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Female Back Pain Heart Attack

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women Back Pain

Pain in the chest is the universal symptom of heart attack. We have seen in movies and read in our college that whenever people get a heart attack, they squeeze their chest very hard. Even the doctors try to revive the patients by beating or pressing their left or center of the chest. This may be a severe pain the victim experience with the heart attack.

However, the symptoms of the heart attack in women are different from men. A recent study has found that most of the women do not suffer any pain in the chest during the heart attack. The ratio of such women, when compared with men, is 40:60. This does not mean that women do not get heart attacks. Every human being is likely to be affected by heart disease regardless of his or her age, and sex. Any person as young as 20 years of age, or as old as 50 years can be a victim of the heart attack.

Many other symptoms of heart attack are shared among men and women, except back pain. There are even some cases, where chest pain is common in both men and women. The symptom of back pain in men during the heart attack is none. On the other hand, back pain is one of the symptoms of heart attack in women other than pregnancy and injury. What is alarming is that majority of women are not aware of the heart attack symptoms. Even when there is a chest pain, they assume that it could be the work pressure or just a repercussion of the food they have eaten for the first time. They even relate the chest pain with acidity. With wrong assumptions in their mind, they simply delay the timely treatment worsening the condition. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it is better to get educated about the common symptoms of heart attack.


Symptoms of heart attack that is common in both men and women

The wide prevalent ordinary symptom of heart attack is a pain in the chest. Very rare, women feel the pain in the chest during the heart attack. Even if they do experience the pain, they tend to ignore it, since the pain usually lasts for few minutes. Other common heart attack symptoms are sweating, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, nausea, tiredness, pain in arm, weakness, neck and jaw pain, and dizziness. Few of these symptoms are seen more in women as compared to men. For example, breathing difficulty is more in women, whereas men sweat a lot at the time of heart attack. When chest and back pain are both occurring at the same time, it is a confirmed sign of heart attack in women. Having prior knowledge of heart attack symptom can save your dear one’s lives as well as yours.


Difference between pain in men and women during heart attack

The attitude and body structure of both men and women are different. Their perception and limit of endurance also vary. That is why men and women often state the symptoms of heart attack diversely. According to few women, the chest pain is more severe than the back. The majority of the heart-attack victim will complain about back pain, including pain in the chest. The back pain is due to the swelling that occurs in the wall of the artery that is caused due o the accumulation of the fatty substances inside the arterial walls. Further, the other reason for the pain is the swelling of the membrane (pericardium) in the area surrounding the heart, or swelling of the heart valves. On the other hand, there is no such pain other than the chest in most of the men. Therefore, various medical institutions conduct regular studies to find the similarities of heart attack symptoms in both the sexes.


The importance to know the pre-heart attack symptoms

When it is a question of life and death, serious attention is necessary. Even a slight ignorance at this critical time can change the outcome of treatment completely. Moreover, each organ inside the body gives a signal or warning before it starts getting deteriorating. Therefore, to add more years to your life, you should know the sign of the onset of a heart attack. Usually, the onset of the symptoms will start few months before (generally, 4 to 6 months) or one week before. The symptoms would include the following:

  • A drop of energy causing unusual tiredness.
  • Insufficient sleep.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Indigestion and chest pain.
  • Nervousness and impatient feeling.
  • Pain in upper back and shoulder blade


Shortness of breath is common between men and women. However, women are more at risk than their counterpart when they experience this symptom.

Going through this excerpt, we can say that back pain in women is a symptom of a heart attack if it is combined with chest pain. Back pain during pregnancy can be excluded as a symptom of heart attack. So, seek immediate medical attention whenever any of these symptoms start occurring.

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