Bottom of Foot Pain Arch Killing You? Find Out The Causes and Prevention

Bottom of Foot Pain Killing You?

Bottom of foot pain is a very common complaint.  Typically, adults place around 900 pounds per square inch of pressure on the bottom of their feet with every single step.  This means that there is a lot of pressure on the bottom of your foot.  And, regardless of whether or not you wear the proper footwear, you are bound to experience bottom of foot pain at some point in your life. The most common three areas for the bottom of the foot pain are the ball, arch, and heel.


Pain in the Ball of the Foot

Most people identify pain at the ball of the foot as the bottom of the foot pain, and this type of pain is called metatarsalgia.  This type of pain occurs between the arch of the foot and the toes.  The pain can originate from a variety of issues from ligaments, toe problems, and tendons.  However, and most often, this type of pain is due to improper footwear.  To solve this problem it is ideal to choose shoes that have a wider base and can fully accommodate your size of the foot.

Avoid shoes that are too tight, difficult to walk in, or are overly narrow at the ball of the foot.  There have been reports that women wearing shoes that are very narrow and have a very tall heel can suffer from permanent nerve damage and lifelong metatarsalgia.  So, be sure to really evaluate whether certain shoe types are suited for your walking level while wearing them.

If you must wear shoes that have narrowing at the ball of the foot and high heels, then consider wearing shoe inserts to support your feet and cushion the effects.  Buying supportive shoes is ideal, but adding shoe inserts to non-supportive shoes is a great way to combat bottom of foot pain.


Other Disorders that Cause Ball of Foot Pain

Other types of pain associated with the ball of the foot are turf toe, capsulitis, bursitis, and Morton’s neuroma.  Turf toe, also called sesamoiditis, is pain located on the ball of the foot and at the base of the big toe.  Usually, turf toe happens from excessive running or jumping or jamming your toe.  And, there is often stiffness and swelling associated with the pain.  To treat turf toe you can use anti-inflammatory medication, apply ice packs to the area and be elevating the foot to control swelling.  Turf toe should be diagnosed by a doctor, and just to ensure there are no fractures present or other issues.

Capsulitis is another form of pain on the ball of the foot; and, it is associated with a ligament being inflamed.  This pain usually occurs at the point of the base of the toes meeting the rest of the foot, along with the ball of the foot.  Excessive bending of the toes, often from frequent stooping or wearing extremely high heels, will cause capsulitis.  Since it is a repetitive motion injury and not an acute injury, capsulitis tends to get worse over time.  It is ideal to visit the doctor for a diagnosis.

Bursitis is inflammation of the tendon and may be the result of an injury or poor shoe choice.  Bursitis can occur in several areas of the foot including the ball of the foot, foot arch, and the heel.


Foot Arch Pain

Plantar fibromatosis and bursitis are common causes of foot arch pain.  Plantar fibromatosis is not a common disorder but is characterized by swelling under the skin due to tissue damage.  Both require a visit to the doctor for a diagnosis.


Heel Pain

Heel pain can be caused by several things including bursitis, neuromas, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.  Both heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are caused by overuse of the foot, walking on non-supportive shoes, or careers that involve excessive walking.  Often, obese people who are inactive will experience both types of pain.  The best help is to visit your doctor and consult with them about solutions.


Preventing Bottom of Foot Pain

With all foot pain, the best medicine is prevention.  Choose supportive, well-made shoes that appropriately accommodate your foot size and shape.  If you already have foot pain there are traditional methods for relief, alternative medicine treatments, and home remedies.  Be sure, though, to consult with your doctor if the bottom of the foot pain is persistent.

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