Sharp Stabbing Pain in Chest That Comes and Goes

Sharp Stabbing Pain in Chest That Comes and Goes

Stabbing Pain in Chest

If one is feeling a stabbing pain in the chest that has stayed more than a minute and is moving around to shoulders, jaws or arms, it may be an indication that such conditions need immediate medical attention. Chest pain is rather a complicated condition. It is not easy even for doctors to diagnose immediately what the reason is. Since there are so many organs inside the human torso, it is rather difficult to tell what the reason may be. However, if one suffering from heart disease, there is a high probability that pain may be the result due to coronary problems. Other possible reasons may be skin, bones, muscle, esophagus, and lungs. Since the nervous system is interlinked, a pain originating in any part of the body may be transferred to surrounding regions. For example, indigestions and acidity may cause heartburns that may result in chest pains.

Having stabbing pain in the chest can be a real problem because it is usually associated with heart attacks. Depending on the age of the one having it, on his medical condition and on his lifestyle, stabbing pain in the chest can turn out being one’s worst experience ever. If the person having such pains turns pale or he has pale lips or fingernails if his heart is beating irregularly and he has difficulties in breathing normally then it might be the sign of a heart attack. Still, this is not always the case. Fortunately, stabbing pain in the chest can also be the sign of other minor conditions. For example, they could prevent you that you might suffer from fibromyalgia, ulcer or gallbladder disease. These are minor conditions compared to the heart attack but they can also have long-lasting complications if not treated on time.

Each of these conditions also has other different symptoms that you must know to describe to your doctor in order to get the adequate treatment. If you have stabbing pain in chest do not hesitate and go to the doctor; you should not search on the internet and try to take healing pills after what you find online. Even though you could say you have an ulcer if the stabbing pain in chest appears right after you have finished eating, this is not a solid proof for self-diagnosing yourself. Acid reflux can also occur after eating and in this case, one should know that the first step in getting read of it and of the stabbing pain in the chest is changing his diet and exercising.

The Causes

Serious reasons for stabbing pain in the chest are usually related to coronary problems. It may be a symptom of a Heart attack. Due to obstruction of the arteries, the blood is not able to reach the heart. It results in lack of oxygen. Due to lack of oxygen, the muscles start cramping and may get damaged resulting chest pain. Angina is another common reason. It happens when the arteries of the heart are partly obstructed. The heart is not able to get enough blood. Due to the decrease in oxygen supply, muscles are not able to function properly thus resulting in pain. There are two types of angina, Stable and Unstable. Stable angina happens when one exercises, or does some strenuous physical activity. The pain usually goes away with adequate rest. Unstable angina can occur anytime. There are no common reasons that may precipitate the pain and no common remedy that will make the pain go away. Another common reason for the pain may be Aortic dissection. The aorta is the artery that provides blood to all other body organs such as intestines, lungs, kidneys, heart, and brain. Any kind of damage to it may result in bleeding. This may cause severe pain where the bleeding has occurred. Bleeding usually happens when the inner linings of artery suffer damage. The damage may due to the number of reasons. High blood pressure is frequently they reason behind the damage. High blood pressure or Hypertension results in increased blood flow through arteries thus causing extra pressure on the inner walls. This may tear of ligaments and thus weaken the inner lining.

Stabbing pain in the chest can also appear because of stress and chaoticStabbing pain in chest lifestyle. One must be careful and respect the normal sleeping time recommended and must avoid stress, fat meals, and smoking. A stabbing pain in the chest can also indicate that something is wrong with one’s lungs if for example, the pain increases while breathing. Still, one of the signs that the stabbing pain in chest won’t go by itself is when the pain travels to the left arm or to the jaw. Also, one might have a fever and might feel the need to cough when experiencing such pain. These are all symptoms that must not be ignored.

Surprisingly enough, stabbing pain in the chest can also appear on children and on young people. This is usually the sign of Texidor’s Twinge, a syndrome known as pericardial catch syndrome. Those suffering from it complain about increasing pains in the chest or about side stitches.

Pleurisy and Pericarditis are other two diseases that might cause you such pains. They also have other symptoms. For example, pleurisy comes with fever, dry cough and difficulty of breathing while pericarditis causes nausea, fever, cough but also swelling in the abdominal region. If the person suffers from pericarditis the chest pains will increase while leaning forward or when he sits up.

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To conclude, stabbing chest pains must not be ignored because they can appear for different reasons and unfortunately, one thing is for sure, that they will not go away without treatment.

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