Headache When Standing Up or Bending Over / Down

A headache when standing up or bending over/ down is a type of a headache that happens due to temporary high blood pressure that may occur by psychological condition or other causes, which may lead to intense pressure in head when bending over, so the doctor needs to measure the blood pressure for a long period of time.

There are many types of headaches, each with a specific explanation of why it occurs, and often begins after an event or action, such as standing up, bending or tilting the head. Many times, we overlook them and other people are alarmed thinking that it is something more serious; this characteristic pain may occur after or because of many activities, but often we do not know which one.

It is a normal condition that you do not have to worry about at all, but you should not overlook it either, that is why in this article we will explain why do you get a headache when bending over or down, so that you know the reasons why it appears suddenly and abruptly this pain and the possible existing recommendations of how to avoid it nowadays.


A headache when I bend down

It’s a positional headache. The most frequent causes that produce a headache when bending over are:

Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses

The paranasal sinuses are structures full of air in our head that are part of the respiratory tract and are usually inflamed by problems such as allergies or colds, being more prone to some people than others. When a person has a problem that becomes chronic in this area, it can cause a headache when bending over. This pain is characterized by stinging and producing contractions in the forehead.

Anxiety or stress

These two factors are responsible for producing headache when bending over. The type of pain is sharp and sometimes, may be accompanied by nausea and later vomiting.


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Is the feeling that everything revolves around you. A person with vertigo feels a heavy head, there is a loss of balance, it also causes dizziness due to this sensation and once the head is tilted, it presents the characteristic pain.

A cough

When a person presents a cough, it is very common that it is accompanied by a pain in the back of the head, which intensifies when the person bends over, its appearance is sudden and lasts approximately 30 minutes. A headache when you a cough is possible that is another symptom of the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, a consequence of the same illness or infection that is causing you a cough.

A tension headache

Is a very common cause of this type of pain in the head, which appears when the person bends down and suddenly gets up.

A headache when I bend over

Apart from the pain, there are symptoms that can affect the person’s daily activities. In addition to the pressure in your head when you crouch, there are a number of symptoms that may appear along with this pain:

Dizziness: appear at the time of rising, once the body is upstanding.

Nausea: appear after getting up, it is related to dizziness.

Blurred vision: the vision becomes very weak as a result of this pain, it may be during or after getting up but the vision recovers quickly.

Fainting: is another possible symptom, no less common, in fact, it is very frequent that the person feels faintness and weakness in general when he/she has this pain and bends over.

Getting rid of headaches when standing up or bending over

In case the pain is due to inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, it is recommended to attend the specialist doctor, who is the otolaryngologist. Beyond this, to avoid a headache when bending over, it is recommended to carry out the following actions:

To sleep at least 8 hours: it must be continuous because once the body has rested enough it will be healthier.

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Bending down properly: that is, not bending down suddenly and suddenly, you should bend your knees well and not only bend your back or lower back.

Exercises: Did you know that when you exercise, you release any tension or accumulated stress? which is a frequent cause of a headache when bending over. This accompanied by a diet in fruits.

Not be long without eating: avoid a headache when bending over with a cookie or some snack will be enough. You should avoid overeating foods high in sodium, especially processed foods, foods that contain amines such as sausages or sausages can cause a headache when bending over, which is why you should reduce the way you eat it. Avoid fatty foods. It is recommended to eat foods rich in omega 3 and 6, such as fish and nuts, and foods that contain vitamin C and B2, in addition to drinking enough water during the day.

Practice deep breathing: breathing exercises help in the well-being of the person, it should be done before any activity.

Close your eyes for a while when you feel that your head is spinning or you are dizzy, you should sit down and stay relaxed for a few minutes until the discomfort passes.

Currently, there is no specific medication for a headache when bending over, because it is a condition that appears as a consequence of another, it is only recommended to do the aforementioned as a method of preventing it.

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