8 Ways To Relieve Headaches From Working On Computer All Day

Learn how to relieve headaches from working on computer all day!

The use of computers is now part of man’s daily routine. But people can actually develop tremendous headaches from working on computer all day.

If you feel you are suffering from computer-induced headache, you can do these 9 things to relieve your headaches.


How to Relieve Headaches from Working on Computer All Day

Drink water

You should drink 2 cups of water if you are feeling a bit unsteady. The first cup should be lukewarm water to activate your body system followed by cold water (without ice) to refresh your mind. There are also instances where headaches from computers are the product of too much work and dehydration.

Take a break

If you are already experiencing headaches from working on the computer, it means you are working too much. Stand up and walk around your workplace. It’s better if you have something to do like playing games or feeding your pet, but remember to avoid mental activities such as playing chess, solving crossword puzzles, and etc.

Find a properly ventilated place

Sit near an air conditioner to facilitate ventilation. Proper ventilation helps in relieving headaches because it increases the level of oxygen, and it prevents the vasodilatation of major arteries. It’s better if you set up your computer near a window or a working electric fan.


You can stand up and do some stretching to let blood flow freely to your upper body. In fact, there are specific stretches that relieve headaches from working on a computer all day.

Cervical Rotation

Turn your head to the right, and glance over your shoulders.

Hold this position for 5 seconds, and then turn your head to the left.

Repeat 10 times.

Circular Rotation

Look down and hold this position for 3 seconds.

Gently rotate your head starting from the left side going to the right side.

Once you made one rotation, look down again and then rotate your head starting from the right going to the left.

Repeat for 15 times.


Eating snacks can relieve headaches from working on a computer all day. You can consume chocolate bars to replenish your energy. You can also eat fruits such as bananas, avocados, and watermelon. However, avoid processed and canned foods because it contains MSGs that dilate the blood vessels in the head.


You may not believe it, but potatoes are known to relieve headaches. Don’t get too excited because you’re not going to turn them into potato fries. You’re going to cut it into slices and stick it in your temples with a cloth. Rest and lie down on a sofa for 30 minutes, and let the potatoes sink in your skin. You can also place potatoes above your eyes while resting.


Take Paracetamol or other over-the-counter headache tablets as soon as the headache starts. With this method, you can relieve and prevent further pain. It is an immediate cure, but you should remember not to overdose yourself.

Consult a doctor

If you are always experiencing headaches from working on a computer all day, and all the methods above didn’t work for you, then it’s time to consult a doctor. You should also have an eye exam to see if you need a pair of glasses.

How to Avoid Headaches from Working on Computer All Day

There are also ways that you can do avoid headaches from working on a computer all day. These things include changing your work environment and eye behavior.

Rearrange your workspace

You’re environment can also trigger computer-induced headaches. There are simple modifications that can prevent headaches.

  • Alter the height of your chair so that your eye level is 4 inches above the center of the computer screen.
  • Sit for at least 65cm away from the desktop.
  • Use an LCD desktop. If your workplace is still using CRT, then attach anti-radiation screens.
  • Place a cactus near your computer screen.
  • Adjust the desktop display setting. It is advisable to use the lowest value for brightness and contrast.
  • Use darker desktop wallpapers.

Develop eye-friendly habits

Staring for too long on the monitors are the main reason for headaches. There are several eye care exercises that can help you get away with headaches.

  • Glare at nearby walls from time to time. It would be better if you’re going to look at dark-colored walls.
  • Blink often. It’s a good exercise for the eyes, and it also keeps the moisture on your eyeballs.

Computers are really useful nowadays, but using them too much can be harmful. Try to practice the different techniques mentioned for avoiding headaches from working on a computer all day. Try to find out the method that works best for you and stick with it whenever another headache comes along. It’s also good to do preventive acts to minimize the possibility of having headaches. Remember that an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.

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