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Ultimate Guide: Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches During Pregnancy   Pregnancy headaches are by no means rare when it comes to carrying a child. Every mother-to-be suffers from various different side effects of pregnancy. Chances are if you are reading this then you have drawn the short straw and are suffering from one of the more painful side effects of pregnancy. Firstly, it is important to mention that if your pregnancy headaches are really bad then you should consult a doctor right away. The majority of headaches during pregnancy consist of sharp, shooting pains at irregular…

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Heel Pain Information – Types, Causes and Treatment Options

Heel Pain Information – Types, Causes, and Treatment Options   Heel pain—you definitely know what it is, but you’re not really sure what to do about it. That’s the situation most of us find ourselves in. This condition often has elusive causes, and the pain can range from mildly annoying to severe enough to interfere with daily activities.  As a result, finding the best treatment can sometimes be a little tricky. So the more you can learn about it, the better off you will be.   Heel Pain Types Generally,…

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All You Need To Know About Headaches: Causes, Symptoms and Locations

Headaches   Headaches are divided into primary, which cannot be detected in the organic cause of the pain, and the secondary is a pain as a consequence of other diseases. The secondary types of headaches include a cervical headache. Such headaches usually have an average intensity and are located in the neck, neck, in the frontotemporal region, and in the sockets. Prolonged exposure in an uncomfortable position, sharp movements in the neck, fatigue, hypothermia, pain increase. It is often felt discomfort and pain in the neck when turning the head….

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Hip Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and How To Relieve it

Hip Pain: Evaluate and eliminate your hip pain   Those who suffer from hip pain know how truly excruciating it can be. The hip joint, a ball-in-socket joint comprising of the femur, the head of which represents the ball, and the hip socket, is subject to much wear and tear during everyday use, thus explaining the relatively common nature of hip pain. An injury to this joint, or the area around this joint, can cause excruciating hip pain and can make simple everyday tasks like standing or walking virtually impossible. First,…

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Types Of Headaches And Symptoms Chart Headache and Neck Pain Most Popular 

What Are The Different Types Of Headaches And Symptoms Chart?

Types Of Headaches And Symptoms Overview of The Different Types of Headaches For many people, a headache is an infrequent annoyance that disappears after swallowing a few tablets.But for chronic headache sufferers, the effects can be far worse. The World Headache Alliance has fourteen different classifications of headaches, from tension headaches and Migraines to headaches caused by ocular diabetic neuropathy. Three of the most common forms of chronic headaches are tension headaches, Migraines, and cluster headaches. The likelihood of being afflicted with different headache disorders seems to be gender-related, with women…

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What To Do For Leg Pain & Cramps at Night

Leg Pain and Cramps   After you read this article you will be able to answer the following questions: Why do people get cramps? Why do my legs hurt? Why do my feet go numb? What is the cause of cramps? What can be the cause of severe leg pain? What is the cause of muscle cramps? Can lower back pain cause leg pain? How do you get rid of cramp in your leg? How do you prevent leg cramps?   Leg Pain and Cramps at Night Night leg cramps…

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Wrist Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, Relief and Treatment Arms and Hands Most Popular 

Wrist Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, Relief and Treatment

Wrist Pain   Wrist pain is a common problem. It is usually brought on by a sprain or a fracture from an accident or injury. However, it can also be a result of long-term conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or recurring stress.   Wrist Pain Causes   When any part of your wrist is injured, you are likely to feel pain. You find it difficult to use your hand and wrist. Injury is one of the more common wrist pain causes. The injury may be a result of a…

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lower back pain Back, Chest and Shoulders Most Popular 

Lower Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Exercises, Treatment & Diagnosis

Lower Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Exercises, Treatment & Diagnosis   Lower back pain is a common medical condition affecting the nerves, muscles, and bones of the lower back. The pain may be chronic (lasting for 12 weeks or more), sub-chronic (lasting 6 or 12 weeks), or acute (lasting 5 weeks or less). The pain can be dull and constant or sharp and sudden. Lower Back Pain Causes What are the more common lower back pain causes? Some cases of lower back pain may be attributed to osteoarthritis, degeneration of the…

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upper back pain Back, Chest and Shoulders Most Popular 

All You Need To Know About Upper Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT UPPER BACK PAIN: CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, AND TREATMENTS Pain is a highly subjective and unpleasant experience that informs a person that something is wrong with his or her body. When pain occurs in the upper back region, it can be brought about by psychological or physiologic origins just like any painful experience. Upper back pain can be a symptom of any condition. Therefore, thorough medical assessment and performance of diagnostic tests should be done by a licensed health practitioner prior to determining the real cause…

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Middle Back Pain Back, Chest and Shoulders Most Popular 

Middle Back Pain: Definition, Causes & Treatments

Middle Back pain Introduction According to The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease (NIAMS), back pain is among the most common reasons that people visit a doctor, and it affects up to 8 out of 10 people. Back pain, and specifically, middle back pain or lower thoracic pain, refers primarily to pain that is felt between the bottom of the neck and the top of the lumbar spine. The middle back is made up of 12 vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, spongy cartilaginous disks and nerves which…

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