13 Causes of Dull Pain Under Right Rib Cage Comes and Goes

Sometimes, we feel a Dull Pain Under Right Rib Cage Comes and Goes, this article is about the main possible causes of this type of pain. As we know, our ribcage is a very important part of our bodies which is unfortunately highly vulnerable as well. They can easily be bruised and damaged.

Dull pain in the ribcage area can be caused by a whole list of conditions including fractures and even inflammations. Usually, when you experience a dull pain that comes and goes in your ribcage, it’s time to visit a doctor. It’s impossible for one to determine the cause and settle with a homemade solution because this pain can be caused by a minor problem but it can also indicate a more serious health condition.


Gallbladder stones

If you’re experiencing sharp pain under right rib cage chances are you’re having problems with your gallbladder, since this is a fairly common problem in this modern day and age, usually caused by excessive amounts of fatty foods as a daily part of your diet.

The pain will gradually become more intense, making it almost unbearable at times and it’s important that you get this checked as soon as possible because it will be much easier on your behalf to get rid of the stones in time. The gallbladder is positioned on the right side of your body, under your liver and under the rib cage.

Of course, the liver can also be a source of pain even though it’s much easier to deal with but might indicate more severe health issues. Also, liver pain has a characteristic numbness to it, making the sharp pain being almost a relief because you don’t want any liver problems to happen. If you’re experiencing really sharp, almost stabbing pain then it’s definitely the case of gallbladder stones situation.

Coping with gallbladder stones

If you like to eat fatty foods and you do this on a daily basis, you don’t need to get fat in order to experience health issues. Fats, in general, are quite difficult to digest and this is where gall as an extract comes to aid. Its primary mission is to disperse any fat into small drops, making it easier for the stomach to absorb it.

If you’re eating too many fatty foods with so much fat needed to be digested, then your gallbladder is working too hard and you will eventually tire it out. However, there is another issue with the gallbladder, being the cholesterol accumulation which can cause gallbladder stones to form and block gall’s way out of the gallbladder.

This is a fairly common health problem, especially with people who don’t care about what are they eating because it causes this sharp, unbearable pain in desperate need of relief. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it other than going under surgery to have the stone and possibly your entire gallbladder removed out of your body.

If you’re doubting on this condition, visit your doctor as soon as possible who will be able to use an X-ray to determine the presence of the gallbladder stones which might be really small, causing random pain during the day, depending on how much of gall is being excreted out of the gallbladder.

With newest ultrasound devices gallbladder stones can be detected even more easily, making sure that the diagnosis is reliable and confirmed, which will ensure short and efficient work of the surgery required to get rid of these gallbladder stones.

The surgery itself is considered to be safe and without any possible complications to happen, but you will need to work on your eating habits further down the line, especially if you get your gallbladder removed in its entirety; fatty foods need to be taken with care, so make sure to control the intake of it in time to prevent these issues.

Kidney stones

dull pain under right rib cage comes and goes kidney stone

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If there are stones forming in the gallbladder, it is natural that there are some stones that can form in the kidneys. Kidney stones can start to develop through the different substances present in the urine. There are some small stones that can be passed over with urine. But there are also some large stones can cause some pain. Some stones can be dissolved with drugs.

Curing Kidney Stone

Don’t despair!  There is a medical cure for kidney stones.  However, the treatment depends on the type and cause of the stone.  The good news is most stones can be treated without surgery. Drinking lots of water (two and a half to three liters per day) and staying physically active are often enough to pass a stone through the body.

However, if there is infection, blockage, or a risk of kidney damage, the kidney stone should be removed. Any infection is treated with antibiotics first. If the stone is too large to pass without medical intervention.

Fractures and Cracks

If you’re into professional fights you probably know a lot about fractured ribs. During a fight, one might get hit with a strong body punch. Usually directly into the bottom part of the rib cage and this can severely bruise or even break one or more ribs.

The first symptoms are an obviously sharp pain. When this occurs, you will be sent to a doctor who will perform a medical exam to determine the severity of the injury. For minor rib bruises, you will feel very tenderly around the injured area, troubles sneezing and breathing deeply. For such minor injuries, it’s good enough to lay low for a while. And just rest until the rib heals itself.


Cartilage which connects ribs to the breastbone can become inflamed, which also manifests in sharp pain. In a lot of cases, people tend to mistake this for a broken rib. Because it displays itself in a really similar manner. Usually, you will also have troubles breathing and feel intense pain during coughing. It’s possible to diagnose this specific condition by a physical exam and by eliminating other conditions and diseases which cause the same symptoms. Again, it is possible for this condition to pass itself so if the pain you’re experiencing is not too intense; there is no need for medical treatment. However, always visit your doctor if you experience any kind of issues.


There is a thin layer of tissue which covers both sides of the chest wall as well as lungs. When this layer of tissue swells, pleurisy occurs. This condition can also cause pain in your ribcage, particularly when you’re breathing deeply.

The pain that you feel, if you are suffering from pleurisy is not only while inhalation, it can be felt while exhaling out as well. It should be considered on serious notice. As a shortening of breathing is harmful. A whole list of other conditions can have pleurisy as a side effect like lupus or some bacterial infections of the respiratory system. Pleurisy is easily diagnosed as it’s followed by a specific type of pain – when you’re holding breath the pain is gone.

A patient who is combating Pleurisy Symptom can have chills along with high fever. In some cases, people can have a low fever but many times patients have to suffer from very high fever. In this disease, the fluid gets accumulated. And even because of this fluid, many Pleurisy Symptoms can be observed. So when you realize to have this problem, make an immediate consultation with the doctor. The doctor will observe Pleurisy Symptoms and will prescribe medicines.

M. Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis can also cause some rib related pain, as it causes the tiny muscles in between the ribs to spasm. Depending on the intensity of this movement pain differentiates both in intensity and type. It’s usually a sharp, burning type of pain making it difficult to breathe. It also has a tendency to radiate all the way to your back so it’s really uncomfortable.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Vomiting and bowel impaired movements are signs that you may have inflammatory bowel disease. The pain under right rib cage occurs when there is an inflammation or an obstruction of the intestine after some foods eaten. If left untreated, this can lead to more serious irritations such as Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s disease is the severe inflammation of the large intestine. Along with severe pain under the right rib cage, diarrhea, flatulence, and another abdominal discomfort may also occur. Keeping your doctor up to date with this disease is vital to your health.

Eating Too Much

Do you realize that when you eat too much, it is making it harder for your body to digest food? When the body is having a difficult digestion time, the system will produce excess stomach acid and stomach gas which can also cause a lot of problems in the long run. So, this can cause pain under the right rib cage.

Eating on right time is equally important to this end. You may take three big meals or six small portion meals per day. Keep from crash dieting. The more rigorous dieting your body is subjected to, the more food craving you will end up with. It is just about conditioning your body. Don’t just let you eat freely. You need food restraints. Maybe some supplement could help you fight food craving.

Tension on the intercostals muscles

The intercostals muscles are just one of the many groups of muscles that connect the ribs. These particular muscles expand and contract as we breathe; it is very evident when these muscles are inflamed or infected, as you feel a pain under the right rib cage.

When sudden movements or excessive efforts occurs, the intercostal muscles can stretch. It can also happen that the nerves are inflamed causing pain. The intercostal pain can also be a symptom of a more serious condition involving the heart or lungs. Most of the time, relaxation and/or medication can help alleviate these symptoms.

Liver problems

A damaged liver is one of the most common causes of acute pain under the right ribcage. Diseases such as hepatitis, fatty liver disease, congestive heart failure, and many others cause the liver to become result infected in pain. Sometimes blocked blood vessels due to blood clots can also cause pain.


A small part of the intestine, known as the appendix, can become infected causing severe pain under the right rib cage. The pain is due to inflammation and will need a diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Acid reflux and ulcers

Acid reflux and food regurgitation can also be the cause of acute pain under the right rib cage. If you have an acid reflux you will have a burning sensation in your throat. On the other hand, ulcers can lead to severe pains under the right ribcage. It also causes abdominal hemorrhage or tears

Special cases

  • During pregnancy: Hormonal changes, increased size of the uterus and breast, can lead to pain under the right rib cage. Most of the time these are normal, but always remember to inform the medical staff.
  • While running: Known as a point, the sharp pain under the right ribcage while running may be caused by several reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: over moisturizing, overeating, irregular breathing, or even dehydration.
  • Over-hydration, overeating, irregular breathing or even dehydration can be a cause of pain under the right ribcage.

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How to deal with pain under the right rib cage

  • Medications: The medication needed for treatment depends on the cause of the pain. There are different varieties of drugs for individual circumstances. Most inflammatory causes can be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes the use of over-the-counter pain medications will treat the symptoms.
  • Diet changes: When suffering from pain under right rib cage due to intestinal inflammation. A change in your diet can cure the symptoms.
  • Surgery: In some cases, such as gallstones and fractured ribs, surgery is needed to alleviate the symptoms.

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