How to Get Rid of Carpal Tunnel after Pregnancy

Here’s exactly what you need to know about how to get rid of carpal tunnel after pregnancy.

After reading this you’ll have a much better understanding of the carpal tunnel syndrome, what causes the syndrome, what are the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and how the carpal tunnel syndrome manifests itself during pregnancy.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – What is it?

The median nerve runs from your neck through your shoulder and elbow, ending in the wrist and hand.

Many of the Carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers are actually have multilevel nerve involvement, not just local involvement at the wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an inflammation of the tendons in the wrist. As a result of the increased pressure on the median nerve in your wrist, it travels through the carpal tunnel.

When the carpal tunnel becomes swollen, your median nerve is pinched or compressed.

Carpal tunnel syndrome associated with frequent repetitive motion of the wrist- like typing, playing a musical instrument, repetitious tasks or bad posture of your hand for long periods of time.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause intense pain in the wrist and can prevent sufferers from engaging in their everyday activities such as writing, typing and even open a bottle of drink.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The main symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome are:

  • Tingling feeling in the arm.
  • Burning feeling in the fingers.
  • Numbness of the thumb, index long and radial half of the ring finger. The numbness usually occurs while you sleep and it can be so intense that it can wake you up from your sleep. The numbness usually occurs at night because we tend to sleep with our wrists flexed.
  • Severe pain in the hand, wrist, and forearm that can radiate up to the shoulder and neck.
  • Long-standing untreated carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to permanent nerve damage with constant numbness, increasing the pain and decrease the strength and coordination in the hands and limit the range of motion in the forearm and upper arm.

In severe cases, carpal tunnel syndrome can be crippling cause muscle atrophy in the thumb and permanent loss of sensation in the fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome has long been considered a surgical disease. But the patient is gaining enough awareness to new information and is able to trust their judgment more than conventional medical and get excellent results with the new and simpler methods of treatment. The reality is that these days the carpal tunnel problems and repetitive strain injuries are not considered as surgical diseases anymore. Rather they are problems that very often have simpler safer less painful and more predictable treatment.

Non-surgical treatment, including self-treatment, becomes not only achievable but also preferable and also affordable.

A study in Rochester, Minnesota suggests that women are more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome in the ratio of 3:1.

Carpal Tunnel in Pregnancy

Carpal tunnel in pregnancy is more likely to occur when there is an underline pre-existing condition of carpal tunnel syndrome.

During pregnancy, the weight gain and the excess fluids can create an extra pressure on your wrists. And induce inflammation of the tendons which will result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, there are few types of research that show pregnancy’s craving as a factor in increasing the sodium levels in the body. Which can cause even more fluid retention than the normal rate and results in inducing the symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

While there are several ways to ease the pain caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome, not all of them will be considered safe enough to use during pregnancy.

Carpal tunnel pregnancy is a unique situation which needs different approach due to the risks of endangering both the fetus well-being and the mother or even induces premature delivery of the baby.

Carpal tunnel in pregnancy requires ways to relieve the situation with the less invasive approach.

It is estimated that about 20% of all pregnant ladies will suffer the debilitating effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) at some time during their pregnancy.

Being pregnant or having to deal with a newborn baby is a bad time to suffer from the hand numbness and pain resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome. It is possible that the person was involved in a job. Which required repetitive use of her wrist which was the cause of the onset of the condition.

It is also possible, that if this is her first experience of carpal tunnel syndrome that it is due to hormonal changes and water retention. These conditions are quite common during pregnancy. And although CTS can appear at any time, it usually expresses its presence during the second half of the pregnancy.

The symptoms of CTS which include hand numbness, pain in the forearm, shoulder, and neck often upset the sleep of a new mother, or mother to be, just at a time when she needs a lot of rest.

Getting Rid of Carpal Tunnel After Pregnancy

The conventional kinds of treatment for the syndrome cannot be used on a pregnant mother. And it is not a good idea if she is weaning the baby either. Usually, for the relief of the syndrome oral pain medicine is used, or sometimes localized steroid injections. The use of such medicines is out of the question for a pregnant lady or new mother. Because of the adverse effect on the fetus, and the drugs would also be present in her milk.

Some relief may be obtained by using a carpal brace. But this device will tend to compress the carpal area and can restrict the hand movement. Any new mother will need an unrestricted movement of her hands for nursing and handling her new baby.

There is a device on the market named “The Carpal Solution”. It is receiving favorable attention from the medical profession in terms of being ideal for both pregnant and nursing mothers.

This “Carpal Solution” acts to decompress the soft tissue around the carpal area. And reduces pressure on the median nerve, relieving the painful symptoms of CTS. The “Carpal Solution “ therapy relieves pressure on the arteries supplying blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the cells of the hand. And does not in any way affect the movement of the daily use of the hand.

The “Carpal Solution” therapy was specifically designed to give protection to the developing baby in the womb. And the newly born infant, by obviating the need by the mother to use medicinal drugs or conventional splints.

The expectant or new mother can treat her hand pain and numbness by herself. Without having any negative effect on either the fetus or the newborn child. For any pregnant mother, it is recommended that she speak to her health caregiver or doctor about obtaining this passive device.

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