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How To Wrap a Sprained Ankle?

Wrapping a sprained ankle applies in the event of an injury or as a preventive measure to curb injury. This simple step is crucial in first aid training and basic information for sportsmen and women. Knowing how to wrap the bandage is significant. There is simple step by step guides for effective wrapping; you can also learn from the videos and image descriptions available online. It entails ways of applying compression in common injuries like sprains and ankle taping for sports injuries. Proper procedures for wrapping a sprained ankle show you how to place the injured foot in the right position when wrapping to avoid further injury.

Wrapping a Sprained Ankle

There are numerous benefits to wrapping an injured ankle. It is a fast aid solution for sprains and common sports injury. This serves to prevent further injury and it offers a soothing solution to the pain. Wrapping a sprained ankle hastens the healing process by providing support to the crucial joints. Ankle injuries are common in athletic and ball sports. It improves sports performance in football, cricket, rugby, hockey among others. They may also happen in the safety of a home or work environment; when walking, having fun, or climbing stairs. It is therefore important that everyone knows how to basics of how to wrap sprains for ankle support.

Materials required for wrapping a sprained ankle

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To be able to complete an ankle wrap, have a crucial tool in your sports or home first aid kit. This simple process takes a few minutes but needs care. An experienced physiotherapist can complete the process within the shortest time accurately. You need the following:

  • Strong elastic bandage/ace bandage/tape
  • Pre-wrap
  • Bandage Clips
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive spray is optional

Wrapping a sprained ankle for home injuries

Should You Wrap a Sprained Ankle - home injuries

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In this case, you only need a simple bandage with clips. Since some falls in a home accident could feature acute fracture

  • Assess the ankle for the number of bruises, swelling
  • Place the feet in the right position-often a slightly raised position with toes pointing upwards
  • Clean the foot and check for cuts
  • If using the adhesive spray, spray it right below the calf or just above the toes
  • Add compression to the ankle as you bring the bandage over the foot
  • Start by placing the tail end of the wrap on top of the foot
  • Wrap the bandage applying firm pressure from the midfoot to ankle
  • Cover the heel area and pass bandage under and over as you progress
  • Secure with a tape
  • Rewrap for more firmness and support (could be twice or thrice)
  • Hold the bandage with clips

In some cases, you might have to be more creative with homemade solutions. Before wrapping the sprained ankle, avoid any further movement, place ice on the ankle for some time to reduce the swelling. This will cool the pain and then you can wrap it as described above. Simple physiotherapy treatments will soothe the pain and reduce the swelling. You could try using a towel to pull the foot towards you to strengthen the foot. As you flex your foot in a forward and backward motion, you feel the pressure point for the pain. This will guide your bandaging procedure effectively.

Wrapping a Sprained Ankle in Sports and Outdoor Injuries

In sports, bandage wraps can be used for treating sprains and preventing them. While wrapping helps to prevent such injury, it does not guarantee protection from injuries. In some cases, it might hinder performance when a sportsman needs to feel flexible. Anyone involved in active sports activities should know the basics of a simple wrapping procedure. Wrapping a sprained ankle using the above-mentioned materials uses these simple steps. The pre-wrap is a thick material or cloth place as an alternative to a bandage. Some people would use both the pre-wrap and cover with tape while in some cases like home accident situations, a simple bandage will do

  • Spray a thin coat of the adhesive tape on the affected area
  • Apply the pre-wrap starting from at the toes as you work your way to the calf- for proper circulation
  • Overlap the pre-wrap to cover all the area
  • The pre-wrap should not be too tight
  • Apply 3 anchors of tape from where the pre-wrap starts
  • For first anchor wrap tape all over the foot starting at the bottom of the foot
  • Go round and end at the top of the foot
  • Repeat the above step applying the anchors where pre-tape ends
  • Follow the same steps but wrap around the calf just below where the pre-wrap ends
  • Apply two stir-ups and pull the tape down around the heel
  • Follow it up to the other side where the pre-wrap began

Tips to use when wrapping a sprained ankle

Different ankle sprains are caused by different accidents. Identifying the injury will help you treat it correctly. Some sprains have less pain and will exhibit less swelling. These are a quick top treat and heal faster within a short time. The more serious sprain inhibits movement, swells more, and is more painful. This requires medical attention as it could be because of serious fracture injuries. An x-ray will reveal the extent of serious sprain for further treatment. Sprained ankles are common when running, jumping or climbing stairs. Wrapping a sprained ankle applies to sprained ankles with mild tearing of the ligaments. Ankle sprain, twisted, rolled, or inured requires attention. Often when this happens, the ankle has weak muscles, poor flexibility and cannot stretch. The sprain causes swelling and might have excruciating pains. It can occur in sports and in common situations women can experience it while walking in high shoes. There are many versions of the sprain and the simple process described above treats the most common.

Wrapping a Sprained Ankle – The Conclusion

Knowing the symptoms helps you identify the extent of the injury for an effective solution. Some treatment requires that you monitor the injury for days in case of serious internal injuries. To give the ankle support and ease the pain, wrapping a sprained ankle gives the best treatment.

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