Elbow Joint Pain Reasons – Why do I have Pain in My Elbow Joints?

Why Do I Have Pain In My Elbow Joints

Elbow Joint Pain Reasons

Have Pain My Elbow is a very common complaint and also has many common causes to this problem.  However, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause for your have pain my elbow before an effective treatment can be recommended.  If you find you have elbow pain some of the common causes may include: Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis,  Bursitis, Epicondylitis, Elbow Fractures, and possibly Elbow Dislocation. The best course of action if you are unsure of the cause of your elbow pain is to seek medical attention.  Only a trained professional can give you a specific treatment and recommendation for your condition.

What Causes Pain in Your Elbow

Joint Pain Elbows can be caused by a number of things.  Whatever the cause of your joint pain elbows it is useful to know that it is due to the fact that you have overused your joint. If your joint pain is in the elbows you may want to consider the fact that it is caused by arthritis. By reviewing the symptoms of arthritis you can determine and research ways to treat it. Arthritis symptoms all share the same forms of server pain, reduced range of movement, as well as a diminished life quality.  This painful, life-altering condition can affect anyone, anytime in their life.  But rest assured there are joint pain elbows treatments that can help reduce the pain and be quite effective.

The first thing you should do for your joint pain is to visit your doctor. By telling your physician your signs and symptoms he/she can determine the type of treatment you may need. Arthritis symptoms include severe pain in the joints and may be accompanied by fever.  Arthritis may be brought on by overuse of the joint from playing sports, an injury, or simply degeneration of the joint over a period of time.  Nevertheless, it is very important to tell your doctor when you first noticed the pain and any particular injury you may have had to the area, as well as what kinds of activities you do on a regular basis (running, walking, tennis, golf, etc).  Your doctor can then order a series of tests through blood work and x-rays to review your condition.  After the tests are reviewed and the doctor knows what type of injury you have, he can then prescribe a course of treatment for you.

An example of joint pain caused by arthritis is a type of arthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis.  Rheumatoid arthritis is the type of arthritis that destroys the cartilage in the joints affected. Cartilage is located between your bones so that they don’t grind against one another.  With rheumatoid arthritis, your body’s own defense mechanism is triggered and is destroying the cartilage in the joints that are affected.  The joint pain is due to the joint cartilage being eaten away and the nerve endings that are being exposed. The pain will become so severe that your mobility in the joints affected has become essentially impossible.

But rest assured that you still can find treatments that will help or in some cases reverse the damage to the joints and reduce the pain. With the help of your physician, you may find yourself having to do some of the following treatments: physical therapy, pain medication, and possibly surgery. But you may also find additional forms of treatment from some easy natural food supplements. Products containing collagen type II and glucosamine, when taken can stop the pain sensation by stopping the immune system’s fight against your joints.  It may also repair the damage and some patients have seen results within days or as little as a few months.  This also has the extra benefit of no known side effects using this treatment.

Always remember that no matter what your joint pain is caused by, you can always find a way to treat it.  Everyone can find a number of ways and approaches to try when dealing with joint pain.  If your joint pain elbows are one area you are concerned about, only you and your physician can determine the amount of pain you are in and what level you wish to treat it, but take action to reduce your pain today!

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