Your Tailbone Hurts for No Reason? Here an Expected Causes

Humans have what is called a vestigial tail, or what’s left of a tail, supposedly; this is the coccyx, or more appropriately and commonly known as the tailbone. It’s found in the last part of the spinal column composed of five vertebrae fused together with very little movement possible. There’s no clear explanation concerning its use. It’s said to help maintain balance. But for whatever purpose it has, be careful about how you care for it. Injuring it may give you a lifetime of agony in some instances.


Why Does Your Tailbone Hurt?

Coccydynia or tailbone pain is often caused by an injury. There are other causes of tailbone pain:

Sciatica, infection, pilonidal cysts, fractured bone, bone spurs, pinched nerves, or injuries to the spine, local infections, and tumors or outgrowths. Infection and tumors are uncommon causes of tailbone pain.

Tailbone injury

There are many things that lead to a tailbone injury; and believe me, they can be painful. Anything that breaks a bone or cracks a cartilage is certain to cause painful episodes. We will really feel the pain when we suffer a bruise; it’s the same thing when it happens to our tailbone. More women suffer from tailbone injury because they have bigger coccyx or tailbones, and tailbones can also be injured during normal baby deliveries. People who are also overweight are also predisposed to it. This can also be job-related. Different injuries bring different types of pain. Some can be very stressful while others may just feel some subdued pain, but there’s pain nevertheless.

Symptoms of tailbone injuries

Localized inflammations or swelling characterizes a tailbone injury. And of course, both are localized in the tailbone area. You may see a skin wound or bruise in the part where the tailbone injury occurred. Pain is always a giveaway. Pains during difficult bowel movement and from prolonged sitting are two signs. How do you know you’ve sat for too long? It’s when your tailbone starts feeling pain. If you have a timepiece, try to determine how long can you sit before the onset of pain. I think this will help.

Pilonidal Cyst

A cyst is a sort of pores and skin disorder that occurs when the bacteria staphylococcus infects the head of hair follicle or oil human gland. The bacteria make its way into your body via small cuts or breaks or cracks in the pores and skin. Initially, your skin will get reddened and forms f sensitive lump which may be very painful. Gradually the lump solidifies into a crusty pile, the center of which is stuffed with an infection-fighting white bloodstream tissue and meats. These white bloodstream tissue and meats become watering and are collectively known as ‘pus’. The problem might often get a new much deeper tissue, resulting in the formation of the abscess. Our eyelids, encounter, neck, shoulders, underarms, and buttocks tend to be regions more prone to boils. There might be several types of boils. The kinds might be talked about the following:

  1. Furuncle or carbuncle is a severe form of boil along with multiple openings. It occurs when a cluster of follicles of hair obtain infected. This type might be associated with chills or a fever.
  2. Cystic acne breakouts happen mostly within teenage due to the infection of congested oil ductwork.
  3. Hidradenitis suppirativa happens whenever sweat glands obtain inflamed and take the form of multiple abscesses. It generally occurs in the underarms or groin and requires surgery.
  4. Pilonidal cysts generally occur in the crease of buttocks. Initially, it’s just a good inflamed locks follicle which gets worse due to the pressure exerted whilst one sits for an extended time period. Most of the time it is best to see a pilonidal cyst specialist; however, there are some home treatments to take.

Causes of Pilonidal Cysts

  1. In-grown locks could cause boils
  2. Lodging of international supplies in the pores and skin
  3. Skin irritation due to the effect of severe chemical substances.
  4. Infection of blocked sweat glands
  5. Bad cleanliness
  6. Bad nutrition
  7. Impaired immune system due to diseases like diabetes, kidney failing, hypogammaglobulinemia.
  8. Underneath the effect of medicines like cortisones, and those employed for most cancers and chemotherapy.

Bone spurs on the tailbone

Bone spurs are one of an expected cause of the pain in the tailbone when the bone growth in this area is called a coccygeal spicule. This type of pain mostly seen in thin people who have little padding or fat to cushion it. The pain can feel on the skin. To understand bone spurs as a cause of a coccyx pain check out this article.

Tailbone Hurts Management

Tailbone pain is a kind of pain that affects the lowest part of your spinal column and can be mistaken for lower back pain. Tailbone pain management isn’t limited to medical and clinical practices or fields. What are some of the conditions closely related to it?

  • It can also be managed by using common home treatments which have some alleviating effects if applied properly.
  • Treating it can be very difficult even for doctors because the underlying causes can be baffling even to them.
  • It may seem to respond to treatment only to return with even more pain.
  • There are holistic approaches to help treat it. They may allay some of the pain but for, temporary and short durations only.
  • Tailbone pain or coccydynia may start as a discomfort you feel when standing up from the sitting position.
  • It’s considered a rare disease.
  • The pain is characterized as relentless, sharp and deep.  It can be very intense at times that moving around becomes an ordeal.

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