Top 6 Ways To Reduce Throbbing Hand Pain

Throbbing Hand Pain

Not only is hand pain annoying but it also comes with the inconvenience of not being able to carry out daily routines. Virtually everyone, from professionals who are confined in offices to construction workers, is susceptible to hand pain. Medics attribute the main cause of throbbing hand pain to the pressure and subsequent swelling of the carpal tunnel that encloses the median nerve which runs through the center of the wrist into the hands. The following post seeks to highlight you in ways you can reduce hand pain and get back to work immediately.

Ways to reduce throbbing hand pain

Exercises and stretches: the ultimate solution for pain associated with muscles and tendons is engaging in exercises and stretches. There are plenty of videos on YouTube channel that can illustrate various exercises and stretches that you can do to ease hand and wrist pains. Similarly, occupational therapists are well-versed on the types of exercises that stretch and strengthen the hand muscles, which ultimately aids in absorbing stress inflicted on joints in the hand thereby reducing pain.

Heat and cold

(Wynn, 1991) asserts that “ hot shower can reduce hand stiffness. A cold shower is also effective for hand pains that result from engaging in activities such as, golf and basketball”. Similarly, individuals experiencing hand pain can reduce hand pains by using frozen gel pads which perfectly aligns with the complex three-dimensional structure of the hands.


For those experiencing hand pain as a result of arthritis, wearing a splint can go a long way in stabilizing the position of the wrists and hand hence reducing the inflammation.


Some over-the-counter- medication may help in the management of throbbing hand pains. These painkillers are also effective in reducing the swelling and inflammation that comes with hand pains. However, it is imperative you follow all dosing instructions before ingesting any painkiller. If symptoms persist ensure you always seek physicians guidance.


In a recent publication by the Journal of Pain, a session of acupuncture treatment offers a long-term pain relief. The study reports that persons who undergo 5 sessions of acupuncture every month reported a decrease in their symptoms even after a year. The publication further suggests that acupuncture treatment is way more effective than steroids as it increases blood supply to the arteries which later supply to the nerves.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are also effective in the management of hand pains. The drugs operate by blocking enzymes that are responsible for pain and swelling in the hands. However, long-term use of some NSAIDs such as Advil is linked with life-threatening conditions such as ulcers, liver damage, heart attacks.

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