Discover The Hip Pain Symptoms and Diagnosis


Hip Pain Symptoms and Diagnosis

Hip Pain Symptoms

The hip joint is a multi-directional and very flexible joint. Compared to the knee joint, it is more uni-directional, that has flexion and extension compared to the hip which can rotate, abduct, adduct, flex and extend.

Hence the hip joint is more complex. It contains more musculoskeletally and ligamental structural issues combined with complex joint cartilage, synovial fluid issues that can be potentially be damaged than any other joint.

That is, the hip joint has more moving parts compared to an elbow joint for example. Hence, the more moving parts that you have, the more variety of symptoms you get from hip pain. Therefore if you have hip pain, it can give you many varieties of symptoms.

Here are the symptoms you may have if you have hip pain:


When you limp when you walk, then this is a sign that a joint is getting too much stress and pain in the hip joint.

That is, the body is trying to take off the pain and stress in the joint by compensating it for a stronger joint. Worst case scenario for instance, if you break one of your hips, you would want to put weight on the other side of your hip to prevent further damage to your broken hip. This causes limping.

Limping is one of the signs of hip pain. Limping can also put other stress on other joints of your body and can cause increase severity of limping.

 Pins and Needles Sensation

Sharp Pain, Ache, pins and needles or numbness in the hip, groin or buttock area 

Pain in the hips is a common symptom of hip pain. Anywhere in the hips can cause direct pain. Most commonly, hip pain is often found on the side of the hip and buttocks.

Hip pain can also refer pain down the front of the thighs, back of the legs down to the toes. It can also appear to have pain in front of your knee.


Hip pain can also manifest itself as sciatica. Lots of nerves, mainly the sciatic nerve bunch up near the hip joint and can get trapped or injured. You can get pins and needles, numbness, weakness down your hip and then down your leg due to sciatic pain.

Inflammation/Arthritis of the hip 

Hips can easily be inflamed. If you get pain in the night time, burning or constant or varying aches in the hip, redness, warmth or restricted movement, these are the symptoms of hip arthritis pain.

Acute or Chronic Trauma to the hips 

Direct force or trauma to the hips by falling, twisting, repetitive jumping (repetitive force on the hip) or stretching/pulling is one of the symptoms that can cause hip pain.

Repetitive or Overuse injury 

If you have constant burning, chronic pain, muscle spasm, catching, locking, stretch pain in the hips, then this can manifest as symptoms of repetitive injury of the hips.

Hip Joint dysfunction 

If your hips lock, click, clunk, stretch, sublux or dislocate, then you may have symptoms of hip joint dysfunction. This may be caused by damage to the cartilage, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels or bone shape of your hip.

Hip Pain Diagnosis

When You go to the doctor, he/she follow 4 steps of diagnosis:

  • History of the patient.
  • Physical tests.
  • Scanning Pain diagnosis.
  • Blood tests.

For more information about the above 4 steps read the following articles: or

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