What Are The Main Reasons For Breast Pain in Women?

What are the reasons for breast pain


Breast Pain

When a woman begins to have pain in her breasts, it is a reason enough for worrying. Most often, women immediately think of tumor or cysts as the cause of this sharp pain in the breast. But the fact is most of the pain experienced in the breast are benign and not alarming.

When the pain is just fleeting and only occurs once or twice, it is not something to worry about. This is because we felt pain in our body that we do not know the cause but they also disappear right away.

The breast is composed of muscles and the sharp pain in the breast that you felt could be just a pain in the nearby strained muscles. However, when the pain does not go away and centered only on one spot on your breast, the medical investigation is already needed.

Other cause of breast pain can be also from hormonal changes that cause sensitivity to the breast, pregnancy, lactation, problems in wearing a bra, weight gain, mastitis or infection in the breast, possible injury to the breast, hormone replacement therapy, inflammation and simple cysts in the breast. When any of these causes is the reason for the stabbing pain in your breast, discuss it immediately with your doctor.


Causes Sharp Breast Pain

What causes sharp breast pain? Breasts are composed of nerves, connective tissues, blood vessels, lobes, and ducts. They are not protected by major muscles or bones. In the event that your breast is injured, it might ache and bruise till it heals. Any form of surgery to the breast can hurt affected tissues. Some heart surgical procedures include augmentation, reconstruction, reduction, and mastectomy. Regional breast pain can be caused by the growth of fibroadenomas and cysts which press on adjacent tissues.

Beneath your nipple or near it, the development of abscess or clogging and infection of milk ducts can occur, leading to ductal ectasia or mastitis. Breasts that are large in size might cause noncyclical sharp pain which can affect not only your breasts but also shoulders, back, and neck. Another possible cause of sharp pain in breast is high-stress levels. This is due to the tension experienced by some nearby muscle groups. Although very rare, cancer of the breast can come with sharp pain.

In some cases, sharp pain takes place just close to your breast. This occurrence is hard to identify whether it is beneath you breast or within it. Costochondritis is a painful inflammation of one’s chest wall bones and cartilage.

Any form of arthritis in your breastbone can cause breast pain each time you a cough or take a deep breath. The pain in your chest area caused by acute bronchitis may also be interpreted as pain in the breast when in fact, it is not. Improper bending, exercising or lifting can also lead to a rib fracture, back pain and chest wall pulled muscle which may all feel as excruciating as sharp breast pain. If these kinds of bodily occurrence have been experienced by you lately, you should consult a doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

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