Sharp Pain In Middle of Back – Causes and Relief

A sharp pain in the middle of the back can be caused by one or a combination of several things. Some of the most common causes of back pain are:


Sharp Pain In Middle of Back Causes

  • Falling down, or even stumbling
  • Extreme exertion, or simply overdoing it
  • Bending over or reaching out repeatedly
  • Lifting heavy objects, especially if you do it the wrong way

Falling down or Stumbling

Certainly, falling down and landing on your rear end or your back can cause back problems. In some instances, you don’t even need to necessarily fall to the ground to do damage to your back. Simply tripping over a curb or an object on the floor or simply getting out of the car the wrong way can cause problems with your back. “Throwing your back out” can be very unpredictable and it is something you can’t always prepare yourself for. Conversely, it is possible to fall down flat on your back and not do any harm at all; you just never know.

Extreme Exertion Or Simply Overdoing It

Even doing things you would think were healthy, such as walking, can cause problems with your back if you simply do too much of it. People have even been known to come down with back pain simply from sitting in the same spot too long. Your back likes it when you change what you’re doing from time to time and certainly, it needs to stretch now and then. Simply standing up if you have been sitting for a long period of time is helpful. Also stretching out and tilting your torso backward can get the kinks out, so to speak. The point is, you must remember not to overdo it even if what you’re doing doesn’t seem strenuous.

Bending Over or Reaching out Repeatedly

It is no secret that bending over repeatedly can do harm to your back. Also, stretching as you do when you are reaching for something just a little bit out of your reach can also cause problems with your middle back resulting in sharp pains in the lower back. These problems fall under the category of “repetitive motion injuries.” Just as sitting down too long can cause your back to tighten up, bending over or reaching out too much can cause your back muscles to tighten up, or worse.

Lifting Heavy Objects

When you get to be a certain age, you should no longer lift heavy objects. Even if you are very young you must realize there are some limitations as to what you should lift. If you must lift an object from the floor, the correct way to do so is to keep your back straight and bend down from the knees until you assume a position similar to that a baseball catcher takes. Then hold onto the object you’re lifting and keeping your back straight lift up totally using your leg muscles. If you are unable to do this because of problems with your knees or because the object is simply too heavy, you must abandon this project and let automation or several people take over. Lifting heavy objects or doing so the wrong way is a mistake most of us make at least once in our lives. We must remember heavy objects can be back breakers!

The Problems

A sharp pain in the middle back is usually due to one of four different problems in the middle back area. These four problems are:


A strain refers to a muscle strain. This problem can also be referred to as a pulled muscle. Just as its name implies, a pulled muscle is a condition where your muscle has stretched out beyond the point of normality. This can be very painful. Though this condition usually results in an intense though dull pain, there are nerves in the area so the pain could also be sharp. As with any other problem with your back you have to see your doctor have it analyzed and treated properly. Though muscle strains generally repair themselves in a couple weeks on their own, you must see your doctor make sure it is what you’re dealing with and that there are no complications caused by the muscle pull.


A sprain refers to a condition affecting a ligament. Ligaments are cords that attach from one bone to another. When a stretched ligament is in your spinal cord, a very sharp and intense pain could result. The damage can be complicated by a possible pinched nerve. Back sprains can be debilitating, at least temporarily. Needless to say, it takes a medical professional to advise you how to proceed with any sharp pains in your middle back caused by a sprain.


A fracture of the spinal cord, as you might imagine, can be very serious! Once again, only your doctor can tell you if this is the condition you have. A fracture most commonly what happens from a fall or, perhaps a car accident rather than a repetitive motion injury or simple stumble. In today’s world of medicine, fractures can be dealt with and overcome. There was a time when being diagnosed with a fractured spinal cord came with a dire prognosis. A fractured, or broken, spinal cord is also known as a broken back.

Herniated Disc

Discs in your back have been described as jelly donuts that exist between the vertebrae. These jelly donuts act as cushions. However, for any of a number of reasons the jelly can squirt out of the disc leaving you with a condition where the bones in the vertebrae touch one another and pinch the nerve in between as they do so. This can be a serious matter and it is certainly a very painful condition. However, herniated discs are common and modern medicine knows how to deal with them. There are cases where an operation is called for to get everything back in place again. Sometimes, your doctor will prescribe medication, rest, and therapy to get you back on your feet again. Once again, any matter involving your back needs to be checked by a medical professional.

Getting Rid Of Sharp Pain In The Middle of Back

Having Middle back pain is something that is terrible, you feel sick and you feel like you are not able to do even the simplest things. When you have a back pain the first thing you most like do is reach for the pain medication, but reoccurring back pains need to look at by your local MD (Doctor of Medicine), maybe you just need massage or a program for strengthening the muscles in your back and in your stomach, but reoccurring back pains can also be signs of more severe illnesses, so get it checked out if you have that.

A sharp pain in the middle of the back on the left side is often muscle strain and you will have to be relieved through massage or stretches or get a program from your physical therapist to get over it. It is vital muscles, ligaments because they support your spine, but once your MD has checked out there is nothing wrong other than pain, then you can, fortunately, fix it easily.

Sharp pains in the middle of the back on the right side are also something that can be hiding over more serious illnesses and you still have to see your MD if you have reoccurring back pains on the right side. Back pains on the right are most likely treated like you would back pains on the left side, if there is nothing wrong other than muscle and back spasms and your ligaments are acting up, the massage, physical therapy and doing stretches and strengthening the muscles in the back is preferred over using medication over and over again.

Back pains in the right side when breathing can also be a sign of serious illnesses, but you must again get it checked it out by your MD. If you are checked out and there is nothing severely wrong, then you have to find if you have a sprained rib, or it is muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are acting up.
If you want to be rid of back pains entirely, make sure you strengthen your back, have a correct posture and you also have a program for working out and making sure you stick to it and do it on a regular basis. Massage and acupuncture are also something that can help and is often used to relieve back pain and make sure you are treated by a licensed professional.

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