Does Heat Help Back Pain? Healing Heat Tips For Using A Heating Pad For Back Pain

Healing Heat Tips For Using A Heating Pad For Back Pain

Using a heating pad for back pain can help take that pain away. A heating pad for back pain works just like the old tried and true remedy, the hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, only better. Innovations in heat pads have produced quality models with safety features that work effectively to relieve all kinds of pain.

Studies have shown that the heat receptors at the injury sites in your body can block chemical messengers that allow your body to detect pain. The impact of heat on pain is not invented; it is in fact, real. Heat deactivates pain much like a painkiller medication would relieve discomfort, only without potential side effects or risk of addiction.

There are some shortcomings to using a heating pad for back pain. The biggest one is that it only stays hot for a short time. Even if you keep turning that heating pad on for another 30 minutes, the moment you turn it off, the skin cools and the pain returns. This happens because the heat is only skin deep.

So, what do you look for when making a purchase of a heating pad? You need to remember that you get what you pay for, so shop wisely. For example, when you buy a low-quality heating pad, they only work half of the time, have a lot of hot spots that can burn your skin, and they only warm the top surface of your skin. Plus many of the cheaper, low quality heating pads are serious fire risks, due to shorting within the wires because of manufacturing errors. The cheaper heating pads, the ones you find for under $15, offer no heat settings, have stiff rigid construction and have manual shut-offs. Manual shut-offs are dangerous because they are a fire hazard.

So, how do you know the heat page you are purchasing is high quality? One thing is far-infrared rays for deep heat. This kind of heat can infiltrate the skin as deep as three inches, compared to the two to three millimeters that the less expensive heating pads penetrate. Heating pads with natural jade stones help to deliver heat at its maximum. The Chinese culture has respected the stone for many centuries for its representation of health, wealth, and longevity.

The heating pad should have no electromagnetic fields (EMFs), as they can be harmful to the healing process. A heating pad should have an adjustable heat setting, as well as an automatic shut-off feature. This helps prevent skin burns and fires, as well as helps you find the right comfort level so that you do not get overheated. It should have a flexible construction and be quick heating so that you feel the warmth in a few short minutes. The quality and construction of the heating pad should have a full one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

A heating pad for back pain should be constructed with care so that you can get the maximum relief from the pain quickly. In a pinch, a cheaper heating pad could help, but it is much wiser to go for a better quality heating pad, as it will be the best buy in the long run because it will work better and last much longer. If you aren’t sure what kind to buy, ask your doctor to recommend some for you to use.

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