5 Causes of Headache On Top of Head and How To Treat It

A headache on top of the head, we know sometimes it feels really painful. Not infrequently, the everyday activities were disrupted by it. And in this article, you will understand almost everything about it, ranging from the causes to the best and effective treatment for it.

A headache On Top Of Head Causes

A number of studies have been found some of the triggers that could potentially cause a person to get a headache on top of the head. Here the full description.

Drinking Alcohol

In some people, drinking alcohol can cause headaches. This is due to the preservatives contained in the alcohol. Including champagne, red wine, beer, scotch, and whiskey. In addition, alcohol was admittedly able to make the body dehydrated and induce the hormonal changes. A toxin contained within the alcohol is suspected to cause headaches as a result of excess blood flow which leads to the people’s brain cerebral arteries.

Teeth Pain

Some people may never have ever experienced a toothache. An occasional toothache, bruxism medical terms, generally do not cause damage. But if a toothache happens every day, it can cause the damage to the teeth and complications on the health of the mouth. Symptoms include pain in the head and jaw.

A toothache sometimes not only makes the pain in the head but can cause a person to lose his teeth. Therefore, it’s good to immediately contact a doctor if you feeling the aching tooth. Doctors will typically check the jaw and mouth to diagnose it.

Cool Food or Drinks

Have you ever felt while enjoying ice cream suddenly get head ached as feels like going to split ?, If yes then you are not the first to experience it. Already many people feel the same way. Heads also feel like to be frozen as the pleasure of ice cream when entering the mouth.

Scientifically, when the cold ice cream that came in then there will be more directed blood flow to the brain. The increased volume of blood to the brain is suspected to cause pain in the head.

Sinus infection

Those who are infected by sinusitis also potentially affected headache on top of the head. Sinus infections here can include fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, and something like that. To relieve a headache caused by sinus infections can be done in a natural way such as a warm water bath.

Grim Weekend

Ideally, someone used the weekend for rest and free his mind of all the daily work routine. But instead of not fun, weekend sometimes turn into a nightmare that makes a headache. Wake up more slowly than usual, and consume more caffeine on weekends even potentially trigger a headache on top of the head. Not surprisingly, there are some people that have migraine recurrence even on weekends.

Thus some of the triggers of headaches on top of the head that is often considered trivial by many people. Triggers, ranging from alcohol, toothaches, sinus infections, food and cold drinks as well as a nightmare at the weekend basically back on how one set the pattern of their life. If you have a good and healthy lifestyle undoubtedly the triggers of a headache above can be avoided. But if you do the unhealthy lifestyle then it was not surprising that people often triggered a headache by the things above.

A headache on top of the head can affect anyone. Both men and women. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know the various triggers that often make the head so ill. Moreover, if a headache was almost attacked every day, of course, this would greatly disrupt the daily activities at home or in the office.

A headache On Top Of Head Treatment

There are the usual levels and some fairly serious that need medical attention. Which quite surprising is that there are some people who claim to have a permanent headache even when they were relaxed. This, of course, could make it a bit frustrating. Therefore, the following will describe several ways eliminate a headache on top of the head that you can do easily and cheaply.

Cold Compress

Headaches can also be treated with cold compresses. When you get a headache, part of the blood vessels will dilate, resulting in increased blood flow to the brain. Cold compresses may help reduce the flow so that blood vessels can return to normal. The step to apply this treatment is very easy. Simply wrap the pieces of ice by using a small towel or cloth and then paste in the nape or perhaps the forehead. Miraculously cold compress will soon relieve headaches that you are experiencing.

Note Posture

Paying attention to your posture is emphasized for those who often work behind the counter, staring at his computer screen. Sitting continuously in the same position would make the shoulder and neck muscles become tight and stiff. For that try to adjust the position of the body when sitting and frequently stretching the muscles. That way you can avoid headaches. Do not forget to always rest your eyes on the screen periodically. At minimum with a wink as often as possible. It is important to maintain eye health and prevent headaches.

Calm down

Although you are busy and working, its good for you to took the time to relax for a while in order to soothe the mind and body. In addition to the performance can be further increased, relax for a moment it is also useful to refresh the mind as well throw away the stress. So if you suddenly got a headache then immediately relax and lie down in a quiet room.

Compress Heat

In addition to the cold compress, you also can try applying a hot compress to reduce pain in the head. You do this by soaking a towel into a container of warm water and apply on the head that feels tight and sore. Generally, the place is in the back part of the shoulder and neck.

Perform massage

The message can relax the muscle at the same time that tends to tense when you have a headache such as a shoulder and neck muscles. With massage, the muscle will feel more comfortable and indirectly relieve the pain in the head.

Avoid Dehydration

The fact proves that dehydration is often one of the causes of a headache. For that, it is necessary for each person to consume plenty of water or juice to avoid dehydration. Never consume the drinks that containing caffeine and soda because it makes the body easily dehydrated.

Those are the ways of relieving headache on top of head ranging from massage avoid dehydration, make compresses using ice or warm water, etc. Besides easy to do, the ways above are also more affordable and safe from the side effects. In contrast to the use of drugs that are recognized more often lead to side effects. Not to mention the addictive of these drugs and also sometimes the price is relatively expensive. As a result, the use of natural ingredients is much more effective and efficient in curing headache on top of the head.

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