How to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Naturally

Most people make mistake thinking that home remedies cannot be a real substitute for conventional medications when it comes to carpal tunnel home remedy they couldn’t be more wrong.

After reading this article you will be familiar with several carpal tunnel treatment that you can use to relieve the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, and you can put your personal favorite carpal tunnel home remedy to use.

The carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury caused by frequent repetitive motions for long periods of time. The repetitive motion causes an inflammation of the wrists.

When the carpal tunnel becomes swollen due to this inflammation, your median nerve is pinched or compressed.

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes intense pain in the wrist and upper arm and can prevent you from engaging in your everyday routine, not to mention it can wake you up at night.

For a long time, Carpal tunnel syndrome has been considered a surgical disease, and other courses of treatment weren’t even considered. Over the years more information was gathered about non-conventional medicine, natural and home remedies to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Today there is much more aware of other methods of treatment as well, as a result, these days the carpal tunnel problems and repetitive strain injuries are not considered as surgical diseases anymore. Rather the carpal tunnel syndrome is known to have simpler safer and less painful treatments.

The patient is gaining enough awareness to new information and is able to trust their judgment more than conventional medical and get excellent results with the new and simpler methods of treatment.

Non-surgical treatment, including self-treatment, becomes not only achievable but also preferable and also affordable.

Here are few carpal tunnel home remedies that you can use to relief your pain right now;

First, wrapping an ice pack around your wrist can be extremely therapeutic. The ice pack will reduce the inflammation in your wrist and as result relief the pain caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Second carpal tunnel home remedy is to soak your sore wrist in a solution of hot water and Epsom salt.

You should soak your wrist in the solution for about 3 minutes. The water should be as hot as you can handle when times up you will then need to soak the wrist in a cold water solution for 30 seconds.

This rotation treatment proved to be very helpful in reducing the swelling, and therefore reducing the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and considered a highly recommended carpal tunnel home remedy.

Great results can be also achieved with gentle massage techniques.

Massage that will concentrate on the base of the hand under the thumb or massage the arm, forearm, wrist, and hand preferably with natural massage oil can effectively help to treat and reduce pain and swelling.

You can get better results with this home remedy if you’ll have the massage performed by someone else rather than trying to do it by yourself, as it is a job for two hands. The pain can be significantly reduced when the message is performed consistently several times a week.

Similar to massage will be the dry brushing technique, this technique using the special brush will stimulate the blood flow through your hand and will help you reduce the swelling caused by inflammation in your wrist.

Blood flow to the affected area will speed up the recovery of any damaged tissue.

Dietary enzyme supplements and other change in your daily diet to contain bromelain shows promising results in relieving the pain caused by carpal tunnel and will prevent future attacks in most cases.

Bromelain can reduce the swelling of the tissue surrounding the carpal tunnel to eliminate some of the pressure on your median nerve and ease the pain.

Tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, and kiwi are rich in bromelain and are easy to include in your diets without any changes to your caloric intake or other limitations that you may be following in your diet.

Also increasing your Vitamin C intake is considered as a promising aid. Vitamin C is known for decreasing swelling and rejuvenating health to injured tissues.

You can also try Yoga; by increasing the circulation of blood throughout your body, yoga can help to ease your symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome by inducing the healing in the carpal tunnel.

How to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Naturally, Last Updated: 11/9/2017

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