Why Do I Bruise Easily? What is Easy Bruising a sign of?

There are many reasons for how a bruise can happen. The first one is the age; when human gets older, their skin tends to lose the protective fatty layer, which provides cushioning for bumps as well as falls.

The skin also becomes thinner while at the same time, the production of collagen comes slower. It means that, when you get older, you will take much more force to cause a bruise easily.

The second reason might be from blood disorders. People who suffered from leukemia or hemophilia often have unexplained bruising; it is due to the fail of blood to clot in a proper way.

Another reason might be because of diabetes disease. People who attacked by diabetes often have dark skin discoloration; most areas when it happens are the many touches areas.


Some people often think that this discoloration is a bruise; there is a probability that it is the resistance from underlying insulin. Therefore, it will be better for you to meet your doctor immediately to check whether your bruises are the symptoms of these diseases or not.


Besides that, exercise can also be the reason behind your bruises. For example, heavy weight lifting can cause your blood vessels to burst, which then leads to bruising.


When you involved in vigorous exercise or sports, there is also a probability that you can be exposed to bumps or small traumas, which then cause bruises even though you do not remember what the actual impact is.


The last reason if from the history of family you have as well as the medication you take. There is a genetic condition when people can have bruises easily from their parents or their family line.


Some medications such as aspirin, contraceptives, as well as prednisone, included as medication, which can weaken your blood vessels. As a result, the probability of getting bruises will increase.



What Causes Bruising Easily?

Your diet might cause the first cause behind how you can get bruises easily. Bruises happened in a person whose capillaries are too fragile then will be torn easily.


To make the capillaries stay strong, he or she needs to have enough sources of bioflavonoids. People who are running a diet programs sometimes do not consider this matter well.


To ensure that you will not miss more bioflavonoids, you need to keep consuming the sources of it frequently. Some foods, which can give you stock of bioflavonoids, are berries in a dark color, onions, dark leafy greens, as well as garlic.


To be more precise, there is also a compound called rutin. It is a type of bioflavonoids, which has the power to strengthen blood vessels.


When you have a condition of getting bruise easily, you can get regular treatment of rutin completed with vitamin C as well. Vitamin C is also one of many sources to reduce bruising.


This fact supported by a report from the University of Michigan Health System as well. Besides that, the lack of hesperidin is also one of the reasons behind bruising; Hesperidin can strengthen capillaries as well, so you can supply your needs of hesperidin by consuming citrus peels.


What Does It Mean When You Bruise Easily?

When you get bruises, it means that your skin shows that your body is not in good condition. The first probability can be that you get sun damage attacking your body.


It is true that we need regular sun exposure, as it can help to produce vitamin D. However, excessive exposure can lead the skin to lose its resilience and pliability.


As a result, people can get bruises easily and in a more striking look. Another meaning is that the skin is lack of nutrients.


One nutrient to prevent bruises is bioflavonoids; some natural remedies for this condition are cabbage leaves, aloe vera, arnica oil, garden thyme, as well as onion. Try to consume these foods frequently to get rid of your bruises.


Bruises also caused by fall or traumatic injury, which then causes the capillaries to break then leak the cells of the red blood. When you enter the healing period, the bruises will slowly change its color to green, brown, or yellow before it disappears.


If you often have bruising, you need to pay more attention to it, since it can be the reason of more serious causes compared to what we have to tell you in the previous paragraph. Read the following for more explanation.


Is Easy Bruising A Sign Of Cancer?

Cancer comes in many types, which all of them can attack our bodies. Different cancer has a different sign or symptom, which you can see.


For example, you can identify the bladder and kidney cancer by looking at the urine. If it contains blood accompanied by pain or burning feeling, then it can be one of the symptoms.


On the other hand, lung cancer has a persistent cough as one of its symptoms. Now, what makes people curious are the relation between getting bruise easily and cancer.


The highest possible deathly illness with the bruise as its symptom is not cancer but leukemia. Bruises happen when the small blood vessels, or capillaries, located near the skin surface broken.


The cause already explained on the previous point. When it happens, the blood will leak out of the capillaries then eventually make a black and blue mark on the skin. The body will eventually reabsorb the blood.


When the process finished, the mark will disappear. When someone is getting many of these marks, it is possible that there is something with his or her body capability in controlling his or her blood; this suspicion then leads to leukemia.


If your condition accompanied by fatigue, repeated infection, weights loss, nosebleed, and pain in the bone or join, you need to get a check immediately, since they are the symptoms of leukemia.


Why Do Some People Bruise More Easily Than Others?

The first reason why some people get bruise easily is the skin condition. Pale skin will show the smallest change the skin has; it includes a scratch off the mark from mosquito bite as well.


Not to be racist, but people with pale skin tend to show more bruises compared to people with darker skin. It is because many people even do not aware that they had bruises if they did not pay attention to the changing color of their skin.


Besides that, the condition of someone’s skin also can affect bruises as well; the one who has thinner skin and capillaries will have more bruises easily. It is due to the less tissue he or she has to protect the areas underneath.


Moreover, doing high-intensity training also can cause someone to get bruise easily. It is because such activity may cause microscopic tears, which then lead to the occurrence of bruises in the skin.


How To Prevent Bruising Easily?

To prevent your body from getting bruise easily, you can do the following step. First, use a supplement such as a bromelain and arnica.


Bromelain extracted from pineapple stems; it will reduce your bruising by breaking the blood proteins down. It is also possible for you to speed up your healing process from bruising by consuming this supplement; besides that, another supplement such as hesperidin, vitamin C, or rutin can be one easy action to prevent bruising as well.


If you already made supplements as your companion, then you need to leave your unhealthy lifestyle. Leave your alcohol then add more bioflavonoids to your meal menu; bioflavonoids are very helpful to strengthen the blood vessel.


You can get it from grapes, onion, garlic, as well as dark berries and leafy green. Consuming fruits and vegetables will also stock vitamin to prevent your body from getting bruise easily; the main vitamin responsible for it is vitamin C and vitamin K.


Besides that, you also need to make sure that some medications do not cause your bruises. The strongest medication to cause bruises is blood thinners.


Some of them are warfarin and heparin. If your excessive bruises continue to appear, try to talk to your doctor whether you can stop taking warfarin or heparin or not.


It is also important for you to know whether you have platelet disorder or not; people in this condition may have bruises whether the platelet is too many or too few. See your doctor for a more precise explanation of your current body condition.


A Disease Where You Bruise Easily?

Bruises are the natural result when someone falls or bumps into something. However, there is also a probability when certain diseases can cause someone to have bruises.


The first disease is Von Willebrand. It is an inherited bleeding disorder, which often attacks Caucasians. Both males and females can get the attack of this disease.


The second disease is hemophilia. It is an inherited clotting disorder. This disease caused by the absence of certain proteins, which helps the process of blood clotting.


Hemophilia disease often attacks people started from they are still children. Because of this disease, children who got an injury will hard to stop the bleeding; therefore, clotting factors injected to help them.


The next disease is idiopathic thrombocytopenia. It happens when the level of platelet in someone’s blood is lower, compared to normal people; it caused him or her to have bruising even though he or she is not getting any injuries.


Another disease is leukemia; people who suffered from this disease product unbalance some white and red blood cells as well as platelets. In many cases, males tend to have a higher possibility of the attack by this disease rather than females.


Besides getting bruise easily, other symptoms accompanied are fatigue, shortness of breath, as well as fever.


Why Does My Toddler Bruise So Easily?

The reason why toddler gets bruise easily is that they also have a higher probability of falling and bumping into something. We have mentioned before that bruises caused by the leak of blood; it is due to the break of capillaries, which then leak red blood cells.


When a toddler has their first step experience, they tend to repeat it. During this process, they often fall, and some of their skin normally get bruises.


When children at the age of 4 to 6, or more, it also common for them to keep running here and there and bump some furniture or fall because of their careless movement.


As long as the bruise appears on the areas such as legs or heads, it still normal since those are the most common areas when they fall or bump. Here we will explain when you can consider the bruise of your toddler is abnormal and needs further action.


The first one is a bruise, which occurs without any reason; besides that, bruises that last too long also can be the sign that you need to check it to the doctor. Wait for a few weeks to see whether the bruises still there or not.


What Is It Called When You Bruise Easily?

What does it mean when you bruise easily. When you are in a condition of getting bruise easily, it does not mean that you are in a state of serious nutrient deficiency. You probably just lack bioflavonoids.


Make sure you have enough intakes by taking citrus fruits as well as berries. It will reduce the bruises you had. If not, then it can be the sign of a more serious problem such as platelet deficiency.


Moreover, if you realize that the bruises hardly disappear even after some weeks. When the bruises often come with no clear reason for many numbers, you need to check it to the doctor.

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