Thigh Pain: Symptoms, Reasons and Tips To Reduce it

Thigh Pain


A pain is normally a discomfort condition in human body and pain happening in the thigh is characterized as thigh pain. So, we can define the thigh pain as a sense of pain and discomfort in the area from the pelvis to the knee. This stretches from knee to below waist in the human leg. Such pain could be due to an injury, diseases, infection, cramps or other conditions occurred in the thigh area.

Thigh pain can be gradually or result of sudden development ranging from small discomfort to completely unbearable. You may often describe this like pins and needles are prickling in thigh area or feeling like burning thigh. Mental and physical feelings due to Thigh pain can be dull and achy, scathing, throbbing or tingling.

A number of conditions could be cause for this pain including minor muscle strain, injuries, and even natural human body growth as well. Such condition caused thigh pain is easily curable by home treatments like taking rest, swallowing painkillers, putting ice, elevation of the leg etc.

In some cases, thigh pain may be a result of some serious or life-threatening injury.  These conditions could be a bone fracture, vein thrombosis, or hip dislocation.these are not normal injuries, only happen in accidents or unpredictable movement of legs. Immediate medical care is recommended in these situations.


Thigh Pain Reasons (what causes thigh pain)

There are multiple factors causing thigh pain, including:

– Excessive physical activity and exercise, which may cause muscular traction.

– Bone fractures.

– Injury or wound in the groin area.

– injuries in a knee ligament.

– Inflammation of bone or skin in the groin area.

– Inflammation of the nerves.

– Sciatica (inflammation or injury sciatica nerve that extends into the back of the thigh).

– Clotting of blood vessels deep in the thigh.


Signs and symptoms of Thigh pain

Groin pain may accompany a number of symptoms, including:

– Bruising in the affected area caused by internal bleeding.

– Burning sensation in the groin area.

– The signs of flu-like symptoms such as fever, fatigue, sore throat and headache.

– Joint pain.

– Strain and muscle spasm.

– The legs loss of the ability to move normally.

– Redness and swelling of the groin area.


Tips To Reduce Thigh Pain

– Care to take enough rest.

– Put cold or ice pack on the area of pain.

– Put a pillow under your leg to lift it while sitting or sleeping.

– The use of painkillers after consulting a doctor.

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