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Best Sleeping Position for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain after sleeping is a common problem for many people, and this is increasing day by day. Because generally, we do not know the proper sleeping position. Not the shoulder pain we also face the back pain and neck pain as well. Many of us are the side sleeper, and some of them do not use pillows. We just replace the pillow with our hand a lot of times, and it results in pain in shoulder all the day. For this, we should know the best sleeping position for shoulder pain which can help a lot to the outcome of the grief and adopt a good habit of sleeping.

What causes shoulder pain while sleeping?

There are two faces of the shoulder pain while sleeping first is we do not use the pillow and the second one is we use a very high pillow. If we solve these two problems, there will be a significant relief of the pain. Let’s discuss the issues for shoulder pain:

  1. Using hands as a pillow: This is a general habit and 10 out of 4 people are going through this, and it is the primary concern about the shoulder pain. When we use our hand as the pillow to support the shoulder. Our shoulder tissues start to strengthen and for a long period of the time. When we lift our arm up or down or reach behind your back, and a clicking sound when raising your arm. The shoulder and arm could also feel stiff or weak. As well all the load of other shoulder goes to another shoulder joint which creates a lot of pain after some time. So this is the key reason for getting pain in our arm and shoulder.
  2. Using too high pillow: Many of us use the too large pillow. As we know our body should be in the erect position while sleeping as it gives a proper sleep without any pain. But too high pillow supports neck on high position which is wrong and this also causes tension in the joint and tissues of the shoulder which is the reason for the pain.

What is the best sleeping position for shoulder pain?

Here we have some key points which will help a lot to make our sleeping position way better than before. A lot of us are back or side sleepers, but these things are very familiar. Here are points which we should follow to keep the shoulder pain away.

  • Never use hand while as the pillow.
  • Do not use too high pillows.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach.

The first point is very crucial and other as well. We should never use our hand as the pillow as above we talked that it creates tension in our shoulder which leads to pain. So for that, we can use the pillows like memory foam or cervical pillows. Also, you have to know that Using too much high pillow leads to the neck which is also a bad thing.

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