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Unbearable Shoulder Blade Pain Symptoms

In this post, I am going to write about the most common and unbearable shoulder blade pain symptoms, their causes and what you can do to correct the problem and relieve the discomfort.

Experiencing shoulder pain occasionally and to a small degree would be considered “normal” but if pain were to intensify or last longer than a day, a person might want to pay attention. After all, pain and inflammation are often signs of injury but in rare instances, disease or even infection. This is not to say that someone experiencing should pain symptoms should panic by any means but the pain would be an indication of something occurring within the body that needs to be addressed.

Typically, shoulder pain symptoms are nothing serious and using simple treatments, a problem easy to bring under control. However, if at any time a person begins to feel a lot of pain, notices the different things tried to get relief are not working, has additional and unrelated symptoms, or simply would feel more comfortable, it would be recommended to schedule an appointment with a trusted doctor who treats problems of the shoulder.

Common Symptoms

Below are common shoulder pain symptoms that would be expected with tendonitis, a rotator cuff injury, arthritis, and degenerative disorders.


With repetitive motion or overuse, a shoulder joint would become inflamed and painful. Often seen in athletes, people working in certain jobs, and even computer users, initial shoulder pain symptoms would include discomfort with the movement of the arm. However, if not treated, the degree of pain would intensify and spread to different areas of the arm, as well as shoulder blades and even upper back.

Rotator Cuff Injury

In the case of injury to the rotator cuff, there would be some unique shoulder pain symptoms expected. Although pain would be the most obvious symptoms noticed with reaching, pushing, pulling or lifting, additional symptoms would include noted weakness, compromised mobility, and in severe cases, complete loss of range of motion.


Early on, symptoms of arthritis are somewhat mild to include tenderness and discomfort with movement. However, over time, shoulder pain symptoms would become worse and multiply to include joint swelling, reduce the range of motion, stiffness, increased pain, and a sensation of grinding within the joint.

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Degenerative Disorders

Again, the pain would be the primary symptom associated with degenerative disorders of the shoulder but along with this, a person would begin to experience loss of movement. While the amount of loss would be minimal at first, as degeneration worsened, it could reach the point of full loss at which time surgery would be required.

Keep in mind that there are many other afflictions of the shoulder but those listed above are among the more common. For every problem mentioned, there are several viable treatment options. However, the key to treatments being successful starts by taking note of the different shoulder pain symptoms and seeing a doctor accordingly.

Unbearable and More Serious Symptoms

In addition to common shoulder pain symptoms listed with the different causes, there are some symptoms that would warrant emergency medical treatment. Although considered relatively rare, if a person were to experience the symptoms provided below, things should be taken seriously. Remember, people experience symptoms in a unique way, meaning no two people are alike so the shoulder pain symptoms provided are merely guidelines of what could be occurring.

  • Shoulder pain coupled with tingling and numbness could be the sign of a stroke. Most people think when someone has a stroke, all function on one side of the body is lost and that only through extensive medical treatment and therapy could function be regained. In truth, a person can suffer a mini-stroke from stress, smoking, and alcohol use, and associated with childbirth. Because symptoms are slight and not overly descript, even doctors can miss the problem using advanced testing.
  • Another possibility of having shoulder pain is high blood pressure. Some people feel some pain in the shoulder blade region, which is typically coupled with a feeling of dizziness, headache, and vision trouble.
  • A heart attack would be another possibility when looking at shoulder pain symptoms. Similar to high blood pressure, a person would feel pain in the shoulder area but also experience dizziness and sometimes vision troubles. However, there are also people who feel a tightness in the chest although this is not always the case, making a heart attack misleading in some instances.

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