm Pain And Weakness

Causes Of Left Arm Pain And Weakness

Left Arm Pain And Weakness

If you have experienced pain and weakness in the left arm, not ignore. Delays in treatment may lead to complications. Injured arm to the left, the first step must be your ice packs. This reduces pain and inflammation. As some of the damage of a jump or malfunction could lead quickly, you should consult a doctor. From left arm on several factors, due to the pain and weakness, depending on the treatment of the underlying cause. As soon as it is diagnosed, the other creams, analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents require doctors to relieve the pain. Left arm pain can be a signal to relax arms. Avoid refraining from any more muscular fatigue and all activities that may exacerbate the condition. Who should participate in the sport, take a break? It will make you have left arm numbness and exciting, and poor circulation. To resolve this problem, you can change in physical therapy sessions. A gentle massage with aromatic oils can also alleviate the pain of aching muscles. As soon as the pain decreases, secure that gently stretch and arm exercises. If you have experienced symptoms such as pain, along with weakness in the left arm and shake hands, you should see a neurologist. It can be caused by a nerve clamps or neurological problems. If you have experienced pain in his left arm, chest pain, and come into contact with a cardiologist. A sedentary lifestyle is probably to create such problems can; therefore, it is recommended that changes in diet and exercise regularly weapon to strengthen.


The Causes Of Left Arm Pain And Weakness

Pain in left arm problems

It comes from several different factors. For those who experience this type of pain for the very first time, it can be scary. Left arm pain may be minor or severe, and can require medical attention.

Many times the arm can experience injury from such things as playing sports, lifting objects that are too heavy, or experiencing blunt force trauma to it. Individuals who are very active in sports may experience torn ligaments, sprains and pulled muscles. These conditions are not life-threatening and when treated properly, individuals can expect to fully recover from the injury. Usually, this type of problem can be treated with medication and the proper rest, after being diagnosed by a healthcare provider.

Other types of problems in the arm may be associated with a more serious condition such as a heart attack. Heart attacks are life-threatening and an ache in the left arm may be the first symptoms. Most often a person experiencing a heart attack will experience a radiating ache from the chest down the left arm, both men and women can have this symptom. The pain in left arm has to be diagnosed by a physician to know if you are having a heart attack.

If swelling, stiffness or joint aches exist in the arm, it could be a sign of arthritis. There are so many different types of arthritis that could affect the arm. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis that usually will affect the arm. There are treatments for the osteoarthritis. Some of the treatments may include physical therapy, exercise, and medication. The type of treatment will usually depend upon the severity of arthritis.

Most injuries in the arm can be identified by utilizing physical exams, blood test, description of the pain in left arm from the patient and x-rays. Some results usually can be done on the same day of a medical visit. For those who experience any type of left arm aches, should have it followed up with a visit to a medical doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Not all pain is serious, but sometimes injuries left ignored could lead to a more serious condition.


Left arm pain can be a benign process cause by simple and treatable disorders, but could also be the symptom of more sinister illnesses that could potentially be life-threatening.   Certain characters of the left arm pain whether it is dull, sharp, throbbing or shooting along with how the pain changes can help discern if you have a life-threatening heart attack vs a simple neurological or musculoskeletal disorder.  Also, is the pain in the shoulder or back and does it occur in one or both arms?  Let’s discuss the causes of left arm pain and what we should be thinking about in each case.

If you have a dull left arm pain and it occurs all the time whether at rest or exertion it could be a symptom of a heart attack.  It would come on suddenly and usually, the dull ache may also come and go as well.   However, if the pain varies with the position of the arm or shoulder then maybe a heart attack or angina isn’t the correct diagnosis.  Nerve impingement such as common at the level of the cervical nerve root or perhaps thoracic outlet syndrome which causes blockage of the brachial plexus where all the nerves of the cervical spine and upper thoracic come together to then travel throughout the shoulder and arm.

A shooting pain like an electric shock could indicate significant nerve damage especially if associated with trauma.  There is other disorders which can make your nervous system super sensitive and tense cause either sharp or shooting pain.  More benign disorders like fibromyalgia can mimic this though fibromyalgia while benign in the aspect that it cannot kill you like a heart attack can is a potentially very debilitating disorder.

If your pain varies with exertion or in other words when you walk, run or do normal activity your pain worsens then when you rest it stops that could certainly be from angina and is technically called stable angina.  This is a precursor to a heart attack and cardiac imaging usually starting with a stress test should be done.  Of course, if your cardiologist is highly suspicious of heart disease he may just go straight to a coronary angiogram to get a good look at your anatomy.

Left arm pain can be a heart attack whether the pain is in women or men regardless.  However, it is said that women have more atypical symptoms than men when it comes to coronary disease, angina, and heart attacks.  So it is important that the entire clinical picture is taken into account.

Anxiety or panic attacks can mimic a heart attack and sometimes have the feeling of pain or sometimes numbness and a tingling down the left, right or both arms.  It is often hard to tell the difference and your doctor will advise you to have a full workup and testing done to ensure that your heart is not the culprit.

The bottom line is if you have pain in the left arm, especially when accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sweating, fast heart rate, chest pain, back and shoulder pains it is important to get checked out right away.  Having risk factors like a family history of heart disease, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension all put you at a much higher probability of that left arm pain actually being a real heart attack.

There are pain and weakness, little information about the causes and treatment of the left arm. Arm pain was bothering you, you should see a doctor quickly. If it causes pain on a medical condition, help early diagnosis in the treatment of the problem.

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