Best Natural Remedies for a Dull Headache Due to Tension


Tension Headaches Natural Remedies

If you have a big project coming up at work or school or you have been having problems with a family member or lover, you might find yourself experiencing a dull headache due to the tension of such situations.  Given the pressures and strains of our modern lives, it is not surprising that we often find ourselves stressed out and suffering the physical consequences of our hectic schedules.

If you find yourself experiencing a dull headache due to tension, the most obvious course of action is to take a headache pain relief medicine like Advil or Bayer Aspirin.  These are fine in themselves but you might also want to try more natural remedies.  Whereas a chemical solution may be effective, more natural solutions use the body’s own healing properties to help alleviate pain.

Natural remedies also have the added benefit of drawing the body into healthier states of being than simply taking an artificial remedy does.  So what are some of these remedies?

The Healing Power of Warm Water

Warm water is one of Mother Nature’s best healers.  So, next time you get a dull headache brought on by tension, draw yourself a nice bath and let the healing power of nice tub of warm water wash away your headache.

If you don’t have enough time for such an extravagance, a hot shower can do the trick as well.  If you have an adjustable showerhead, switch it to the message mode and aim it right at the center of the pain on your head.  Just feel as it starts to break up and soothe your headache.

If even a shower is too much of an indulgence, putting the surface of a warm cup of coffee or tea to your head might be able to offer you some relief.  However, be careful that it is not too hot, or you might burn your brow.  In addition, always be careful not to spill.

The Healing Power of Touch

What many pain sufferers find even more effective is the touch of another.  If you are lucky enough to have a lover who is not too busy themselves, see if you can coax them into giving you a back rub or rubbing your temples. The relaxation that such a healing touch can bring on can really do quite a bit to help relieve the tension of a hard day’s work.


As so often happens, a back rub leads to sex.  Despite the old cliché with the 50’s housewife getting out of sex because she has a headache, many people find that the good old “beast with two backs” as Shakespeare called it is a great headache reliever.  Connecting with your lover in this physical manner releases the day’s tensions and reminds you of your humanity in a way that few other things can.  Not that one should need the excuse of a headache to have sex.

If you are not so lucky to have a lover present, you might engage in a bit of self-gratification.  For the same reasons that sex helps to relieve stress, self-gratification does so also.  This is especially true if part of your stress stems from issues with your lover that is beyond resolution at the present time.

Relieve Stress by Living Well

A dull headache may simply be your body’s reminder that you should live well. What all of the advice so far points to is that you can improve your health and reduce the negative effects of stress by living well.

Get a full night’s sleep.  Make sure that your bed and bedroom are conducive to sleep. Take the television out of your bedroom.  Don’t use your bed as your office.  Have a bit of one on one time with your lover.

Eat well.  Don’t eat on the run.  Don’t eat junk food.  Don’t eat by yourself, or at your desk.  Invite friends to eat with you.  Take breaks from work to speak directly to your fellow workers or students instead of via e-mail or text messages.

Perhaps, most important deal with the root sources of your stress.  Have that talk with your relative that is causing you extra stress, air out the issues at work, or go after your dream job.

There is simply no substitute for living well.  Remember, that’s what that headache really means.

Best Natural Remedies for a Dull Headache Due to Tension, Last Updated: 18/8/2017

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