What Causes Pain In The Feet

After a particularly long day on your feet, you may feel a sharp pain in your arches or your heel. If you consider how much time you spend on our feet, it is a surprise that they don’t hurt more often. Despite it being a common complaint, there are several different conditions that could be causing your feet pain. The condition can also be easily determined by the location of the pain.


Heel Pain

Feet pain in the heel can be due to one of the following several conditions:

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a muscle that connects the heel to the toes, running along the arch. The pain can be particularly severe after waking up in the morning. The condition can be minimized and even eliminated if you do regular stretching exercises of the calf and foot, and then find shoes that provide proper arch support.

Fracture of the Heel Bone

Repetitive high impacts on the heel can eventually cause the bone to fracture. The fracture itself can vary from a small bone crack to a shattered bone. The most likely cause of such fractures is injuries and accidents. There is also bruising and swelling of the heel, which can make it difficult for you to walk.

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Stone Bruise

This is a bruise that appears on the heel, usually from stepping on some hard object. It will go away on its own and over time, the pain will subside.

Heel Spur

This is a bony growth on the heel from wearing ill-fitting shoes that don’t provide proper support, bad posture, walking abnormally or plantar fasciitis. The growth can rub on the tendons and nerves located in the foot, making it painful.

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Pain in the Ball of the Foot

Feet pain experienced in this area could be the result of any of the following:


This is pain and inflammation of the ball of the foot, usually from ill-fitting shoes and engaging in strenuous activity.

Mortons Neuroma

This is the thickening of the tissue around the nerves at the base of the toes. Other symptoms can include tingling and numbness in the area and are more likely in women as a result of wearing high heels or tight shoes.


This is when the tendons around the big toe are inflamed from injury.

Toe Pain

The pain felt in the toes can make it extremely painful to walk and stand, because you use your toes for balance. Feet pain in your toes can be caused by any of the following:


This is a form of arthritis that you may notice first in the big toe. It is caused by the abundance of uric acid in the bloodstream, which can form into tiny needle-like crystals that find their way between the joints. The experience can be very painful, especially if it is left untreated. Eventually, nodules of these crystals will appear under the skin, giving it a yellowish tinge and making the area very painful to the touch.


This is a hard growth that appears under the skin that is usually the result of wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. The constant friction between the inside of the shoe and the skin causes these bony growths, resulting in a lot of pain.

Toe Fracture

Minor fractures to the toes can occur, but not very often. You can manage the pain of a toe fracture with rest, ice and pain relievers. Your doctor may need to manage more serious fractures, as you will most likely require surgery to correct the problem.

As you can see, there are many conditions that result in feet pain; however, you can manage most of these conditions by simply wearing more comfortable shoes that provide support and reducing the amount of time you spend on your feet.

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