Facts about Back Pain on Lower Right Side Only

There are many different pain problems, but lower back pain right side has been one of the more common ones. It actually is more common to have this pain on the right side than the left. Don’t worry it isn’t necessarily your kidney or some other internal organ. The pain on the right side is a lot more common because we as humans favor the right side, so we put more pressure on our right side rather than our left. This causes our right side to hurting more often than the left. Keep in mind that this issue can become serious if not treated properly. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is something major, but it can develop into a more serious trouble. To get rid of this pain, an individual must get rid of the cause and the symptoms. Lower back pain right side and the left side is mostly caused by sacroiliac joint or the SL joint. It is very common to abuse this joint surrounding the lower back which causes pain in this area. Poor posture is the most common cause of problems with the SL joint.


Lower Back Pain Right Side Symptoms

Symptoms highly depend on the cause of the issue, but some general ones are:

  • Obviously different kinds of pain: chronic, hot, pinching, squeezing, stabbing etc. It is very important to properly describe the pain you are feeling. This will help with the proper diagnose.
  • Stiffness in the muscles
  • Muscle spasms
  • Muscle cramps
  • A sign of your pain being a nerve problem is when your pain extends below your tight or even as low as the foot. In such situation, it is a lot more likely that the pain is caused by the nerves rather than the muscles.
  • If the pain is a lot stronger around the hip region rather than the right or left side of your lower back this will point towards arthritis of the spine. This is a cause when you feel worse after a long time of resting or relaxing and if the pain lasts for longer periods of time even up to 5–7 months.

Lower Back Pain Right Side Causes

Back pain on the lower right side is quite a usual sensation and can be treated in six weeks or less, but just if the specific place of pain is found and eliminated. The majority of the doctors intend to treat the pain in the back without searching for the exact position cause of that discomfort.

  • Muscle Spasm, stiffness, cramps – Our lower back becomes sore from the amount of stress and strain we put it on it. This stress can be created by either being too static or to dynamic. The muscles become sore either by making a dynamic move in which the muscles start tearing or by for example having a poor posture while sitting. Lower back is created out of many muscles, but the erector spinae is the one in most danger.
  • Sacroiliac Joint Issues- If the pain is centered a little lower on the right side of your lower back than this is probably the problem. The Very popular problem with a woman who has been pregnant before. Most of the time caused by trauma, childbirth or diseases.

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  • Degenerated Spinal Disc – although this issue comes about most of the time with older folks, sadly it is also common for all ages. Basically, the disc becomes dehydrated and is unable to offer the same control that it used to. This can create lower back pain right side and left side
  • Joint Strain – the spine is made out of vertebra (large bones) they overlap each other and form joints. These joints allow the back to have movement and can easily be injured or strained to create pain.
  • Spondylitis – this is caused by an inflammation or an infection in the spinal cord
  • Fibromyalgia – this is a pretty common chronic issue with can leave your body in pain and fatigue
  • Osteoarthritis – When your cartilage breakdown it puts stiffness on your back. A lot of the time this causes lower back pain on the right side as well as the left.

Back Pain On Lower Right Side-More Options for You!

In the majority of the cases, back pain on the lower right side is the outcome of your bad posture, an injury in the back, muscle imbalances, improper lifting or flexing or extra body weight. Poor posture is the most common cause of back pain on the lower right side.

An injury can frequently result in pain in the back on lower right side. We can take steps to stay clear of any form of injury, it might still happen. Back pain arising from any sort of injury can usually be corrected or its intensity can be reduced by carrying out correct stretching exercises. It is very important that we take appropriate steps to keep the muscles in our body in a proper balance. An imbalance in our muscles can typically lead to support pain on the lower right side. Proper exercise is important to preserve the balance among the numerous muscles in our body.

Inappropriate lifting refers to an inaccurate way to lift things from the floor or anywhere and usually lead to pain in the back on lower right side. It is essential that one follows the correct method to raise things. One need to bend the knees and not from the waist to get things from the floor, irrespective of the weight of things to be raised.

When individual attempts to raise the excessive weight, back pain on the lower right side can likewise occur. Overweight individuals likewise have the tendency to suffer from back discomfort. The option, therefore, lies in shedding the additional weight on your body.

In bulk of the cases, back discomfort on the lower right side is the result of a bad posture, an injury in the back, muscle problems, incorrect lifting or flexing or extra body weight. Poor posture is the most usual cause of back pain on the lower right side. Back pain on the lower right side can also happen when a person attempts to raise the extreme weight.

These are some of the more common causes of lower back pain, both right and left side. Keep in mind that 95% of our population gets a lower back pain at some point in their life. Most of the time it is a minor problem that goes away by itself – below you can find some treatments and I even posted some exercises that an individual could do to get a relief.

Lower Back Pain Right Side Treatments

There are many treatments for lower back pain, but to get long-lasting results it is necessary to get rid of all of the symptoms and causes. The first step is to get the problem diagnosed by a specialist. It is almost mandatory to visit a doctor if the pain keeps coming back or just doesn’t want to go away. The most widely used treatments are pain relievers, injections, ultrasound, anti-inflammation, icing or heating. There are many professionals who deal with these problems, but keep in mind that the most important part is to find roots of the issue. Specialists who you should look for: osteopaths, physiotherapists, and chiropractors. Keep in mind that lower back pain right side most of the time isn’t caused by internal organs or cancer, but by poor posture and bad living habits. Back pains are a very common problem in our society. Lower back pain right side is the most endangered area of the back and all the signs of trouble should be taken seriously.

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