What Are The Top 5 Causes of Hand Fractures

Hand fractures are one of the most common types of fractures doctors treat. There are many factors that contribute to this although there are common factors that can make people more prone to experiencing a hand fracture. Below are the top five causes of hand fractures.

1. Falls

The most common hand fractures Los Angeles doctors see are wrist fractures that occur when individuals fall and try to catch themselves. As they begin to fall, they stretch out their hand to help break the fall and cause such a blunt force of pressure on the wrist it results in a wrist fracture.

2. Sports Activities

Another common reason that sends individuals to hand fractures Los Angeles doctors is the participation in sporting activities such as football, rollerblading, skating, and soccer. Playing baseball or basketball can often result in a fracture to a finger or wrist.

3. Osteoporosis and Other Health Conditions

Individuals who suffer from osteoporosis can experience hand fractures from bones becoming brittle and weak. Calcium deficiency and bone disease can also raise the risks of hand fractures. Individuals who have soft bones due to genetic factors can also have a higher risk of experiencing a hand or wrist fracture.

4. Automobile Accidents

Los Angeles hand fractures doctors often treat patients who have been involved in a car crash where blunt trauma to the hand has caused a single fracture or multiple fractures to occur. Oftentimes surgical repair is required when bones are fractured into many pieces.

5. Certain Occupations

Young, active, and working males experience more hand fractures than any others do. This is normally because of their occupation.

Hand fractures doctor Los Angeles practices treat many males who tend to work in industrial type environments where their hands are used constantly for lifting heavy objects or using devices that can cause injury.

Professional athletes such as wrestlers and football players often experience hand fractures as well from the blunt force applied to the hand.

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If an injury to the hand or wrist has occurred that results in severe pain, swelling, and tenderness, a medical examination should be done at once to determine if there is a fracture.

Without quick and correct treatment, complications can occur such as lasting immobility, ligament or tendon damage, deformity, and in some cases infection. Seeking a complete and accurate diagnosis should first be done by a hand fractures doctor Los Angeles practice.

These specialized doctors can determine if a fracture has occurred as well as apply the required treatment for proper healing. A Los Angeles hand fractures surgeon will use expert diagnostic procedures to determine the exact location of the fracture as well as provide proper stabilization and alignment to ensure the fracture heals correctly.

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