Neck Exercises For Sore Neck- Don’t Let Your Neck Hurt When Neck Pain Exercises Can Do Wonders for You - Body Pain Tips

Neck Exercises For Sore Neck- Don’t Let Your Neck Hurt When Neck Pain Exercises Can Do Wonders for You

Describing something as a pain in the neck is something that most of us have done, or at least heard someone else say, in the past. The fact is, neck pain can be extremely tough to deal with because we rarely realize just how often we use our necks until they end up being injured or simply succumb to chronic pains. The good news, for those of us that suffer from pain in this part of our body, is that with the right neck pain exercises you can regain some of the range of motion you might have lost and even get your neck stronger so you won’t wince if you turn your head a certain way. What is most important, though, is that you first find out if these types of exercises are the right choice for you. Let’s start learning about that right now.


Why It is Important to Talk with Your Doctor before You Begin Exercising

First off, it should be noted that the cervical spine, made up of those vertebrae that compose your neck, is a very sensitive part of your body. You need to be very, very careful whenever you are considering doing neck pain exercises because if you have sustained an injury you could make the problem worse by trying to make it better. This means that you should always – with no exceptions – ask your personal physician before you embark on a course of exercise that involves your neck. This is doubly true after a neck injury. As long as you take this precaution first, you may find the following exercises incredibly helpful.


Who Can Benefit From Neck Pain Exercises?

Many people could use more flexibility and strength in their neck. This is especially true for those who have chronic neck pain or a chronically stiff neck. They can often do neck pain exercises and find that they are more limber and better able to handle the stress of daily life. Those with conditions like arthritis or whiplash are sometimes advised to do these types of exercises, as well as those who are trying to improve their neck posture.


Neck Pain Exercises to Help Your Neck Get More Mobile

Stretching is the best way to increase the flexibility in your neck and it is often where you need to begin before you try raising your strength. In these exercises, you will move your neck in each of the directions it goes, slowly and in a controlled way. You need to remember to breathe normally for the best results and if you experience pain, go very slowly at first. You can begin your neck pain exercises by touching your chin to your chest and then tipping your head back as far as it will go comfortably. This only needs to be done five times and it is designed to help those with pain at the back of their necks. Next, try tilting your head from one shoulder to the other, while keeping your shoulders straight. This also should be repeated 5 times. After these two neck pain exercises, try looking from left to right, as far as you can turn your neck and hold that for three to five seconds each time. Repeat that exercise five times. Other flexibility exercises can be shown to you by a qualified physician, but these are typically good for those with low-level pain.


Strengthen Your Neck with the Right Exercises

These exercises are sometimes referred to as isometric exercises because they do not involve the movement of a joint. Instead, you will be focusing on contracting and relaxing your neck muscles. Essentially, you will not need any equipment as you can simply use your hands to press your head against. First, try tilting your forehead forward against your upraised palm. Hold this for 5 seconds, if you can, and repeat that for a total of three times. Next, place your palm on the side of your head and try turning your neck. Give yourself resistance and try this for 5 seconds. Repeat it 3 times and move on to the next exercise. In this next exercise, you will cut the back of your head with both palms and push backward with your head. Push for 5 seconds and release slowly. These exercises are some you can do to help strengthen your neck and alleviate pains.


Additional Neck Pain Exercises


Consider Aerobics as a Way to Improve Your Body’s Overall Health Too

Finally, it should be noted that those who are in better overall physical shape have an easier time getting rid of aches and pains. Thirty to forty-five minutes per day of treadmill time, a stationary bike or even swimming can help you out. Consider this as part of your regimen.

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