9 Amazing Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises

The grip is very important to everyone because it is used in many of our activities every day. For instance, we need to grip our attaché case as we go to our office, we use grip in holding the hammer as we fix broken things in the house, and we are required to grip the knobs in opening doors of different kinds of openings. These are some of the reasons why we need to strengthen our grip strength.


The Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises

  • Strengthen the bones in the palm and fingers area.
  • Strengthen the nerves of the hand.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the hands and improve the movement and facilitate circulation, and can be practiced by patients with arthritis.
  • Increase the movement of fingers and increase their elasticity.
  • Treatment of patients suffering from finger pain or who suffer from muscle contraction in the palm area due to the practice of some manual activities.
  • Improve weightlifting. All weight-free or dumbbell exercises depend on the size and strength of the trainee’s wrist brace or trench, which is enhanced by hand-grip exercises.
  • Relieve and reduce the pain caused by the length of the use of hands, such as people doing clerical, office work, blogging, or computer use.
  • Self-defense when facing the problems.
  • Maintain the activity of the hand muscles and give them strength, thus helping to use a hand in various activities and daily work.

Handgrip Exercise Types and its Benefits

If you are looking to develop your grip strength, then there are a range of different hand grip exercises that you can perform.

It’s important that you decide what your goal is before you begin your grip exercises. For instance, you may want to build up your grip strength; however, you may want to develop your grip endurance.

And depending on what your goal is, will largely determine what workout or grip training tool you may want to use.

So here are some great grips exercises that you may want to try out:

Ivanko Super Hand Gripper

Ivanko Super Hand Gripper

This tool will help you develop grip strength as depending on the direction in which you hold it, it will increase and decrease in resistance. This tool is great for use whilst on the move and is the perfect complement to any grip strength training routine.

Captains of Crush

Captains of Crush

This tool will also help develop your hand grip strength, as it uses a lot of resistance during your workout routine. You can use this grip strength tool as part of your grip training program, to build up strength as well as grip endurance.

Tennis ball Squeeze

Tennis ball Squeeze

These exercises will help you build endurance. The aim is to hold a tennis ball in your hand and squeeze it as many times you can in a 30 second period. Try not to stop.

You will find that the more often you perform this exercise, the better your grip endurance will become.

So those are 3 great grip training exercises that you can use as part of your overall grip training and wrist training program, to enhance your grip during sports such as golf, baseball, wrestling or any other sport that heavily relies on a good grip.

Featured image: Huffington Post

9 Amazing Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises, Last Updated: 30/3/2018

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