Best Sleeping Position for Sore Neck

We sleep approximately 8 – 10 hours a day because we want to make our body relief and recover it from different injuries and pains. When we sleep our body goes to the anabolic condition. What if we sleep to give relief to our body and in return, we get neck pain. It sounds very awkward situation and sometimes it just becomes a habit. To get the cure to this general problem we should know the best sleeping position for neck pain which will give relief to our body and a very excellent night sleep.


What causes Sore Neck while sleeping at night?

Mainly the Neck pain, Back pain, and Shoulder pain occur when we do not go for the proper sleeping positions. 10 out of 7 people sleep in wrong positions. While sleeping our body should be in an erect position as we are in standing position. But when we go to sleep this cannot be done. Many of the people are not able to follow the correct sleeping position.

Cause of Sore Neck at Night Sleep

  • Using pillows at an inclined position.
  • Watching TV while sleeping in the wrong position.
  • Not adapting erect position for the body.
  • Very hard pillow.
  • Wrong side sleeper positions.
  • Sleeping on the stomach.

What is the best sleeping position for a sore neck?

We have two sleeping positions one is the sleeping on back, and another one is sleeping on the side. There are different rules to follow for these two different positions when sleeping. But we have to follow some general guidelines for both of the sleeping positions which are:

  • Do not use too high pillows.
  • Always use a feather or soft pillows.
  • Do not sleep on the stomach.
  • Use individual pillows like memory foam or cervical pillows.

Let’s discuss the best sleeping positions for neck pain

Sleeping on the side

When we are sleeping in the side posture always keep the stomach parallel to the surface. The top hip should right above the below hip and the top shoulder be right above the below shoulder. These are the important point for a side sleeper position having neck pain.

Most probably people fold their top leg, and it just starts touching the bed surface after the stomach do the same thing all this is the wrong way. It can create distortion in the spine, and that creates the pain. We all have this habit but correct this pillow can put between the legs. If the foot goes down, it just is in the proper position.

Sleeping on the Back

This is the common position when sleeping on the back always uses a good pillow that is perfectly designed for the neck. Never go too high or too low pillows. Pillows like memory form and unique cervical pillows are very efficient as compared to the ordinary one at home.

While sleeping keeps the body straight and check for the neck is that proper in position or we can say it is perfectly erect as while we are standing. Many of us have a habit of folding our legs. A pillow can put under the knees to give the support all night. The pillow decreases the tension on the spine and it results in an excellent relief.

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Best Sleeping Position for Sore Neck, Last Updated: 26/12/2017

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