How To Help Hip Pain During Pregnancy ?

How To Help Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Hip pain is common during different pregnancy stages. Hip pain during pregnancy becomes the most difficult during the third trimester. Now, let us go through some of the main causes of the hip pain during pregnancy period.

Main causes of the hip pain during pregnancy period.

Raise in hormones – The body runs high with hormones like relaxing and progesterone that have a loosening effect on the ligaments, muscles, and joints. This course assists prepare the body for childbirth and also causes joints and tissues relaxation which normally supports the body.

Weight gain – As the pregnancy progresses, weight gain on the pelvis and hips are very common. Pelvis and hips stretch or widen to create space for the baby. This also gives rise to hip pain during pregnancy period.

Structural changes – The body changes every day. The uterus and abdominal muscles stretch to support the growth of the baby. This actually puts additional strain on the pelvis and hips to hold the body and changes the gravity center. Bear in mind, this adds to hip pain during pregnancy to a large extent. It is for the reason that you are utilizing the body muscles in dissimilar ways and this can result in discomfort.

Round ligament – This can create irregular sharp hip pain during pregnancy. Pain can also be experienced in the uterus, hips, and pelvis within hip bones. This kind of ache is because of uterus stretching which puts pressure on your round ligament which holds it in the proper place.

Bad posture – Sitting and bending in a wrong way can put additional tension and pressure on the hips. Also standing for a long period must be completely avoided. According to experts, this is the key reason for hip pain during pregnancy.

Stress – Without a doubt, stress forms the major cause of hip pain during pregnancy stages. Stress often results in stiffness and tension in different parts of the body. With the additional heaviness that maternity places on the pelvis and hips, the hip ache is not rare or uncommon. In such cases, try out some of the stress relieving methods or tips.

 How To Help and Prevent hip pain during pregnancy

Below are some of the things that you can consider to lessen the hip pain during pregnancy stages. Bear in mind, at times it is impossible to completely prevent ache but the following can assist dramatically.

Good shoes – Always wear good shoes. Keep in mind, high heeled sandals and shoes without any kind of support may lead to hip pain during pregnancy.

Practice right posture – Always stand with the pelvis and hips tucked in and the shoulders back.

Resting or sleeping – While resting or sleeping, lie on the side of the knees and importantly hips bent. If possible try keeping your pillow between the knees and under the belly. This can take off pressure from back, hips and hip pain during pregnancy. Nowadays, a wide variety of pregnancy pills is readily available in the marketplace. These pillows are specially designed to assist you to feel most easy and comfortable. Also, try support belts which are specially made to be used during pregnancy period. Importantly, do your workouts on regular basis to strengthen the body.

Those tips should help you prevent hip pain during pregnancy.

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