Treatment For Lower Back Pain at Home

Treatment For Lower Back Pain at Home


It seems as though everyone experiences lower back pain at some point in their life.  There are people who live with chronic problems with their backs.  Either type of situation can be addressed with home care.  Just be sure that you are not suspicious of having a problem that needs medical treatment.  When that is the case it is best to seek a medical opinion before embarking on home treatments.

Many people are afraid to do anything, literally to move, when they have back pain.  They think they will make things worse.  Studies have shown that this is rarely the case.  Movement is our body’s friend, not the enemy.  We need a movement to keep from getting stiff (and sorer) and to keep our body systems running smoothly.  When your back hurts you need to be careful what you do, but not be motionless.  The first thing is to try to do your usual daily activities.  You may need to drop a thing or two out of the lineup, like walking the dog who is always pulling on his leash, but you should be able to do most everything.  If you know a certain movement will cause pain, avoid it, and be creative about how you complete your daily routine for a few days.  Healing over time should allow you to return to your usual activities.  If not, time to consult a physician.

You may want to learn new ways of tackling some activities.  Be sure that you are lifting using your legs rather than using your back.  Make sure you have a good, supportive bed and pillow.  Assess what you are sleeping on right now, and change it if necessary.  Avoid sleeping on your stomach as this is highly irritating to the lower back.  Stick to sleeping on your back or side with appropriate pillow support.  Be sure your work area is ergonomic (that means worker-friendly in its set up).  Have a good chair to sit on that seats you at the right height for your desk or another work area.  If you stand most of the day, consider having something to put your foot up on, then switch back and forth between feet.  This helps to change the alignment of your back and hips throughout the day, which can help relax muscles in your lower back.

Movement helps keep muscle strength as well as fluid.  Lying around allows our body to lose strength very quickly, quicker than most imagine.  In the long run, lack of movement will only make your back pain worse.  You should learn and focus on doing exercises that help improve core strength.  A strong set of back, abdominal and hip muscles will support your lower back and decrease pain.  If you have a core strengthening routine already laid out you could find that some of the exercises cause pain.  Don’t push yourself at first.  Skip the exercise, or only do a few reps, or modify what you do.  You should find that with a little time you will be able to return to your usual exercise routine.  If not, consult your physician.

Low back pain treatment at home can include hot and cold therapy.  Use cold to help decrease pain and swelling while using heat to relax muscles.  If one doesn’t feel good or help, try the other.  There are no hard, fast rules as to what to do.  Your body will let you know if you are on the right track.  Some people prefer to switch off between the two treatments.  Just stick to a treatment about every 2 hours.

These have been very simple home therapies that will help you return your life to normal after a case of lower back pain.  Lower back pain treatment at home is definitely possible, and likely preferable.  Where else will you have the home team cheering for you!

Treatment For Lower Back Pain at Home, Last Updated: 16/9/2017

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