What Causes of Wrist Pain? 14 Possible Causes

Wrist Pain is any painful feeling on the wrist. The base of the wrist provides accurate operations for fingers. It is essential that this base is stable. Wrist base works best when it is slightly curved to the highest. There are no activities that require full-bending, backward or forward to the wrist. You note that fingers do not work well when the wrist joint is bent or stretched too much.


List Of Common Causes Of Wrist Pain

Wrist sprain and strain

This mostly results from physical activities which you engage. Most of them are minor and do not require medical attention. Injuries affect ligaments which join bones while strain affects muscles and tendons.


Mostly affects older adults 65 years and above. It develops with time though sometimes it may suddenly appear. Mostly caused by wear and tear of the joint, infection or even an injury.


It occurs when a bone slips or pops out of a joint. Dislocation means the particular bone is out of position and is not where it should becoming an emergency.


When a bone experiences more than usual force or pressure, it will break. The fracture can be thin or a complete break where it breaks into small pieces either lengthwise or crosswise.


When the cartilage which provides a cushion for the bone between joints wears away, it leads to osteoarthritis.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is pain caused by excess pressure in the wrist and the median nerve leading to weakness, numbness, and tingling of the hand.

Tendon inflammation

This happens when the tendons become inflamed or irritated leading to acute pain and tenderness to the extent you cannot move the affected joint.

Ganglion cysts

It is usually a small soft tissue growth on the part of the wrist opposite the palm near the joint.

Kienbocks Disease

Happens when one of the small bones collapses due to lack of blood supply.

Repetitive movements

When your wrist is involved in a repetitive wrist motion such as hitting tennis or volleyball, the joint becomes stressed.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is a condition where the immune system attacks the cells which protect the joint making them swollen and painful.

DeQuervain Disease

This is the inflammation of tendons starting from the fingers extending all the way to the to the wrist a condition which causes painful wrist.


It occurs when the body produces more than normal levels of -waste products- uric acids, and accumulate in the joints as crystal forms.

Bursitis (It is an inflammation of the bursae)

It is a plaster (Pad) filled with an aqueous liquid used as a cushion to ease the friction between the tendons, muscles, and the bones, usually occur in the joints area. When inflammation appears in the bursa (Bursitis) it is accompanied by pain in the affected area with the difficulty and the restriction of movement.


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