How to Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis Permanently

RA is a chronic disease and, to this day, there is no known cure for the condition. However, there are treatments that can keep you under control and thus lessen your symptoms.

Because it is a condition capable of generating mobility problems, the treatment must be done with a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist, professionals capable of improving the patient’s quality of life, even with reduced mobility.

There are several risk factors for the appearances of rheumatoid arthritis, among them are:

  • Being a woman, since the disease affects three times more women than men
  • Having close relatives with rheumatoid arthritis. But this factor is not absolute. There is only a greater chance of having the disease compared to someone who has no family affair
  • Smokers, even if they are only passive smokers
  • People exposed to silica-type pollutants.


What Are The Possible Rheumatoid Arthritis Causes?

The official Rheumatoid Arthritis‘ cause is still unknown. However, a Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A:) cause is that there is an irregularity in the immune system that makes it attack the body joints. Once the joints are affected there will be an abnormal membrane growth that will line up with the joints. This will cause inflammation which will result in R.A.

Exploring Other Possible Rheumatoid Arthritis Causes

Since there is no clear cause of R.A the development of this disease, it is also thought of that it may be a combination of these two factors: genes and environment. Experts are saying that the environment can affect a person by providing immunities to genetically susceptible persons which will cause him an infection. And the infection may be the cause of immuno-irregularity that is one of the possible R.A. causes.

In the process of the illness’ progression. Protein is being recognized as a foreign entity by some of the of the immune’s cells of the body. One of these proteins may be a possible entity that causes Rheumatoid Arthritis these entities can aggravate infections in the body.

Protein makes lymphocytes react which causes it to release cytokines. It is a body chemical that can trigger further body inflammation. This inflammation can cause joint damages and other effects like fatigue, chronic pain and loss of function. Hence, it could also be a rheumatic arthritis cause.

Relatively, some of the illness’ treatment is to control the production of cytokines in the body to avoid inflammation that is a very common symptom of R.A.

It was also hypothesized that part of R.A causes a genetics in nature. It was said that this illness runs in the family and can be transferred by genes. Also, there are studies relating genetics to further development of R.A. Accordingly, smoking is also considered as the culprit that causes R.A.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Causes Discomfort To Many People

Rheumatoid Arthritis is very common in women than men. Accordingly, 70% of people with the said illness are women. However, women may be more prone to having this disease but men suffer more than women when struck by this disease.

Symptoms of this illness include swelling, inflammation, fatigue, loss of appetite which causes weight loss and lastly pain. These symptoms may be categorized as mild or severe. The severity also determines the discomfort that the illness can bring to the person.

How to Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis Permanently

What is the Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure?

Rheumatoid joint inflammation can be characterized as a perpetual immune system sickness that outcomes in an aggravation of the joints with stamped distortions being a couple of them all the more generally experienced side effects. There are a couple of various types of rheumatoid joint pain that individuals will create, including adolescent rheumatoid joint inflammation which is the specific sort of the ailment that influences youngsters. As of now, there is no out and out rheumatoid joint inflammation cure.

It may take a touch of experimentation if that you are endeavoring to manage the torment from rheumatoid joint inflammation, yet remember that specific medicines are known not work preferred and speedier over others. With regards to managing your agony, the objective of any treatment will be to diminish any torment and joint aggravation, so as to make them feel more good so you can carry on with your everyday existence without being in intense torment.

Watching out for the side effects is likewise critical on the off chance that you need to hold your well-being under tight restraints and make sure that you don’t release the condition undiscovered for drawn-out stretches of time. This is vital since the ailment can logically deteriorate over the long haul, which will bring about you seeing an expansion in agony and seeing more harm done to your bones and joints.

Different pharmaceutical solutions

Thankfully there are a few various types of pharmaceutical and other viable cures and medicines that are accessible and which you can take to offer you some assistance with living your life as typical as could be expected under the circumstances. In the event that you start taking some sort of pharmaceutical, you ought to hope to hold up no less than four weeks before having the capacity to see the full results. Try not to abandon a pharmaceutical too soon, since it could very well be the right one for you, the length of you can give it enough time to work. You ought to additionally be arranged to manage and mindful of any potential reactions.

While the prospect is energizing, RA sufferers have heard it all sometime recently. There are such a large number of rheumatoid joint inflammation cures and medicines out there that it’s anything but difficult to get negative. Doctors state obtusely that there’s no cure. In any case, they might likewise recommend thoughts that have worked for others.

Exercises to cure joint pain

Fifteen minutes in the sun three times week by week gives most patients an intense measurement of vitamin D. Will more daylight help? The best guidance is to take it gradually five minutes on end for the first week, stretching out to 20 minutes until you have a pleasant base tan. Then you might end up sunbathing for 60 minutes or more at once. Some rheumatoid joint inflammation patients say the treatment is addictive! Also, it’s free!

Other rheumatoid joint pain medicines incorporate customary dosages of omega-3 unsaturated fat, gamma-linolenic corrosive and Boswellia. Comparable achievement is accounted for with glucosamine chondroitin, ginger, magnesium, copper supplements, beta-carotene rich nourishment, veggie lover eating regimens, curcumin, green tea extricate, guggul, lyprinol, folic corrosive and also extensive dosages of vitamin B6, C, and E.

Alternative Therapies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Some alternative therapies can be done along with the treatment. Although there is little scientific evidence that they work, there are patients who report a significant improvement in some symptoms when using these therapies. Are they:

Fish Oil

Supplements based on fish oil, rich in fatty acids, can help reduce pain and stiffness. Possible side effects are nausea, belching and fish taste in the mouth. In addition, fish oil may interfere with the functioning of some medications, so it is important to always ask the doctor before using it.

Plant Oils

The oil of plant seeds such as Oenothera, Borage and Cassis contains fatty acids that can aid in pain relief and stiffness. Like fish oil, plant oils can cause nausea, diarrhea, and gas. In addition, some may damage the liver and interfere with the use of medications.

Tai Chi

This is a Chinese martial art that combines gentle exercises, stretching and breathing that can help relieve pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. However, for the practice to be safe, you need an instructor who understands the limitations of the disease. The patient should always inform when they feel pain and should not perform movements that can harm him or her.

There is no evidence that collagen or shark cartilage supplements have any positive effect on RA. Studies show that magnetic wristbands are not effective and other treatments, such as homeopathy and acupuncture do not promote any benefit in relation to the disease.

Self-care Measures

You can take steps to take care of your body if you have rheumatoid arthritis. These self-care measures, when used with your rheumatoid arthritis medications, can help you better manage your signs and symptoms:

Attention to the vaccination card

If being immunized is important for the population as a whole, for those who have rheumatoid arthritis this is a rule. Vaccination ensures that the patient maintains the immune system strengthened and reduces the occurrence of some infectious diseases, which can worsen the picture as a whole. However, vaccination of the person with arthritis should have some caveats. Live virus vaccines, such as yellow fever, should not be used in patients with active disease and immunosuppressants, for example. The dosage of the patient’s medication may also lead to an interruption of the vaccination schedule, since the response to the vaccine may be unsatisfactory. In addition, some vaccines outside the official calendar may be indicated for some patients before they start classes of specific medications, so talk to your doctor.

Do exercises

Physical therapy and exercise help correct and prevent loss or limitation of joint movement, atrophy, muscle weakness, and joint instability. This is because stronger muscles help protect the joint inflamed by the autoimmune disease. Exercises with a lower degree of joint impact should be prioritized and aimed at muscle strengthening and stretching, always accompanied by professionals in the area and observing individual limitations.

Initially, rehabilitation can be done with isometric exercises (performed with muscle contraction without limb movement) and later with isotonic exercises (involving the same muscle contraction, but now with movement), slowly introducing exercises with the load. After a period of 12 to 16 weeks, depending on the evolution of each patient, it is possible to initiate strengthening exercises.

Talk to your doctor about exercise and ask for the most appropriate professional, such as a physical therapist or physical educator, to follow up with you.

Sleep well

It is well known that the immune system is influenced by the sleep cycle – and in this sense, the patient with rheumatoid arthritis benefits greatly from a well-sleeved night because the body is in balance and escapes from problems such as stress, colds, blood pressure. Sleep quality is also critical for good symptomatic control of the disease. However, some people may have difficulty falling asleep because of the pain, getting their sleep broken in several places, or falling asleep too late. If you have trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor so he can find an individualized solution for you.

Control your weight

Maintaining a proper weight is critical for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis for several reasons. Initially, being overweight itself can cause mechanical overload, and accelerate the process of joint degeneration – contributing to the worsening of the condition. In addition, according to rheumatologist Tatiana, rheumatoid arthritis alone increases the risk of heart disease, and associated obesity would further increase the chances of disease in this patient. Obesity can also favor problems like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, which are already common diseases in the person with arthritis, regardless of their weight.

Home Changes

With the progression of deformities, it can be difficult to practice some simple activities, such as buttoning a shirt or turning a knob. Therefore, it is important to be attentive and make small modifications in the furniture of the house and other objects to facilitate to the maximum the coexistence of the patient with rheumatoid arthritis, so that the pains are not so frequent and the activities less debilitating. Using Velcro in the closure of clothes, preferring handles and taps in the shape of a cable instead of round, adapters for home appliances or electrical appliances, such as knives and toothbrushes, are highly recommended.

Tatiana Molinas Hasegawa points out that the risk of osteoporosis is higher in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, in addition to constant medical monitoring and assessment of bone density, experts recommend that some adjustments be made to the patient’s home in order to avoid falls. Putting bars in the bathroom, preferring liquid soaps (instead of the bar version, which can slip and fall on the floor) and avoid the use of carpets are simple measures that prevent the problem.

Avoid spending too much time in the same position

Prolonged rest favors the accumulation of fluid inside the inflamed joint, causing distension and increased pain sensitivity. This is one of the reasons why patients experience more pain in the morning when they wake up. Since you can not stretch while you sleep, the best thing to do is to avoid sitting or sitting in the same position while you are awake. If you are traveling by car or plane, make stops or get up from the seat at times, and while sitting, try to move and stretch your hands, arms, legs, and feet. If you work in an office, try stretching from time to time.

Take medications as directed by your doctor

Treatment should be strictly followed under penalty of disease evolution and consequent joint destruction. Periodic professional follow-up with treatment adequacy is also part of the process. With the advancement of research and new technologies, patients are increasingly leading a normal life without any limitation – however, this is of no use if you do not follow the medical recommendations.


There is no way to prevent rheumatoid arthritis. However, the sooner the illness is discovered, the easier and more effective the treatment will be.

For women, the use of oral contraceptives can help keep hormones under control, so they may not trigger the disease. However, its efficacy is not proven and women taking this drug may still develop RA.

The best way to prevent disease progression is to get information and diagnosis as soon as possible. Therefore, when you feel the first symptoms, seek a doctor.

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