The Main Reasons for Back Pain in Females

Reasons for Back Pain in Females


Back Pain in Women

Do you experience pain in your lower back? Are you unable to find relief in any treatment you have tried? The unpleasant occurrence of a lower back pain sometimes appears without any apparent reason. Lower back pain, even at a subdued level, can be devastating. There are many common causes, which are addressed here. Stay informed about these causes and the cost-effective options for relieving the pain. You deserve to live your life as pain-free as possible. Read this free information on available treatment.


The Causes of Back Pain in Women

Lower back pain may be caused by something as seemingly trivial as a bad mattress. More often, it is caused by lumbar strain and nerve irritation in that lower area of the spine. Accidents of all types can be the reason your lower back hurts. Placing excessive strain on it is a possible cause. Another common cause may involve the degeneration of the intervertebral discs.


Female Back Pain Can Originate In the Ovaries

The occurrence of discomfort and pain in the lower back is often associated with ovulation. The pain is experienced in the pelvic region or lower stomach. Unofficially it is referred to as “Mittelschmerz” a German word meaning middle pain. The egg or ovum moves from the woman’s ovaries two weeks prior to menstruation. Cramps can begin then. Twenty percent of all women go through the pain associated with this condition every month. Fortunately, it very seldom has serious medical consequences.

Home remedies work to provide relief in most cases. Some women undergo this discomfort and pain throughout their childbearing years. Fortunately, no invasive treatment is required for this monthly inconvenient occurrence.

The first home remedy is to drink sufficient amounts of water to stay hydrated. If a woman’s body is dehydrated, it increases the intensity of abdominal cramps. This, in turn, causes a more painful condition in the lower back. Children are taught to drink eight full glasses of water per day. They are educated about how important it is to remain hydrated.

A woman can take pills for birth control to alleviate the pain of Mittelschmerz. They work to relieve the discomfort and pain because she will not ovulate. Over-the-counter pain medications are effective in lessening the pain. Ibuprofen and aspirin will ease the pain. Acetaminophen and others are successfully used to ease the symptoms.

There are women who prefer not to take pain medication because they are afraid of side effects. She may want professional medical advice from her physician. Loosening tense muscles with heat applications is an effective way to lessen the pain. Heat should be applied to the stomach, pelvic area as well as the part of the back where the pain is located. The heat increases the flow of blood, which decreases the pain. Consider using heating pads. There is a type of disposable wraps considered better. FIR heat penetrates the body on a deeper level, which provides optimum benefits. They are also convenient due to Velcro lock. It keeps them in place without impeding natural movement. This makes them not only effective but easy to use.

Women should not continue the monthly suffering caused by Mittelschmerz. They can employ a variety of treatments to alleviate it. Pain medication and heat applications have been found effective.


What Should You Do Next?

What is The Best Way to Alleviate Back Pain?

You may be aware of home remedies without being aware of the limitations they have. Rest is certainly appropriate for those individuals with time to spare. Putting ice on your back to relieve pain may interfere with daily activities such as a job. Not everyone can lie around under an ice pack all day. Even complete rest is not the perfect treatment. You can irritate the lumbar spine if you inadvertently make a sudden jerking movement while lying down. You need some kind of protective device to avoid further irritation of the intervertebral discs or the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine.


How Use of a Back Support Can Help You

You may think of a back support as cumbersome and heavy. The modern version, however, is not heavy or bulky. Most often it can be impossible to detect when worn under a shirt or blouse. Try wearing one and you may be pleasantly surprised to find how much it can limit movements that aggravate an injury.

Use of a back brace will not only ease the pain in your lower back, it allows the injury to heal by relieving pressure. Your vertebrae and the nerve roots they protect will not suffer further irritation. Wearing a back brace for support and restricting possibly injurious movements will promote immediate pain relief. You should also enjoy permanent pain relief when the injury to your lower back is healed.

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