How To Effectively Treat Your Tiredness Headache

Find out what are the main causes and symptoms of tiredness headache and how to find relief from tiredness headache.

Tiredness and most headaches are nothing serious. More often than not, what makes you feel tired is your extensive work. In contrast, your common headache may be triggered by different, non-fatal factors; one of those is exhaustion itself.

Tiredness headache will not likely kill you, but it could affect your performance and mood. Its frequency and intensity may also impair how you carry out day-to-day activities. To help avoid tiredness headache, understand the main causes and learn to counter them.


Main Causes Of Tiredness Headache

First, a headache may just be a symptom of another medical condition. Same goes for tiredness.

Before you use the treatment options below, make sure you are free from any serious illness that may trigger one or both of the said symptoms. Some of the medical conditions that include headache and tiredness as their symptoms are as follows:

  • Anemia,
  • Hypothyroidism,
  • Diabetes,
  • Insomnia,
  • Sleep apnea,
  • Celiac disease
  • And chronic fatigue syndrome.

Get the right cure for the underlying condition you have and only opt for the applicable symptom-relieving tips below. Undergo proper diagnosis and consult two or more doctors to ensure your tiredness-induced headache is not something to worry about.

The root cause of the non-serious tiredness headache has a lot to do with your sleeping habits. Your exhaustion signals your body that it is time to stop, rest, or sleep. Sleeping is a way for your body to recover. Lack of quality sleep (which is not caused by insomnia) can worsen your feeling of tiredness and trigger headaches. Aside from sleep deprivation, changes in your sleeping pattern may also result in the said discomforts.

Each day, you are bound to face a lot of possible stressors. While not all of them can strain you right away, the accumulation of stresses may alter your sleeping habits, drain your energy, and cause you pains. Stress also aggravates whatever symptoms you are experiencing.

Dehydration is another potential cause of tiredness-induced headaches. Have you ever noticed how grumpy you are when you are thirsty? Not drinking enough water impairs one or more bodily processes. This causes you to feel and look worn-out.

Symptoms of tiredness headache

The severity of your headache and feeling of exhaustion is different from that of another person. Both of the said symptoms last around 30 minutes to a few hours. When one or both symptoms go beyond one day, you need to visit your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Having low energy is another indicator of tiredness-induced headaches. Each of your attempts to move feels unbearable due to what feels like heavy muscles. You also tend to work for only a few minutes before taking a break. Additionally, you feel drowsy but can hardly sleep due to the throbbing pain in your head.

That pain makes it hard for you to concentrate as well. Delayed or unreasonable responses are manifestations of your inability to concentrate properly. The combination of low energy and difficulty concentrating slows you down, leading to accumulated work and stressors.

Suffering from tiredness headache makes you a person who’s hard to deal with. You feel easily irritated by the most random of things. You tend to complain a lot, too. Instead of negotiating, you would rather fight with another person.

How to Prevent Tiredness Headache

Healthy lifestyle

It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle is key to preventing tiredness headaches. The number one lifestyle habit you have to keep practicing is getting enough sleep. For adults, the recommended hours of uninterrupted sleep are seven to nine. Six to 10 hours are deemed appropriate as well.


It’s easy to understand if you think that having at least six hours of sleep is close to impossible. Perhaps it is due to your heavy workload and the preparations you need to do. Sleeping for fewer hours once every three months or so will be fine. However, doing so for more than two consecutive days is a sure way to restlessness.

Getting enough sleep requires sticking to a sleeping pattern. Set alarms on your phone to remind you of the time you need to sleep and wake up. To make the lifestyle change more enjoyable, do a relaxing activity before going to bed, preferably without using a gadget and taking a sleeping pill. You can try a warm shower or bath an hour before you sleep to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Using a massage chair is beneficial as well. You may want to read, too.

In addition to sleeping pills, stay away from caffeinated drinks like cola and coffee at least an hour before you go to bed. Don’t try teas, too; these are best taken in the morning and noontime. Instead, go for milk specially made for adults.


It also pays to know what made you stressed out. Did something happen at work a few days ago? Are things not going well in the family? You may want to address the issues to prevent them from distracting and distressing you. If the stressor is an unwanted event like an accident or death of a loved one, spending time with your family and friends may help you get over it sooner.

How to Relieve Tiredness Headache

  • Painkillers: in the forms of tablets and pills are the go-to medications against headaches. However, these may not ease the tiredness you are feeling. Menthol sticks and patches are effective in both relieving pain and feeling of exhaustion.
  • Herbal remedies: such as white willow bark, passionflower, ginger, basil, and thyme are also better alternatives to painkillers.
  • A relaxing bath: can get rid of both headaches and tiredness as well. For instant relief, put an ice pack on the side of your neck. Yoga and stretches are also must-try if you want to stick to natural remedies. Of all the treatment options available, sniffing lavender oil is the most effortless way of relieving your headache.
  • Sleep: For long-lasting relief, make sure you sleep for at least seven hours each night. If you think your tiredness headaches are caused by poor sleep quality, try relaxation exercise before going to bed.
  • Find your own way: Finding a cure for tiredness headache is not limited to over-the-counter drugs. Explore the different ways and see for yourself which ones don’t have side effects.

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