Trapezius Muscle Pain: Causes, Treatments, and Relieve

As age goes, older many pains felt in our body. That is the nature of humanity; we destined to be like that. For use, it daily makes the muscle to be tired and like a rubber band that when always stretching it, it stretched out.

A backache is usually the pain we felt at our back. It is from the lower part of our head to the shoulder and the center of our vertebral column.

Trapezius Muscle Pain is the aching of our muscles from shoulder to some part of vertebrae. There might time that we are pulling heavy objects the muscle that we use are usually from our shoulder. It is the trapezius, which when we pull harder this will get more pain.

Most Men and Women experience this kind of pain, is due to overworking. The use of computer and other writing works are the most common causes of this Pain. They usually keep their mind about the pain they felt but it will activate if not given and pain reliever. Several Pains found at the lowest part of the neck due to the trapezius.


What does Trapezius Pain Mean?

The trapezius is the muscles found at your back, which is usually used when pushing and pulling an object. It is associated with the muscles connecting to your shoulder. Trapezius Pain is the muscular deficiency that due to extra movement done by the muscles at the back, it creates more pain. However, you can prevent the pain if ever you will have a proper exercise. The body needs exercise in order to fix the overuse muscle and bones. The needs of being exercise are to make the whole body to have a proper function.

Trapezius Muscle Pain Causes

Most persons who are working in the office got pain at the back for their body are not usually moving.  When they tried to stretch up, they got already a pain.

Nevertheless, do not work your body; lay down after work and in the side position. Do not lie flat. In addition, after resting make a short push up just to manage the muscle to a normal movement.  Alternatively, let somebody have a light massage. It must be light just to affix the pain.

There are times when joggers experience this kind of a pain but they just do not mind of what pain they felt. Thinking that it is just ordinary pain, but it will trigger that causes numbness of your shoulders.  Be certain in every activity you do, that you will not be the harm in having your exercise and in working.

Pulled Muscles

The main culprit to trapezius muscle pain is the pulled muscle. Pulled muscles can be caused by just about anything, no matter how vigorous the act may seem. People even pull muscles in their sleep! It all depends on how the muscle is contorted, as well as how ‘warm’ it is (this is why you’ll see people who workout do warm-ups, to help the blood get pumping and to prevent pulled muscles)

Stress and Tension

Stress often causes muscles to seize up, become tense and tightens, leading to pain and soreness around the affected area. The trapezius muscles and its surrounding muscle groups are no different, and due to their location and their role in providing movements to your upper back, neck, and shoulders, are usually more prone to soreness because of stress.

A simple massage is a great way to unwind and to relieve stress and tension in the upper neck, shoulder and back region. Or, simply take a hot bath at the end of the day. Any stress, tension or knots in your trapezius muscle will untangle and melt away in the heat!

Poor Posture

Though typically the main culprit of lower back pain (typically due to being hunched over desks and keyboards) the trapezius muscles and the upper back are also prone to damage, pain, and soreness because of poor posture.

What we’ll see in a lot of people who suffer from trapezius muscle pain is that they usually have poor posture, especially when sitting at a desk. Typically, to help prevent pain and injury to that muscle region, you want to ensure that you sit up straight to the point of where (depending on the chair) you can feel your lower back touch the seats back. A lot of people tend to sit too far forward, putting additional pressure on their lower back which adds pressure to the upper back and the trapezius muscles.

Next, you want to make sure that your feet are flat on the floor to make sure that your legs aren’t contorted in some odd position they aren’t supposed to bend.

Finally, make sure that your desk height, as well as chair height, isn’t too low or too high. Typically, you want your arms to rest comfortably parallel to your upper legs.

Following these simple steps should see a decrease in trapezius muscle pain if you spend a lot of time at a desk.


Those of us who carry backpacks, bags, handbags or anything else that adds pressure onto and around the shoulders and neck, are very susceptible to trapezius muscle pain because of the way we carry weight and put added stress onto that muscle region.

If at all possible, try lightening the load that you carry in your bags. If that’s not possible, it may be time to look into purchasing a bag with added support for the shoulders and back.

And there you have it, the main culprits as to why people suffer pain in their trapezius muscles. If you can relate to any of these, then you’ve started on the process of eliminating pain in this muscle region for good!

Trapezius Muscle Pain Treatment

Varieties of pain medicines, there are those, which are strong, and a light one. However, that depends on the situations of the patients that are set the medications.

There are many types of pain medicines. Depending on the surgery and the patient’s health, a single medication or combination of medications may be used. Those who do not like to take medicine will suffer much than those who take a painkiller. As the situation is hard, the doctors also give strong recommendations of the pain, reliever.

Certain research has made on this problem, but they just give on what the patients need. There is also a problem like this that they will need a surgical process. In addition, they notice that the patient will be better that are feeling rather than those who did not experience the treatment.

The more time you give to yourself is the healthier you are. Therefore, be careful much of your health that you will live further in this world. Health is wealth so nothing more than important is your health. That making oneself more attractive and healthy look is having exercise but, be vigilant of muscles that are always pulling up making it useless if not given a proper and extra care. The Pain that you felt is not an ordinary one for it is the Trapezius Pain needing more attention.

Trapezius Muscle Pain Relieve

The most recommended two ways to relieve the pain in the trapezius muscle are: exercises and cream.

Trapezius Muscle Exercise

The trapezius muscle or traps is an important muscle group in your upper body, which provides support to your neck and spine. This broad muscle runs from the base of your skull to the shoulder blade and collarbone. When fully developed, the trapezius gives your body a lean, muscular and “wow” look. Moreover, a set of well built and strong traps makes you look imposing, powerful and aggressive.

There are different traps exercises which you can include in your routine training sessions to build your trapezius muscles. Not only can well developed and strong traps help you avoid injuries from sudden neck movements, but they also strengthen your upper body to perform other lifts such as the pull-ups and bench press.

Among different traps exercises, Dumbbell Shrug is a wonderful exercise for building and strengthening your traps. To begin the exercise, stand straight in a way so you hold the weight at your sides. Now, you should rotate your shoulders in either a backward or forward direction without moving your arms. Make sure that you don’t put extra stress on your back by allowing your body or head to lean forward during exercise.

See How To Dumbbell Shug

This exercise is very effective to get your desired results as it fully stimulates the traps, making them work out heavily. Barbell shrugs make a great exercise for developing the upper trapezius. To begin this exercise, grab a bar and then shrug your shoulders slowly up towards the ceiling.

Bench shrugs work very well for developing the middle part of your trapezius. In order to perform this exercise, you need to lie on an incline bench with dumbbells in your both hands. Now slowly pinch your shoulder blades back together.

Another great exercise to develop your trapezius muscles is Dumbbell Press. This exercise can also be performed with a weighted barbell. Clean and Jerk is another very effective trapezius exercise that builds and strengthens your traps in a quick span of time.

In order to start this exercise, stand over a barbell and grip the bar. Bend over and pull the bar off the ground with straight arms. Now, raise the bar to your shoulder level while performing a deep knee bend and jerk the bar quickly upwards over your head.

While doing so, it is a good idea to bring your one foot forward and other backward in order to maintain balance and stability.

Upright row is an important exercise for strengthening and building your traps. Not only is this exercise very effective for developing your trapezius muscle, but it also improves your grip strength. This exercise can be done with a cable, barbell or dumbbells.

In order to perform this exercise, hold the bar with your both hands in a way so your palms face in towards your body. Keep the bar at least 8 to 9 inches away from your body with hands shoulder-width apart. Using your back and shoulders, lift the bar until it is level with your chest.

Hold it there for 4-5 seconds and lower it slowly to the starting position to finish one rep. This exercise should be practiced with care as it may cause injury to your lower back or wrists, if not properly executed.

Muscle Cream Reliever

Another thing massages your trapezius with a cream reliever to ease the pain and it must be in a circular motion to lower the pain. Reflexology is the art of massaging. They properly inform the people on how to reflex that pain felt. In addition, they will be using the cream to ease the pain. The cream is used to protect the air from getting inside while it is in the process of massaging. Muscle Cream Reliever is a cream that is used to ease the pain, any pain reliever that will be used to massage. It can be homemade or commercially one. Apply the cream as the reflexologist start to massage. However, be sure that you do this by point to point, to avoid blood clotting.

There is plenty of pain reliever, but choose the cream for it will cover the pores of your skin and it will give you a total comfort of a painful Trapezius. Therefore, if you wanted to have a healthy body and do not have the muscular pain, do the exercise. It must be in twenty-seven times and repeat twenty-seven times in every procedure. The pain if not prevented it will create a disturbance to our work, and can even stop somebody to do his or her daily work more. Moreover, if this occurs do the advice and the application that is given, for in this Trapezius Pain is prevented and cured.

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