All You Need To Know About Headaches: Causes, Symptoms and Locations

Headaches are divided into primary, which cannot be detected in the organic cause of the pain, and the secondary is a pain as a consequence of other diseases.

The secondary types of headaches include a cervical headache. Such headaches usually have an average intensity and are located in the neck, neck, in the frontotemporal region, and in the sockets. Prolonged exposure in an uncomfortable position, sharp movements in the neck, fatigue, hypothermia, pain increase. It is often felt discomfort and pain in the neck when turning the head. Likely dizziness and darkening of the eyes, nausea, unsteadiness, autonomic disorders. The investigation of a cervical headache is the instability of the cervical vertebrae, spinal osteochondrosis, namely the cervical spine.

The secondary headaches include, and vascular headache. This pain is a result of cerebrovascular disease and combined with other symptoms of Neurology.

Vascular headaches are often accompanied by cerebral ischemia, manifested by high fatigue.



Causes of Headaches

It has long been proven is the fact that a headache cannot be tolerated, but the doctors also claimed that do not stand, you need to find the root cause of her pain. Every doctor says that the main reason is in different places, such as a neurologist says that the main cause of a headache is exclusively in the brain, physicians, in turn, argue that the cause of pain in the blood vessels, and neurologists – due to stress.

And in some ways, of course, these experts are right, the headache does not wash only occur due to a certain reason. The head can be sick for various reasons: the constant lack of sleep, stress, deficiency in the body of certain vitamins and trace elements, etc.

In medicine, there is such a definition as a “helmet neurotic,” or even his “called a tension headache”, the cause of such pain tension in your neck. The causes of this disease may be fatigue of the body or a very strong emotional shock.

There are many causes of headaches. It can be due to various changes that occur in the brain and its membranes, vessels, soft tissues. Also, the reason may be a variety of diseases that arise in different systems and organs of the human body.

In fact, the headache may occur due to no less than 45 different diseases, abnormalities, and malfunctions in the body. But if doctors do not reveal any pathology, the blame may be functional disorders – namely, changes in the normal operation of systems and organs. Their cause displacement of bone cells or internal organs. Most often this occurs because of injuries or various ligaments and muscles spasms.

A headache can be caused by many factors. For example, mechanical, that is – the influence of external factors. Also, it may be a thermal factor – the increase in body temperature, overcooling or overheating. Finally, the chemical factor that is – the influence of exogenous and endogenous chemicals that reduce the pain threshold.

This can happen, for example, with food poisoning, uremia, and alcohol intoxication.

There are some types of headaches, as vascular, neuralgic, hallucinatory, liquors dynamic and mixed.

And risk factors for the occurrence of headaches are such as infectious diseases, smoking, harsh noise, intoxication, fatigue, bright lights, odors and more.

A bit of a headache

In most cases, the headache does not require any operational measures. Usually, it occurs from muscle tension, the surface of the skull. Well, or changes in the condition of vessels, such as a migraine. A headache affects external coverings of the skull and not life-threatening.

In general, a causeless headache already has cause for concern. When it is connected directly to the structures inside the skull.

Typically, the headache occurs on the following factors: muscle tension and inflammation; allergy; eye disease or ears; sinus infection; subsequently heat stroke; rapid weight gain; violation of the kidneys; blurred vision; for minor ailments; as well as inflammation of the artery.

Very strong and persistent headaches late in pregnancy, warn of possible dangers for both mother and child. These pains are symptoms, toxemia of pregnancy. The name of this, quite a rare disease called Preeclampsia is the fact that the mother’s body negatively reacts to being in the middle of the fruit.

The causes of this rare phenomenon remain unknown. This disease mostly occurs in women who are waiting for the firstborn. The probability of its occurrence is reduced in those women who have a sufficient amount of protein, calories, as well as a good rest and enough exercise.

A headache – a sign of various diseases

A headache can cause a variety of diseases. This may be meningitis, brain tumor, brain abscess, brain injury, acute ischemic stroke and much more. Also, the pain is considered a consequence of ingestion of some of the toxin, i.e. – intoxication. Another reason may be the development of microbes poison, such as pneumonia, influenza, the use of alcoholic beverages or another poisoning.

In addition, the headache can occur due to disease processes in the front part of the head, for example, in the paranasal sinuses: frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, inflammation of the tonsils or tonsils, runny nose.

Very often, the headache is the pathology of the gums or teeth. For example, when poorly installed seals, inflammation of the dental pulp, if there are sores due denture stomatitis while (ie, ulcer on the mucous membrane of the mouth), herpes.

The cause of pain may lie outside the brain and facial parts. For example, a headache with cervical osteochondrosis. The pain occurs in 95% of the inhabitants of the city.

Cervical osteochondrosis – changes in the structure of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, which irritate the nerve roots.

Also, headache may be under reduced pressure.

If there is a headache, it is necessary to measure blood pressure, temperature. If they are, then you need to going to the doctor to find out the exact diagnosis.

A cluster headache

A cluster headache suffers about 0.1% of the population. Of these, the majority – 80% – are men.

This pain is caused by several attacks. It happens several times a day for several weeks, maybe months. Then the headache can suddenly disappear for a few months or years.

This attack lasted 15 minutes or an hour. It is characterized by a very large pain. Sometimes there were even cases of suicide because of this pain.

Initially, he lays his ear and a sharp pain behind the eye begins. It is possible to observe the appearance of red eyes and tears. Sometimes blockage of the nasal cavity, sweating or flushing.

A cluster headache usually affects one side of the face, but it can move to the other side under the following attacks.

What are the reasons for such a terrible headache? This cyclical disorder. And this syndrome is associated, as shown by the facts of today, with the human biological clock.

It is known that the biological clock controlling body temperature, enzymatic activity, hormonal secretion, and other human physiological response.

People who suffer from cluster headaches, there are difficulties with the management of all these rhythms.

Cluster headaches are difficult to cure because they are not short-term. For treatment use breathing oxygen through a mask, exercise or exiles tools that are used only under medical supervision.

Directions a headache

Variants of headaches in the literature are divided into four main areas. The former include the pain of liquors dynamic disorders and organic brain diseases. These include headaches in brain volume formations, pain due to head trauma or inflammatory diseases.

The second direction – vascular headaches. This migraine, that is – when attacks occur a throbbing headache on one side of the head. There may also be nausea, light, or phonophobia and vomiting. Migraines are hereditary and often it affects young women.

To this direction also treat pain in patients with arterial hypertension. This pain occurs in the back of the head or neck.

The third direction – psychogenic headache. These include a tension headache. It occurs when the mental strain, as a result of the stress.

Fourth, the last area – headaches extracerebral reasons.

These include headaches, infectious diseases, the action of chemicals or drugs (oral contraceptives, caffeine, nitrates, alcohol, benzene, lead, etc.).

Also in this headaches neck pathology skull, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, mouth or other facial or cranial structure. They also may be associated with metabolic disorders or osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Pain in the left temple

A very large number of patients, who were treated to a specialist, a neurologist, to suffer because of pain in the left temple. Special studies in this area have shown that seventy percent of the population of civilized countries complain of recurrent or persistent headaches, and most often it is in the left temple. At the same time, a lot of people suffering from such pain do not want to go to the doctor and self-medicate. As a result, taking OTC analgesics, abusing drugs, even more, harmful to your health and get pretty nasty side effects such as allergies, liver disease, kidney, and stomach.

The causes of such pain, in fact, a lot. It can be autonomic dysfunction, increased intracranial pressure, infections, intoxication, violation of the tone of the arterial and venous vascular beds. As well as pain in the left temple may be the consequence of psychogenic or be caused by the start of the menstrual period. Women are more prone to this kind ailments like a headache. And it starts with the girl at puberty, due to hormonal surges.

A headache in children

Children often complain of relatively headache. Often it is said to the doctor, it has the nature of good and only in exceptional cases may be due to common or serious neurological diseases. And therefore important to pay attention to the child’s complaints, sometimes more, and does not know how to formulate exactly what was wrong with him.

Often children identify a psychogenic headache. Depression, fear of school enrollment may be due to such pain and becomes stronger if the child has difficulty in passing the curriculum and a lack of contact with parents or peers. A psychiatrist or a neuropsychiatrist can help these children.

Sometimes parents are afraid that their child has a headache from a tumor in the brain. Although this reason is rather rare, still must be screened to avoid any suspicion. When a child headache fever and neck muscles are stretched, making it difficult to tilt the head forward, it may be meningitis.

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