What To Do If You Have The Flu and Your Back Hurts?

I have the flu and my back hurts!

Back Pain Flu Symptoms

It is common for the majority of the US population to suffer from influenza, generally known as ‘flu.’ This is because of the infectious nature of the virus. The flu virus spreads through the air by coughing and sneezing. Most of the people suffering from flu may complain about back pain, especially lower back. The pain in the lower back is mild, severe and tender. The back pain caused by the flu virus subsides with other symptoms as the temperature or fever is brought under control.


Symptoms of Flu

Difficulty in breathing is the signs of being infected by the virus. The virus enters into your body and affects the respiratory tract since they are inhaled through the air we breathe. Early detection of the virus is essential to prevent further complications. As a general tendency, most of us relate flu to the common cold, which misguides the treatment and hence the virus inflicts more damage.

Young children are more affected by the virus than adults are. High fever, headache, tiredness, and loss of appetite are few signs of flu. The body temperature may rise up to 106°F. The flu fever can be controlled within three to four days, but other symptoms such as tiredness, uneasiness, and loss of energy may require more than three weeks to recover.

Fever is common when infected with the flu virus. On the other hand, there is no fear of fever under common cold.

Another common flu symptom is the fluctuation of fever. The fever will not be the same. It will rise and fall or appear normal suddenly. There will pain in the back, arms, legs along with high fever. Even moving your eyes will not be free from pain when infected. Soreness in the throat, cough in the chest, and running nose are also symptoms of flu.


How is back pain related to flu?

The flu virus can cause back pain. The virus attacks the arms, armpit, legs and lower part of the body. It damages the tissues within the body causing aches and pain. When you feel burning sensation and throbbing pain under your armpits and backside of the knees, these are indications of the back pain due to the flu virus.

If you have any doubt about back pain flu symptom, you should visit the doctor and take the test. It is always better to treat the flu symptoms at the initial stage of sickness. However, back pain accompanied by flu may be due to other reasons such as infection in kidney, ears, urinary tract infection or problems created by bacteria inside the body.


Causes of Flu

The flu virus travels through the air and attacks the body. We have already discussed how the virus affects the infected body. Now, let us find out the causes of flu and its effects on us.

Here, a distinction is necessary between the common cold and flu. You can get cold because of many reasons and other viruses. However, you can be affected by flu only because of influenza virus.

Since flu is a contagious disease, it spreads through an infected person. The infection spreads through coughing and sneezing. While sneezing or coughing, the virus gets diluted in the air and enters into anybody that breathes the air.

The flu virus can spread through the contaminated objects. When the infected objects are touched, virus passes on to the hand. When the hand touches the eyes, nose or mouth, the virus gets into the body. As a result of infection, the person gets sick and other problems.


Flu Treatment

Since the flu virus causes back pain, correct diagnosis and treatments are better to prevent further complications.

  • The flu virus spreads through the air and attacks the respiratory tract. Therefore, when you step out of your house, cover your nose and mouth with a mask. Even though you are not infected, it is good manners to cover them while coughing and sneezing. Wash your hand and with a good soap and warm water.
  • Clean your hands with hand sanitizer or antibacterial cleaners.
  • Ensure that your hands are clean and germ-free before touching your face. Unclean hands are a house for virus and can easily enter into your body.
  • Take antibiotics that kill bacteria and virus. If there is a pain even after the fever has gone, take painkillers, but see that you stop it immediately once the pain starts diminishing.

Back pain with the flu is common. The pain is caused because of the swelling due to the excess cytokines and chemokines formed inside the body by the flu virus. In order to get rid of the back pain, few weeks of bed rest and antibiotics are necessary.

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