Pain in Finger Joints Home Remedy

Pain in Finger Joints Home Remedy

Finger Joint Pain

Finger joint pain is one of the worst sources of pain. There are many causes of finger joint pain. This type of pain is very difficult to deal with since the fingers are the most utilized joints in your body – think about all the ways you use your fingers from brushing your hair to typing to using utensils and driving a car. Whatever the reason for the pain, there is a relief.


Causes of Finger Joint Pain

Finger joint pain can be caused by arthritis, traumatic injury, repetitive damage, deformity, circulation issues, and more. There are diseases such as Osteoarthritis, Raynaud’s, and Rheumatoid Arthritis that routinely cause finger joint pain – luckily there are ways to manage these diseases and reduce the finger joint pain.

Arthritis is generally experienced in people over the age of forty and typically has a slow onset.  Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are specific, more severe types of arthritis that can be seen at any age – and usually, the onset is quite sudden.  All types of arthritis should be diagnosed by a doctor and you should work with your doctor to uncover the right solution for you.

Raynaud’s is a phenomenon that is characterized by numbness and tingling sensations in your fingers along with a pins and needles sensation (and other tips of the body such as toes and nose) that is in response to cold weather and/or stress.  Raynaud’s appears to be a very visible syndrome and can be seen with the naked eye – the skin in the fingers changes colors from flesh-toned to white.

After the skin turns white and begins to become very cool, the skin will turn blue and begin to become numb.  From there, the skin has bizarre sensations and it can be difficult to use your fingers.  Raynaud’s is common in women that live in cold climates.  You must visit the doctor to obtain a diagnosis and work with the doctor to alleviate the symptoms.

The acute or repetitive injury is the most common cause of finger joint pain.  Repetitive activities can include text messaging, playing video games, typing, and intricate work using your fingers such as sewing, knitting, etc.  Acute injuries are usually known right away such as slamming fingers in a door, jamming fingers playing sports, and other types of injuries where the pain is immediately apparent.

Arthritis type pain is something that is chronic and aching.  There are several types of arthritis, and each type has a specific type of treatment aimed at reducing inflammation.  Be sure to discuss these treatments with your doctor to get the one that is best for your situation.


Remedies for Finger Joint Pain

Home remedies for finger joint pain include resting your fingers, icing the offending joints, and cutting back on activities that aggravate the pain.  You can use anti-inflammatory medications but only use these temporarily as these medications can hide the pain and potentially lead the further injury and long-term damage.  Stretching the finger joints can help to ease the pain if it is done gently enough – be sure not to overdo it.

It is wise to consult with your doctor if there has been an acute injury to your fingers, if the pain continues for two weeks, if the pain is severe when resting, or there is numbness or tingling.  There are finger exercises available to help to increase circulation in the joints and ease the movement in those joints.

Overall, there are many causes to finger joint pain and there are many solutions.  Finger joint pain can be really difficult to live with and it is very important to seek treatment rather than allowing the pain to get worse and become more debilitating.

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