Frozen Shoulder Symptom

Frozen Shoulder Symptom

What Are The Frozen Shoulder Symptom?

Are you wondering about the question: what is a frozen shoulder symptoms? If not then you can get the answers here. Another known name for frozen shoulder is known as adhesive capsulitis. In this condition, there is a restriction of motion which is caused by the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder symptoms are not always associated with discernible cause or injury. But there are people who suffer from these symptoms after undergoing a traumatic injury.

However, this cannot be said as the usual cause. A few of the risk factors that develop frozen shoulder may include the following.


What Is a Frozen Shoulder Symptoms And Who Is Affected

Age and Gender

People within the age bracket of 40 and 60 years are most affected by this condition. Moreover, it is commonly seen double times in women rather than men.

Therefore, it can be said that age and gender play an important role in this disease. And so the answer for what is a frozen shoulder symptom can be seen in the above-mentioned age bracket.


Endocrine Disorders

Frozen shoulder can be developed by patients with diabetes as well. In addition, other endocrine abnormalities like thyroid problems also may result in this condition.


Surgery or Shoulder Trauma

If a person has sustained shoulder injury or had undergone a shoulder surgery then frozen shoulder joint may develop. If there is prolonged joint immobilization then the risk of frozen shoulder is at its peak.


Other Systemic Conditions

Various systemic conditions like Parkinson’s disease and heart disease are also associated with risk of frozen shoulder. These are some of the answers to what is a frozen shoulder symptom. The actual reason for frozen shoulder is not yet fathomed. The shoulder joint is basically a socket and ball joint. The arm bone at the top is the ball and shoulder blade is the socket.

A certain capsule of tissue surrounds the ball-and-socket joint and envelops it. This tissue for some reason becomes scarred and stiff.  Usually, more motion is allowed by the shoulder joint compared to any other joints inside the body. And so when it is affected movements of the shoulder become painful with persistent stiffness. This makes it difficult to carry out the normal shoulder movements.

There are 3 stages of frozen shoulder and they advance slowly spread over a couple of months or even years. However, the symptoms may vary for different persons but the stages of what is a frozen shoulder symptom areas mentioned in the following lines.

Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

What Is A Frozen Shoulder Symptoms Common Stages

Stage one:

During the first stage, you will feel the shoulder aching and become stiff which results in a lot of pain. At night the pain gets worse as you lie down. This stage may last for 2 to 9 months.

Stage two:

Next, is called the adhesive stage. During this time your shoulder will become increasingly stiff. Your shoulder muscles might dissipate as it is not in use. This stage may continue from 4 to 12 months.

Stage three:

In this stage, you will slowly regain the shoulder movement. The pain will fade away although it may return at times. This is the reply to the question what is a frozen shoulder symptom and its recovery stages.

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