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What does shoulder pain indicate? Common Conditions That Indicate Shoulder Blade Pain

Learn what shoulder blade pain can mean and which parts of the shoulder are damaged.

The human body is a relatively strong biological machine and the strongest part of us ends up being our skeleton. In the skeleton, the shoulders are some of the strongest parts and these play a key role in allowing us to move freely and do a wide variety of things we would otherwise be unable to do. For those who have felt shoulder blade pain, the restriction in a movement that it brings can often be just as bad as the actual pain itself. If you are interested in learning about what kinds of conditions are associated with pain in your shoulder blades, then you are doing yourself a favor in case this type of pain ever strikes you or someone you care about. Let’s take a few moments to educate ourselves on this kind of pain and what it may prove to be an indication of.


Shoulder Blade Pain Might Mean You Have a Shoulder Separation

In the space where the clavicle, also known as the collarbone, meets the scapula, known as the shoulder blade, a separation can occur. What a shoulder separation actually means is that certain ligaments which hold your shoulder in place have been torn and this is allowing outer end of the clavicle to slip out of its usual position. As you might imagine, intense shoulder blade pain often accompanies an event like this and that tends to be what triggers people to go in and have a doctor look them over. People with a shoulder separation have difficult rotating their arm the normal 180 degrees and usually, an X-ray can confirm that their shoulder is indeed separated. This injury is normally one that occurs when a person falls while having their hand outstretched to catch themselves. Treatment for a shoulder separation can involve medication for the shoulder blade pain. It will also normally mean that you are given a sling for your arm and told to rest or use ice to help control the swelling.


A Shoulder Dislocation is another Painful Injury Involving the Shoulder Blade

This is an injury that indicates the shoulder has been pulled on with extreme force and has popped the humorous out of its socket. Normally, the arm will have had to be pulled out with much force or rotated further than it was able to go naturally. It should be noted that this is one of the most frequently discovered joint related injuries. However, if the condition keeps occurring then it could be that the individual is actually suffering from shoulder instability which is a more severe condition. If a dislocation occurs, it will be visible to an observer and the shoulder blade pain will be intense for the person suffering from the dislocation. In addition to the swelling and bruising, there is the additional element of muscle spasms that can really make life uncomfortable for someone with a dislocated shoulder. Generally, an X-ray is needed in order to confirm the dislocation and then, a doctor will put the shoulder back in the socket. Another X-ray is then needed to make sure that putting the joint back in did not cause any problems, after which the patient will be required to wear a sling for several days. Rest and ice compression are normally recommended until therapy to rehabilitate the shoulder can begin.


Shoulder Blade Pain Could Indicate That You Have a Shoulder Blade Fracture

If the scapula, another name for the shoulder blade, sustains a massive amount of force, it can actually break. This is called a scapular fracture and it brings on extreme shoulder blade pain, even though this may not be noticed due to so many other types of pain occurring simultaneously since this injury tends to be sustained by those who have fallen from a significant height or been involved in a car crash. This injury can take quite a bit of time to heal and will almost always need a significant amount of therapy.

Rotator Cuff

A Torn Rotator Cuff Often Brings Intense Pain to Your Shoulder Blade

A rotator cuff is a group of tendons that help the upper end of the arm bone attach to the shoulder. These are needed in order to move your arm and if they become damaged, you will experience pain on your shoulder. This is a very common injury, but it can still be quite painful to deal with. If a severe injury caused the tear in a person’s rotator cuff, surgery could be needed. However, most often pain control medication and an anti-inflammatory medicine will be prescribed. Physical therapy will usually follow after the tear is able to withstand it.

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