What Are The Main Causes of Headaches?

Headaches are of several types and we all suffer from one or the other, the tension-type being the most common one of the lot. A headache is a very common ailment that we all endure one or the other day. In most cases, the pain is temporary and not at all severe, but in some cases it is severe and a reason to worry and get immediate medical attention. The cause that triggers a headache plays a crucial role in the determination of the severity and seriousness of such pains.

It helps in diagnosing it properly and then curing it for ultimate relief. Different people suffer from different types of headaches because of varied root causes.

If you too complain about regular headaches and agony in the head region, then it becomes a must for you to identify what causes headaches in your case.

Causes of Headaches

One of the commonest root causes of a headache is ‘Tension and Stress’. If you tend to get worried a lot and take too must stress, then you will certainly experience headaches more often. The day you’ll stop worrying and will relax, that will be the day the intensity and severity of headaches will lower down.

The second reason can be ‘Eyestrain’. If your eyesight is getting weak and you are not wearing any correction spectacles then because of the strain that your eyes are enduring, you will experience headaches.

Another major cause of headaches these days is the hereditary factor. If it is in your genes, then there is no way you can run away from it. If your parent, grandparents and their parents suffered headaches very often and you are suffering from them too, then it is definitely because of the hereditary genes.

Anxiety and Depression are some other major factors that result in headaches and discomfort. Depression can lead to migraine headaches too.

Menstruation in women is the major cause of a headache. In women, the onset of their menstrual cycle results in several aches in the body, headache is one of them. The pain is temporary and goes away after taking adequate rest.

If you are a high blood pressure patient and are taking proper medication for curing the same, then headaches will be a very common phenomenon for you. In such a case headaches arises because of the medication a person is consuming for treating high blood pressure.

Many times, people who are sensitive to a particular type of chemical substance and by chance consumes it, complains of headaches.

These are some of the major reasons why people suffer from the common and not so serious headaches. But there can be very severe and serious causes of headaches as well that gives to very painful and long-lasting headaches and pain in the neck and the face region. In those cases, quick and urgent medical attention is a must, and the sufferer must rush to the doctor.

What Are The Main Causes of Headaches? Last Update: 13/5/2017

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